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Detailed Clear cylindrical box making machine Description:

HK KEEPLEADE LTD has engaged in producing clear cylindrical box making machine since 2009, and continuous extend our model ranges, but all is basing high frequency welding machine, ultrasonic welding machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine and various packaging machine

Clear cylindrical box making machine is also named transparent cylindrical box making machine, clear cylinder box making machine and clear soft tube making machine, the whole processes to get a finished clear cylindrical packing box is different, so the machine in need is also different, from the roller material to finished clear cylinder box, general speaking, need clear cylindrical box forming machine, vacuum forming machine, flashing cutter to get the lid/cap after shape thermoforming, high frequency welding or ultrasonic welding for clear cylinder bottom sealing, button mounting machine to mount the handle for cleaning cylinder, punching machine to get the bottom disk, clear cylindrical box edge forming machine

If you want to choose suitable machine to make clear cylindrical box, must tell the supplier you are a end user or clear cylindrical box factories, if you are end user, you are targeted what kind of clear cylindrical packaging is suitable for you, so you don’t need to purchasing all of machines, it’s better to reduce the processing step in the design of clear cylindrical box, actually speaking, a good design not only can help you reduce the cost but also can help you get a good advertising effect, of course, which is basing its practicability, like water proof, moisture proof, resistance to pressure, save cost and easy transportation, if you are packing box factory, you must consider possible design and shapes in the market. So the machine should have the function as much as possible, try to improve the automaticity, the material and size of clear cylinder packaging also must be considered into the machine in advance, so getting professional advice before purchasing machine is absolutely necessary

Clear cylindrical box packaging is increasing its popularity in packaging candy, gift, toy, stationary, umbrella, fishers, cosmetic, arts and crafts, underwear and etc, Because of visible packaging commodities inside, save cost, water proof and moisture proof, clear cylindrical box packaging method stands out from other packaging method. PVC, AEPT, PETG are all available in one machine, cementing and welding are optional, the diameter of clear cylindrical box is 25mm up to 200mm under required length, if the length of clear cylindrical box is 200mm, the output is 46pcs per minutes, so can produce 20000pcs per day (8 hours working time), the tolerance of each size can control within 0.05mm

Before selection the machine of making clear cylindrical box, HK KEEPLEADR LTD’S sales representative will work with you closely to know: if you are packaging end user or you are clear cylinder packaging factory? What kind of commodities will be packaged? What kind of material will be selected, how much thickness of material for clear cylindrical box? What’s the maximum size of transparent cylinder (Length and Diameter), what kind of design for Clear cylindrical box, photo is preferred for reference, what kind of machines do you have? What’s your expected productivity? What’s your budge in producing Clear cylindrical box from roller material from finished products, after getting these information, our engineer will work out our solution for your confirmation, basing on this processing solution, we recommend the required machines. The solution should list the design features and their reasons of being, the quotation should mark out where is cost, the quality control should testing report and inspection sheet, after-service should be done in the design and before delivery, and operation training is also very important to increase the life-span of machines, HK KEEPLEADER LTD expect to establish long-term business relation with you, please remember renowned brand “kee

Clear cylindrical box making machine
  • Model: Clear cylindrical box making machine
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  • Post date: Aug 12, 2011
Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of Clear cylindrical box making machine in China.


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Address: Rongxing Buidling,Bantian, longgang District, Shenzhen city, China
Region: shenzhen, China
Contact Person: Ms Helen Wang
Telephone: 0086-13590415784

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