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Detailed Three-Column Centrifuge Description:

Its motor is controlled by frequency speed controller and it moves the drum through driving system to spin round the main axis to form centrifugal field of force. The liquid material enters the separating area directly from one side of the drum. Under affection of centrifugal field of force, the liquid material is thrown towards the wall of the drum, and then the liquid enters machine shell through filter cloth and the hole of the wall and falls down on the bottom of machine to discharge through outlet hole. The solid phase leaves in the filter cloth. The thickness of material is controlled by a special detector of material location. Water is poured through the washing tube to wash the material. After dewatering, the drum slows down and the solid phase is scrapped away by scraper then discharges through the outlet located in the drum. The parts of the machine touched with material use stainless steel, carbon steel, and titanium alloy. Main purposes: It is used to filter suspension where solid phase is particle, especially suitable for the poisonous, inflammable, explosive, corrosive material and working environment. Well not for textile with long fabric and others that not easy to scrap.

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