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Electric Control Dry-Wet Grain Making Machine
It is used for recovering polyethylene and polypropylene waste film and waste thread forre -granulation. The maching body is equipped with protecting cover to make operation even safer and constant temperature even more stable.

Paper Cup Forming Machine
Automatic paper cup machine allows customers adopt 135gsm to 300gsm paper material to produce 2oz. to 9oz. single PE coated paper cups. Cup mould replacement is available.
Company: Ruian Ruile Sanitary Napkin Equipment Co., Ltd.    China

Spin Spa 12-piece Shower and Facial Kit
Turn your shower into a spa experience with this Spin Spa 12-piece Shower and Facial Kit. Rejuvenate your skin during a warm bath and step out feeling fresh and relaxed. Spin Spa 12 - piece Shower and Facial Kit Features: Spin Spa spinning shower brush - water-resistant, long-reaching handle with a non-slip grip, shower hook or in the mesh bag provided for storage Massage head - built-in rubber massagers intertwined in soft bristles Cleansing head. Microdermabrasion head - Use to exfoliate ...

Automatic Folding Napkin Paper Machine
uses jumbo roll for raw paper to process various sizes of napkin paper. The product is of sanitation and cleanness. We have different sizes of napkin paper machines, ranging from 200 to 450mm. Features: 1) This model is designed to produce mini-sized pocket paper handkerchiefs and table napkins. 2) Controlled with tension of laying roll to use different tension of raw paper. 3) Count automatically and orderly placed, convenient to pack. 4) Attached with folding unit ensuring accurate ...
Company: Ruian Ruile Sanitary Napkin Equipment Co., Ltd.    China

Baby Diaper Machine
1) The machine can produce regular type, economic type and high grade type baby diapers. 2) Materials of stereo-protection are complex and molding on machine. Waistband, frontal tape and side tape are cut automatically. Extension of rubber band can be regulated. 3) Conveyance of jumbo roller adopts vacuum absorption form. Unwinding and tension of material during production is stable. Materials automatic feeding and rejection units can be attached with. 4) Driving system consists of close ...
Company: Ruian Ruile Sanitary Napkin Equipment Co., Ltd.    China

Toilet Soap Three-Roller Grinder
The grinding function is achieved by squeezing and pressing among the surface of the three rollers in horizontal arrangement and grinding among the rollers in different speed. Generally, the ground material can reach the requirement by twice grinding. This machine is mainly used for mixing and grinding toilet soap materials.

Wet Towel Dispenser
Main materials abs plastic. Power 60w. Size(cm) 28x21x18. Net weight 3.2kg. Length of the power line 1.7m. Country of manufacture china. Length of the tissue:17-20cm/PC. Heater temperature:90+-. Sterilization: ultraviolet radiation, ozone and high temperature. Speed of making rolls: 15pcs/minute. Carton(6pcs) n. W:27.5 kgs. Container load(common package) 20':1400pcs.

Cotton Swabs Making Machinery
Company for the manufacture of absorvent cotton, sells in operation the following machinery: 3 cardings of the mark Barcons with 3 trutzschler FBK 529 and ventilator. Shipper marks marzoli model B-10 with train for matter of 7 meters in length and system of automatic shipment of matter. 1 machine for manufacture of balls of colors. 1 absorvent cotton machine zig-zag. 1 machine falu for disc manufacture to remove makeup. 1 machine falu for manufacture of cotton swabs, with touch screen.

Static Drying Machine
1) PTC heater ; 2) Safe, efficient and energy saving ; 3) Dry cloths gently with warm air flow ; 4) Zip-over cloth cover for effective drying ; 5) Save ironing time due to reduced wrinkling ; 6) 30 minute to 10 hour timer with automatic shut-off; 7) Small, lightweight, easy to dismantle and store away after use ; 8) 230V-50Hz 550W

Vacuum Soap Bar Extrusion Machine
1) Capacity: 500-700kg/h. 2) Screw diameter: 200mm. 3) First rotary speed: 18r/min. 4) Power: 11kW. 5) Second rotary speed: 10-18r/min. 6) Power: 15kW. 7) Outer dimensions: 3,450 x 1,350 x 2,200mm. 8) Weight: about 4,000kg

Bouffant Cap Making Machine
Bouffant cap making machine: The machine is specially designed to produce disposable non-woven bouffant caps automatically. The cap size is adjustable in 18, 21, 24 inches without changing any parts.Machine size: 3, 400 (L) x 860 (W) x 1, 500 (H) mm. Power source: 220v, 1 or 3 phase. Capacity: 90~60pcs / min. Power consumption: 7. 5kw.

Stainless Steel Scrubber Making Machine
This machine is specially designed to fill the purified water and the distilled water, mineral water and other bacteria free liquids. The equipment is applied with 5-gallon bottles (bottles of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6-gallon can also be applied, but the sample bottle shall be provided). As the equipment integrates the processes of bottle washing, filling, lid mounting, lid pressing and finished product delivering, it is the ideal choice of water plants. For operations, the equipment can be ...

