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List extensive product information of Bellows & Expansion Joints (include ATV), provided by Bellow Expansion Joint manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Metal Expansion Joint
We are dealing in Metal annular flexible hose, Metal helix flexible hose, Metal expansion joint, Rubber expansion joint, Big valve, flange and tube couplings.
Company: Changguang bellows Co. Ltd.    China

Bellows Expansion Joints
We can supply all kinds of stainless steel and brass bellows and expansion joints from china. 1) 3/4"~320" bellows expansion joint. 2) Material: SUS304, SUS316L. 3) Pressure: less than 2MPa. 4) For water or gas
Company: Changguang bellows Co. Ltd.    China

SS Expansion Joints
SS bellows expansion joints: They have good flexibility and handle extreme temperature and pressure well. They can play an important role in hose reciprocating motion, thermal expansion absorption, vibration absorption, and adjusting compound tube center. It is important connector for gas, oil, water with modern Equipment pipeline systems and piping projects.

Expansion Joints Of PE Foam
We are Leading manufacturer & exporters of Expanded Polyethylene Foam. We are an iso 9001 company and presently our per annum capacity of production is 3000 tonnes, we are supplying our product, thickness from 0.85mm upto 125mm as per our standard width and as per customised requirments, pouch, bags, cut-pieces, fitments, Hmdpde Laminated with epe foam. Our product is used in insulation as well as protective packaging material.Net, Tune, Rod, L Profile, U Profile, etc.

Bellows Expansion Joint
Our products include: Metal flexible hoses ; Bellows ; Metal expansion joints ; Fabric expansion joints ; Rubber moulds ; Valves, flanges and couplings. Our machines include: Flexible hose forming machine ; Helix hose forming machine ; Braiding machine ; Bellows forming machine ; Automatic expansion joints forming machine
Company: Changguang bellows Co. Ltd.    China

Universal Bellows
Bellows are like two bellows joined by a common connector for the purpose of absorbing any combination of the axial, lateral or angular deflection. Sometimes such bellows have tie rods or control rods of distributing the moments to both bellows and stabilize the common connector.
Product Group: Universal Bellow

Flexible Metal Hoses
We can offer corrugated flexible metal hoses, bellows type expansion joints, interlocked flexible conduits, braiding products, vacuum bellows, flexible fire sprinkler connections and CSST from china.

TST Bridge Expansion Joint
W-GTF (high ball abbreviated form), HW-TST (ball abbreviated form) expansion joint merit: 1. The elastic resiliency is extremely high: Can adapt the temperature and the load displacement which duplicates unceasingly. 2. The low temperature flexibility and the high temperature stability extremely are all good: When - 40 cannot change crisp, when 80 cannot flow. Therefore, can be suitable for Chinese all climatic regions. 3. The construction is simple, is nimble: The skilled construction troop ...

Expansion Joints Forming Machine
1. Seam welding machine ; 2. Hydraulic Bellow Forming Machine: DN25-DN100mm ; 3. Hydraulic Bellow Forming Machine: DN100-DN400mm ; 4. Automatic Punch Bellow Forming Machine: DN100-DN600mm ; 5. Automatic Punch Bellow Forming Machine: DN700-DN2000mm ; 6. Shear machine ; 7. Bellow ; 8. Expansion joint.

Bellows are made in leather, p.u.coated fabrics,p.v.c coated fabrics, vinyl leather, high temperature fabrics, steel lamille, etc. for machines tool protection and telescopic covers for very hot metal chips and high travel speed.

Expansion Joints For Bridge
Construction Process : 1. Cutting and crushing down the determined width of overlaid asphalt pavement to expose the bridge deck. 2. Cleaning the channel with pressured air and attaching tape at both sides : After removing fragments, dust, small amounts of moisture, and adhered extraneous substances, attach tapes at both right and left sides of the channel leaving a space. 3. Heating the channel and installing back-up rod :- After heating the channel with heat-lance th obtain the sufficient ...

