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List extensive product information of Cooling Tower & Chilling Plants (include Timber Cooling Tower, Dry Cooling Tower, FRP Cooling Tower), provided by Cooling Tower & Chilling Plant manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

We are one of leading manufacturer in the field of HVAC in China: our products includes various of water/air chillers with Heat Reclaim(if needed), Low temperature chillers units and spare parts(Condenser, Evaporator, AHU and FCU are included).

Cooling Towers & Chilling Plants
We are a professional company with wide experience in the field of Design, Manufacturer and installation of Cooling Towers. We have a wide range of products including FRP Bottle & Square Type, Natural Draft in Timber as well as FRP Construction. In Timber construction we offer, cross flow single & double entry & counter flow Cooling Towers. We also offer special features such as FRP hot water basin, PVC Fills ets. with our timber Cooling Towers. So for your every need of ...
Company: Zhejiang Lianfeng Co., Ltd.    China

Cooling Tower Counter Flow Type
Cooling Tower Counter Flow type ranging in capacity from 10 RT to those 400 RT. In addition, we are also capable of meeting any particular specifications required by clients.Our Cooling Wowers are highly efficiency,low operating cost, low maintenance cost and low noise level.

Air Cooled Chiller Unit
Air Cooled Chiller: 1. Made of the advanced 5:6 screw high efficiency compressors and well-known electric components. 2. The shell and tube evaporators of high quality and efficiency copper tube. 3. Equipped with intelligent microcomputer touch-screen control system, offering signals such as pressure ,temperature and current etc. 4. All the products feature high efficiency ,low noise, sufficient capacity, convenient of operation. 5. Air-cooled chillers adopted the fin and pipe coil air ...

Water-Cooled Chiller
Specifications: 1) Cooling-water pressure: 0.2-0.4MPa ; 2) Cooling-water temperature: ≤32°C; 3) Cold-water temperature: 5-20°C ; 4) Cold-water pump: normal pump or stainless steel pump ; 5) Coolant: R22 ; 6) Power supply: 220V/50/60Hz; 380V/50/60Hz ; 7) Water tank and pipeline: carbon steel or stainless steel ; 8) Cooling way: water-cooled ; 9) Cooling tower is needed

FRP Pultruded Profiles
Series of pultrusion profiles include square tubes, rectangular tubes, round tubes, angles, I-shapes, channel, rod, and others custom profiles. After proper combination and connection, they can widely used in many fields such as: FRP grating platform, walkways, ladder, guardrail, plank of cooling tower, sporting profiles, tool handles and other load structures. It has properties such as: light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, low maintenance and beautiful appearance.
Company: Zhejiang Lianfeng Co., Ltd.    China

Ice Making Plant
Manufacturer, supplier of ice making plant for wide range of applications. Ice plant is being offered with the capacity of 5 tons to 500 tons ice per day. Industrial commercial refrigerator ice plant has components like ammonia compressors, heat exchangers ammonia receiver cooling coil, chilling tank with wide applications of ice plants in fisheries, hospital, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industrial refrigerator applications

Timber Cooling Towers
The Cooling Tower division offers three types of Cooling Towers. That is Timber, FRP and Dry Cooling Towers. Timber Cooling Towers includes most Conventional method and mechanical type, Induced Draft Counter Flow, Cross Flow Cooling Towers. Natural Type Cooling Towers are nothing but the water is cooled with natural air traveling and the water is sprayed with the help of Spray nozzles and covered with louvers covers. Mechanical Type, Induced Draft Cross flow Cooling Towers are the common ...
Product Group: Timber Cooling Tower
Company: Zhejiang Lianfeng Co., Ltd.    China

FRP Support Grid For Cooling Tower
FRP Support grid is for supporting the splash bar in cooling tower. The FRP support grid is made out of ISO Pthalic resin and E glass roving and designed to support the V Bar / triangular splash Bar along its length. The Grid is designed to ensure long life for the support in the hot atmosphere and ensure that splash bar is intact in their position for higher efficiency of the cooling tower.
Product Group: FRP Cooling Tower

Energy Efficient Cooling Towers
AUTOMATIC TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER FOR COOLING TOWER FANS: A cooling water temperature sensor based controller that automatically switches off the cooling tower fan motor once a set water temperature has been reached helps in saving energy. The temperature of cooling water at pump outlet is sensed with 2' long sensor fitted on to water tank below the cooling tower. The savings are more during the winter and cooler nights and also when the plant heat load is less. SALIENT FEATURE OF ...

Ammonia Valve Fittings
Manufacturer of ammonia valve fittings, ammonia compressors, high speed compressors, slow speed compressors, ammonia air handling unit, ammonia condensing unit, for industrial refrigeration, cooling towers, industrial cooling plants from china.

Cooling Tower
1, The coil of the cooler with pre-cooling fill can get high efficiency on air side. 2, Fresh air is countered with the hot liquid in surface of coil tube, so the heat exchange efficiency is higher. 3, No sun shining and algae growing inside. 4, Aluminum alloy axial fan, high velocity of exhausting air, runs smoothly and silently. Opening cooling tower: (round/square counter/ cross flow type). Flow rate: 80 to 3,000m³/h. Standard temperature: medium and high temperature

Cooling Tower
1) Important for solidifying the cream layers so that the wafer/cream bond can be strong. 2) If the cream is not solid enough to make a good bond between wafer sheet and cream, the wafer sheets tend to slip from the cream layer resulting in very high rateof rejects during wafer cutting process. 3) A 12m cooling tunnel is recommended in the system so that the cooling temperature can be adjusted depending of the nature of cream used for the manufacturing of cream filled wafers. 4) The ...