Sanitary Napkin Machine
1. The equipment can produce napkins of three-piece type, leaking proof, ultra-thin (as thin as silk), medicinal type and regular type. During the producing process, it is not necessary to replace any parts of the equipment. 2. Double routes forming system with de-molding is adopted, using large and small cotton cores. The products are economic. 3. Each part of the equipment is mounted with differential device for phase correction during operation. 4. Press the flowing way before thermal ...

Toothpick Machine
1) Full automatic wooden toothpick producing machine. This is a complete set of cycle in wooden toothpick product line (toothpick machine), from raw and processed materials of bamboo or wooden to the finished product, it is made up of seven machines. 2) Full automatic bamboo toothpick producing machine. This is a complete set of cycle in bamboo toothpick product line (toothpick machine), from raw and processed materials of bamboo or wooden to the finished product, it is made up of nine machines

Paper Bowl Forming Machine
Applications and characters: Vzw paper bowl forming machine is a kind of multi-position processing device with automatic paper-feeding, sealing, oilling, bottom-punching, heating, rolling, edge curling and discharging, etc. it is an Ideal equipment for producing soup bowls, and other big mouth food vessels.

Baby Diaper Production Line
Specifications: 1) Production output: 260 - 350pcs/min. 2) Power of integral machine: 125kW. 3) Overall dimensions (L x W x H): 19.5 x 1.68 x 2.8m. Features: 1) Once defibrating system, smashing output is 500 - 550kg/h. 2) High accuracy SAP scattering device, adjustable and stable in running (2 - 8g/pc). 3) Drummer fluff moulding. 4) Waist elastic: solid side leaking-avoiding elastic ribbon, right and left-waist tape. 5) Conduction layer short-cutting device: first-step cutter, are cutter, ...

Wet Tissue Dispenser
Speed: 25pcs/minu. Mains:110V/220V/240V,50-60Hz. Power: 350W(heat),5W(static state). Electroshock Proof:Grade1. Environment:5C~35C. Net Weight:10kg. Tank capacity 1.9litre. S-Tissue Width: 120mm(double). S-Tissue Length:170~230mm. Volume: 435×210×425mm

Key Machine
Features: 1) With multi-functions and solid construction ; 2) Can cut extra long handle keys with saw-teeth grooves and right angle grooves accurately ; 3) Left rotary vises are four-sided and the right vises are upper two-layered ; 4) For duplicating keys outdoors, we provide DC adapter for vehicles. Technical specifications: 1) Motor a) AC, available in various different voltages and frequencies, 180W ; b) DC, 12V, 180W ; 2) HSS cutter: a) Left: No. 0011B ; b) Right: No. 0020A ; 3) ...

Stainless Steel Scrubber Making Machinery
We are the chinese manufacturer of metallic scourer making machines, stainless steel wire and scourers. This machine does not need special skills, production place and manpower. It is fully automatic and easily operation. With little investment, you can produce your own scrubbers with different materials such as S/ S wire, galvanized steel wire and stainless iron wire. The end products are widely used in kitchen cleaning, furniture cleaning and bathroom cleaning.

Tableware Machine
Computerized Porcelain Imitation Melamine Forming Machine For Tableware / Tableware Machine / Dishware Machine computerized porcelain Imitation melamine Forming Machine for Tableware Series can produce tablewares, ashtrays, articles for daily use, handicrafts, toys and others---several hundred products series. Paper machines, Baby Diaper Machine, Adult Diaper Machine , Women Sanitary Napkin Machine (Female Sanitary Napkin Machine) , Women Sanitary Pad Machine , Toilet Paper Machine (Machine ...

EPS Vacuum Block Cutting Machine
1) PLC and touch screen system. 2) Single-door opening with energy saving. 3) Steam inlet controlled by ball valve. 4) The automatic material feed guns controlled by vacuum with high efficiency. 5) Moulds and opening, closing, locking and products pushing out controlled by hydraulic. 6) Double cooling system provided: air cooling and vacuum cooling switched freely. 7) Safety system: computer supervision, pressure feedback and automatic vapor relief valve

Hydraulic Pressure Cutting Material Machine
The operation is simple, accurate and fast, with the rocker very to handle. It is equipped with stramework, and adjustable high and two voltage cutting die, which contribute to afvanced integration of machinery, electron and oil pressure. Technical data: 1) Pressure 10tons ; 2) Motor 1.1kw ; 3) Stroke 100mm ; 4) Gross weight 600kg ; 5) Size of the working table 760×400mm

Sucker Machinery
This machine is a tube extrusion line,composed of extruder and die, vacuun calibration and cooling unit,haul-off unit,rotary cutter,arranging straw unit.The series machines can produce all kinds of drinking straw,spiral strip straw,medical pipe,pen tube core .all the machine's controls base with the control elements ergonomically adapted to permit easy operation