Rubber & Metal
Rubber expansion joints with good quality Features: Material= EPDM, NBR, Hypalon etc. ; Temp= up to 105 C ; Diameter= up to 1600mm ; flanges= DIN, ANSI

Bellows & Expansion Joints & Corrugated Hoses
We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the leading designers, manufacturers & exporters of Metallic and Non-metallic Multiply Expansion Bellows / Joints & Hose assemblies in all grades of Stainless Steel & Super alloys.

Bellows Expansion Joint with Pipe Ends or Flanges
Bellows: AISI304, AISI321, AISI316L. Pipe end: carbon steel or stainless steel. Flange: carbon steel or stainless steel. Other accessories: carbon steel or stainless steel. We're able to process special materials according to customer's requests. Working temperature: -196 to 1,350° C. Working pressure: 0 to 4.0MPa. Usage: Used to compensate pipe expand or contract caused by temperature. Used to compensate eccentricity of the pipe and equipment. Structure type: Universal EJ ; Axial ...

Special Bellows Expansion Joints
We can supply all types of Metallic Expansion Joints and Bellows as per customer specific requirements. Our product range includes Circular, Elliptical Expansion joints and Bellows from 50mm NB to 5000mm NB and Square, Rectangular Expansion joints to any size as per requirement for various applications and differential pressure ratings as per EJMA codes and standards. Types of bellows expansion joints supplied by us: 1. Single bellows ; 2. Universal expansion joints ; 3. Gimbal expansion ...

Flange and Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings
1) We supply malleable iron/ cast iron pipe fittings: American standard, Din standard, British standard. Size: 1/8" - 6". 2) Flange: specializes in standard and nonstandard flanges. a) Carbon steel: Q235\A105\20MM\A105N. b) Stainless steel: 304\316\304L\315L. c) Standard: ANSI; DIN; API ASME B16, 47 SER, B; MSS; AWWA. 3) We also supply bellows expansion joints, steel couplings and nipples, brass pipe nipples and fittings, gas swivel and nuts, electric products and pipe clamps fittings

Flex Technologies manufacturing & exporting Bellows such as Metallic Flexible Bellows, Non-Metallic Flexible Bellows, etc.. We specialize in: Metallic Flexible Bellows ; Non-Metallic Flexible Bellows ; Telescopic Metal Covers ; High Temperature Flexible Ducting ; Expansion Joints ; Flexible Apron Covers ; Rollaway Covers ; Guide away Wipers ; Awnings / Canopies ; Dust Filter Bags, Filter Pads, Filter Cloth & their made ups.

Expansion Joints
We design and supply different engineering goods and equipments in different industries from china. We have wide range of industrial fans centrifugal fans, i.d. fan extension joints, rotary air lock valve etc.

Stainless Steel Bellow Expansion Joints
Specifications: 1) Outer diameter: 100 - 2600mm ; 2) Material: 304, 304L, 316, 316L 3) Standards: GB/T12522 ; 4) Suitable for petroleum, chemical, electricity, metallurgy, ship making and city heating industries

PVC Bellows
Resilient PVC bellows of any size shape for use in industrial, automobile, chemical, cement, electrical sectors. Developement of exclusive and custom designs at an unimaginably high speed and low investment.

Expansion Joint
Specifications: Good pressure capability. Imported stainless steel material. Rugged and good flexibility. Aging slowly. Good corrosion resistance. Reduce vibration and noise. Use widely include building industry, pipeline, etc.

Bellow Expansion Joint
1) Specifications: helical hose, annular hose 2) Surface: annealed, bright 3) Material: SUS304 or SUS316L 4) Braid: with single or double braid SUS304 according to pressure 5) Dimensions: 1/4"-12" 6) Length: according to customers' requirement 7) Flange fittings Fittings: welded on the end of hose according to customers' requirement, a variety of end fitting configurations such as threaded (both NPT and BSP), quick disconnect cam-and groove fittings, fixed and floating ...

Expansion Joints
Cork expansion joints for building industry where material self moovements takes place. Several sizes and thicknesses available.