Fanless Cooling Towers
We have a Fanless, Fill-less, induced draft cooling tower. The kinetic Energy of water entering the cooling tower is converted into kinetic energy of air by the use of specially designed ejector nozzles. 100% cooling tower company. Efficient and latest power saving technology. High quality with 90% of tower is either FRP/FRP lined

Spray-Cooling System
Function descriptions: the hot-filled bottles are transferred by conveying belt, arrayed at the entrance of the spray-cooling machine, and then enter into the first temperature zone in turn for cooling and temperature-holding at 73 degrees centigrade for 3 minutes, and then into second and third temperature zones in the same way for gradually cooling down by recirculated water connected with cooling tower equipped outside the machine. The cooling time in this temperature zone lasts for 12 ...

Dry Cooling Towers
Dry Cooling Towers is one of the latest model Cooling Tower. It is specially designed with copper or aluminium finned tube to increase the heat transfer area and these towers are particularly designed for water scarce areas.We have its various division of manufacturing includes Cooling Tower Division. The Cooling Tower division offers three types of Cooling Towers. That is Timber, FRP and Dry Cooling Towers.Since Dry Cooling Tower is functioning with Air-cooling Technology, there is no need ...

Axial Flow Cooling Tower Fans
Our product includes: Fiberglass Products, FRP Tanks, FRP/GRP Gratings, FRP/GRP Cable Trays, FRP Cooling Tower Fans, GRP /FRP pipes, GRP / FRP tanks, paints and putties. Apart from manufacturing of Axial flow cooling tower fans M/s. Amalgamated Industrial Composites Pvt. Ltd has also diverted into manufacturing of various types of GR components with latest technology of manufacturing.

Cooling Tower Fills
The fill is made out of Rigid PVC., U.V. Stabilized and of honeycomb type which is designed to have the highest contact area per unit volume, with least resistance to the flow of air.

FRP Cooling Towers
FRP Cooling Towers are manufactured with Glass reinforced plastic mostly in wind with standing bottle type and square type models. FRP Cooling tower intakes the air from bottom and discharge the waste heat at the top. Since the water is traveling from top and the air passes from bottom to top, the water droplet have more direct contact time with air. The wet cooling Towers are cooled with the help of evaporating some proportionate quantity of circulating water. The bottle type tower casing ...
Product Group: FRP Cooling Tower

Drenching Filling Material in Cooling Tower
1, It is controlled by PLC, and has malfunction display function. 2, It adopts the servomotor to feed materials, non-polar to adjust the speed and length. 3, It adopts the advanced min. touch screen to operate, none touch adjusts, and can display the operation regulation and basis technology data. 4, It adopts hydraulic pressure system to run the forming part, so it can assure the compound die power. 5, It adopts non-pole cylinder to cut. 6, It adopts the 380V safety protector to protect for ...

Water / Brine Chilling Plants
Refrigerated & Desiccant type Compressed Air Dryer High & Low pressure (upto 10,000 cfm capacity), Inter/After-coolers, Air receivers, Air filters and Chilling plants.

Rubber Cooling Machine 10HP
1.size(L*W*H)(1250*680*1400)mm. 2.7.5kw. 3.supplying enough iced water to cool rubber material. 4.two evaporators made of titanum,avoiding corrosion. 5.equiped with imported configuration,perfect safeguarding system. 6.widely used in rubber,machinery,textile,leather and tires,etc. maintanence: can be used in the long teerm as long as keeping the pipeline and clear them regularly.
Product Group: Rubber Refrigerated Machine
Company: Quanzhou Licheng District Sanxing Refrigeration Machinery    China

Flood Jet Wide Angle Flat Fan Water Spray Nozzle
Key words: Wide Angle Flat Fan Nozzle, Spec: Thread Size: 1/8" ~1" Spray Angle 83 ~138degree Material: brass , SS, pp Detailed spec HK Common flood jet Wide-angle Spray Nozzle design features HK Common Wide-angle Spray Nozzle can produce secondary wide-angle sector spraying shape and uniform spraying drop. The round spray hole and large flow channel offer you least barrier. It can also suitable for use with air and steam. All wide angle spray nozzles ...
Company: Eternal spray nozzle co.,ltd    china

high pressure anti-drop fog nozzle( FD)
Key words: anti-drop mist nozzle, high pressure fog nozzle,, high pressure mist nozzle Spec: igh-pressure fog spray nozzles are composed of internal and external chemical filters, plate core, nozzle plunger and the orifice,which is a kind of hydraulic high-pressure, generally required of 7-70KG pressure to spray fog, Application:garden, landscape, dust, lower humidity, the ideal nozzle to eliminate static electricity, Material:brass, stainless steel or ceramic nozzle orifice embedded also ...
Company: Eternal spray nozzle co.,ltd    china

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