DE0906 shoes pattern cutter
A1 high speed vacuum cutter of synchronous belt way of fixing paper way vacuum absorbing driving material Import synchronous belt effective cutting range 900*600mm cutting materials red hard paper,plastic board,white board,kraft paper,fibre cutting way drawing by pen,half cutting,whole cutting cutting thickness 0.5-2mm cutting precision less or equal 0.1mm overlapping precision less or equal 0.1mm resolution ratio 0.025mm max speed 1000mm/s work time and character ...
Product Group: Shoes Pattern Cutter
Company: china aoke carton LGP box packing printing clothing bag shoe light stikcer electronic patttern sample maker plotter cutting machine company    China

TechAdhesion PUR Hot Melt Machine 150
The TechAdhesion adhesive application systems are designed to melt and pump a wide range of viscosity PUR reactive hot melt adhesives. The heated tank assembly melts the solid adhesive which is then gravity fed to an AC motor driven gear pump that transfers the molten adhesive under hydraulic pressure through a heated hose to a heated applicator. The system is seal and keeps moisture away by using air purge device with nitrogen. Hopper Lid with Seal and Lock Sensor for Detecting Hopper ...
Product Group: PUR Hot Melt Machine
Company: TechAdhesion Systems Ltd.    China

TechAdhesion PUR Drum Unloader
The TechAdhesion TA Drum 20L / 200L Air-Operated Unloader is a stationary drum unloader that combines a heated platen, pump and all controls needed to melt and dispense hot melt adhesives, sealants or coatings from a standard 20/200 liter steel pail (Europe standard). Main Feature Digital Temperature Settings and Display Low Cost High Performance Melting High Volume Delivery Heavy Duty Rugged Construction Dispensing of Low to High Viscosity Materials (P.I.D.) Temperature ...
Company: TechAdhesion Systems Ltd.    China

TechAdhesion hot melt hose
Square adapter to facilitate the use of complementary host of Nordson coated “Teflon”, keep warm and avoid adhibit, improve the adhesive’s fluid ID ø 7.9 mm, support 1400PL inner press,304 stainless steel reinforce layer TA supply the length of 4-40 inch hose to choose AMP plug, platinum & pure sliver insert needle, predominant and steady function High pliability and the hose bend least radius can reach 20cm (8 inch)
Company: TechAdhesion Systems Ltd.    China

Milk Funnel
MILK Funnel It shall be suitable for use at the DCS for pouring of milk from producer's milk vessel to milk cans or balance tank. The funnel shall be made out of Stainless Steel AISI 304 sheet 1.2 mm thick. At the funnel's conical bottom, there shall be a removable type Stainless steel 40 mesh strainer for filtering extraneous matter in the milk. The SS filter shall be round in shape and properly fixed at the periphery by SS strip ring. The filter shall be rested in a grooved step ...
Product Group: Milk Cans
Company: Krishna Industries    India

Milk Collection Tray
MILK COLLECTION TRAY: The Milk Collection Tray shall be made out of 1.2 mm thickness AISI 304 sheet and press design one piece construction without any welds except for connecting the 38 mm diameter SS-304 outlet pipe. The tray shall be of dimension 600 mm x 450 mm x 65 mm Inspection: •Purchaser shall carry out all the tests and inspection of the Milk Collection Equipment for conformity to standard specifications mentioned above, along with visual inspection for overall workmanship ...
Product Group: Milking Machine
Company: Krishna Industries    India

Aluminum foil food contianer production line
Aluminum foil contianer production line CTJF-40T has been designed and developed as an upgraded model to produce aluminium food containers,dishes and trays. The working speed of production line CTJF-40T is 40-70 pcs/min (with one cavity mould), and its speed depens on container’s size and complexity. Aluminium foil container prodcution lines is composed of the followings: 1. Decoiler (with an auto-lubricator) 2. Electrical control panel 3. Air output control equitment 4. 40T press 5. ...
Product Group: Food Container Making Machine
Company: Foshan Choctaek Machinery Mould Factory    nanhai

decoiler, feeder machine
The decoiler supports the aluminium roll and unwinds the coil progressivesly without tearing the aluminium foil. Main Features: 1. Decoiler is build with solid steel structure with high feeding foil pricesion. 2. Decoiler is equited with electronic control brake system to creat tension of foil, so it can work continuously for a very long time. 3. The aluminium roll are supported by an expansion shaft which is inserted into the core. It is easy to load and unwind the coil ...
Product Group: Feeder Machine
Company: Foshan Choctaek Machinery Mould Factory    nanhai

Turbo Blower LXF (Low Noise Type)
Turbo Blower LXF (Low Noise Type) - housing of machine is cast by Aluminum Alloy 1. Standard copper wire motor(F/H Level) 2. 1HP~7.5HP 3. Low Noise, Made in Taiwan. 4. Larger winds, higher pressure. Product description: 1.LXF-series Power: 1HP to 7.5HP 2.Professional impeller designed, powerful air flow and higher pressure. For LXF-series type, stable and larger air flow with Low Noise type. 3.Light weight, the housing of machine is cast by Aluminum Alloy. 4.We all use high ...
Product Group: Turbo Blower, Blower Fan, Electric Blower

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