Metal bellows and expansion joints
Manufacturer of Metal bellows, bellows expansion joint, bellows compenstor and metal hose. Certificate: ISO9001-2000 certificate & CE certificate Features: Gives a flexibility link, allowing it to absorb shock, thermal expansion and reduce noise. Production: According to GB12777-1999 & EJMA standard Application: 1) valves 2)couplings 3)oil and gas pipeline 4) precision comonent 5) motor engine etc. Remarks: Size, diameter and length can be produced as per clients' ...
Company: Wenzhou Topsun Bellows Co.,Ltd    China

Twin Sphere Rubber Expansion Joint
Main Products: Single Sphere Rubber Expansion Joint, Twin Sphere Rubber Expansion Joint, spool Type Rubber Expansion Joint, Heavy Duty Rubber Expansion Joint with DIN, BS, EN, JIS, ANSI Flanged Drilling and Twin Sphere Union Rubber Expansion Joint with BSP or NPT Threaded. Size: DN32-DN3000 Material: EPDM, NBR, NR, Silicon. Pressure: PN6, PN10, PN16, PN25. Connection: DIN2576, BS4504 PN16, JIS10K, ANSI B16.5 Flange, BSP,NPT Thread.
Company: Hiwa Fittings    China

Lap joint flange
Lap Joint flanges are used on piping fitted with with lapped pipe or with lap joint stub ends. The lap joint flange with the stub end assembly are normally used in systems requiring frequent dismantling for inspection and cleaning and where the ability to swivel flanges and to align bolt holes materially eases the erection of large diameter or unusually stiff piping. These flanges are also used in applications where there is a need to facilitate bolt alignment. These type of flanges are ...
Product Group: Joint Flange
Company: GZY PipeFitting Industries    China

Brass Fittings, Equal Tee
The characters: The tube fitting(s) is the parts which use for connecting the pipe to become the pipeline. The materials are most same with the pipe.China has been become the largest country of origin and consumption in building material. And the design of pipe fitting is constant to renovate. Shanghai Donghan Industrial Co.,Ltd is in the lead of the same industry at home. The products, brass fitting, straight , reducting straight,plug, straight elbow,female elbow,male elbow, ...
Product Group: Equal Tee
Company: Shanghai Donghan Industrial Co.,Ltd    China

automatic bellow making machine
Automatic Bellow Forming Machine 1). Range: DN100-DN600mm 2). Power: 5.5KW 3). Control type: automatic 4). Form speed: 15min/each one Automatic Bellow Forming Machine 1). Range: DN800-DN2000mm 2). Power: 7.5KW 3). Control type: automatic Automatic Bellow Forming Machine 1). Range: DN800-DN6000mm 2). Control type: automatic
Company: Qinhuangdao Fuge Science & Technology Co., Ltd    China

hydraulic hose making machine
Hydraulic Bellow Forming Machine 1). Range: DN25-DN100mm 2). Length 3.5-4.5m 3). Thickness: 0.2-0.5mm*2 layer 4). Lathe outline dimension: 4960mm * 560mm Hydraulic Bellow Forming Machine 1). Range: DN100-DN350mm 2). Hose Length: 7m 3). Hose thickness: 0.3-1.2mm
Company: Qinhuangdao Fuge Science & Technology Co., Ltd    China

core leaching autoclave
The Quicklock Leaching Autoclave is also called core leaching machine, it is a system for removal of ceramic cores from aerofoils by means of eroding them away via a chemical process. It is important to remember that the Leaching Autoclave contains hot pressurized caustic when operating and is fitted with a number of safety interlocks which ensure that it operates safely. The devices are arranged to fail to a safe condition. Whilst little routine maintenance is required it is important ...
Company: Qinhuangdao Fuge Science & Technology Co., Ltd    China

Molding Press Hot Machine
Wuxi Enork International Co.,Ltd is one of the China other hot press parts manufacturer and supplier, as a professional other hot press parts company, we have our own other hot press parts factory. Welcome to buy our other hot press parts products in wholesale. Our other hot press parts products are cheap but we have good quality.
Company: Wuxi Enork International Co.,Ltd    china

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