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List extensive product information of Draught Fan (include Fan Blower, Mixed-Flow Fan, Centrifugal Fan, Axial Flow Roof Fan, Exhaust Fan, Industrial Fan, Ventilation Fan), provided by Draught Fan manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Air Blower, Fan Blower, Centrifugal Fan
Specialized in blower manufacturing, air deviser has been developed various types of multi-blade centrifugal fan to cope with any kind of air moving soultions which can be used on machinery, hvac industry, building, clean room facilities, inflatable bouncy castle for air suction, air discharging, air ventilation, air circulation, air inflation... Etc. Becide the air blowers, we aslo supply the fan wheels from 1.5" to 30" for both single inlet and double inlets type.
Product Group: Air Blower

Axial Fan
1) Metal impeller. 2) Speed: 880 / 670rpm. 3) Impeller dia.: 560mm. 4) Airflow: 8,000 / 6,500cbm/h. 5) Power: 420 / 280W. 6) Voltage / frequency: 3 - 400V / 50Hz. 7) Current: 0.76 / 0.46A. 8) Insulation class: F. 9) Applications: building and workshop ventilation and cooling.
Product Group: Axial Fan
Company: Shangyu City Mingxin Fan Manufacture Co.,Ltd.    China

Low noise cooling blower
Feature: high efficiency, low noise, simple structure, rot resistant, good cooling, stable function and reliable operation. Usagae: extensively used to vaporizing condenser, cold blower, hot pump set. Specification: mode: 6#~22#, volume: 7000~18000 m3/h, pressure: 70~350Pa
Company: Shangyu City Mingxin Fan Manufacture Co.,Ltd.    China

Mixed-flow fans
Characteristics: cone-shaped hub, torsion vane, air inlet with flow -concentration meter, high pressure, big blast volume, high efficiency, compact structure, low noise, small volume, equipped with two speed electric machine, can adjust the blast volume and wind pressure through shifting gears. Application: Hotel, restaurant, shop, office building, gym and enterprises.
Company: Shangyu City Mingxin Fan Manufacture Co.,Ltd.    China

Pipeline diagonal fans
Blast volume: 200-25000m3/h. Full pressure:54-1200Pa. Characteristics: drum wind cylinder, cone-shaped hub impeller, high wind pressure, big blast volume, low noise, low energy consumption, compact structure, horizontally and vertically installation are both OK. It is best suitable for straight pipeline and pressurized air feeding and exhaustion. It is made of steel, stable construction, good appearance, convenient installation and cheap cost. Application: air feeding and exhaustion system ...

Centrifugal fans
Machine No.: 6#12# blast volume:4420-48800m3/h wind pressure: 317-2118pa. Characteristics: Style E strap transmission, retroverted centrifugal impeller, for ventilation, can made into explosion-proof and corrosion -proof, made of steel and glass steel. Application: medium-sized and large factories, advanced civil construction, large stadium
Product Group: Centrifugal Fan

Low Noise Multi-Vane Centrifugal Ventilator
Low noise multi-vane centrifugal ventilator has been designed and manufactured by our factory in order to adapt to the requirements of the increasingly developed purification industry, with environmental protection and noise reduction in mind. The fan features a multi-purpose optimized design for various pneumatic parameters, such as noise and efficiency. It fulfills the finest performance matching of the overall frame with sound air-operated performance. The paddle-wheel and pulley have ...
Product Group: Centrifugal Ventilator

Low noise axial-flow fans
Blast volume:1000-37200m3/h. Full pressure:35-350Pa. Characteristics: broad vane, big string length, space-contorted inclined leaf-type, big volume, low noise, little vibration, good appearance, energy saving, high efficient, can be made to the explosion-type and corrosion-type. It has three types: type with screen, type with angled elbow. Application: storehouse, office building, residence, kitchen, hot air exhaustion in the industry.

Fire fighting smoke blower
Features: good function in high temperature, high efficiency, convenient to installation, reliability of operation ( which can be used in fire fighting smoke exit and special riot-resistant fire fighting blower). It has the license of fire fighting products. Usage: It is used to civil high building, oven, tunnel, underground garage and special mineral mill, etc. Specification: diameter: Ø350~1500mm, volume: 3350~ m3/h, pressure: 280~819Pa.

Centrifuge air-blower range
Features: small flow, high pressure, high efficiency, strict structure and reliability. Usage: forge, material transmission and the other need ventilation situations, such as metallurgy, chemical industry and paper-making, etc. Specifications: diameters: ?400~600mm, flow 824~123097m3/h Pressure:3110~16250Pa

Axial flow roof fans
Characteristics: big blast volume, low noise, high efficiency, light, smooth operation, good appearance, can be made into corrosion-proof and explosion-proof type. Application: electric generator, enterprises like chemical, rubber, drug, food processing, metallurgy and storehouse, etc and air feeding and exhaustion in advanced civil construction

Ceiling-mounted room ventilator
Blast volume:300-1200m3/h. Full pressure:60-115Pa. Characteristics: adopt air dynamics design, low noise, high-efficiency, practical, little vibration and endurance. Every part of machine is treated moisture proof and rust proof. It is convenient for installation. Application: meeting room, restaurant, reception room, toilet, bathing room, etc and ventilate the unclean air, moist, mist and dust.

Fire fighting and high temperature smoke exhaust fan
Characteristic: axial-flow hub impeller, adopting high temperature electric machine, which is built-in and fully close. It has such advantages as special cooling system, high efficiency, low noise, reasonable structure, small volume and convenient installation. Application: for high-rise, bakery, underground garage, subway and tunnel. Two-speed fan is used for common ventilation when it is of low speed and it is used to exhaust smoke in high speed.

AC Small Centrifugal Blower
Specifications: 1) Voltage: 110V, 220V, 380V ; 2) Phase: 1, 3 ; 3) Frequency: 50Hz ; 4) Speed: 1,300 - 2,700 ; 5) Air volume: 1.2 - 11cbm/min ; 6) Starting pressure: 70 - 500 ; 7) Noise: 52 - 76dB(A) ; 8) Temperature range: minus 40 - 55°C ; 9) Widely used in automatic ground and electronic installation for cooling / venting, and tube dusting
Product Group: Centrifugal Blower

Exhaust Fan
Speed: 1,450rpm ; Capacity: 10,000m³/h ; Power: 0.75kW ; Pressure: 20Pa ; Noise: 74dBA/. Slim design, high capacity, high velocity, low noise, and reliable operation. Used for ventilation, circulation of fresh air and supply oxygen for plant and workplace. Two models of 2-2 and 14-8 with single phase and three-phrase version Three types: tunnel, immobility, post
Product Group: Exhaust Fan

Circular Tube Axial Fan
1) Voltage: 110V, 125V, 220V, 230V. 2) Frequency: 50/60Hz. 3) Aluminum housing, external rotor motor, forward curve blades, low noise, high efficiency. 4) The size can be supplied as per customers' specification. 5) Installed in tube fans
Product Group: Axial Fan

Centrifugal Blowers
Designers & manufacturers of PP / PVC / FRP equipments, storage tanks tanks, vessels, phosphating plants, tanks for electroplating / etp plants, centifugal blowers, fume scrubbers, hoods, ductings, laboratory fume chambers, lining, FRP moulded articles, ventilation systems, fume exhaust & scrubbing systems for chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electroplatings, phosphating, gold refining, blacking, pickling plants.
Product Group: Centrifugal Blower

Draught Fan
1) The system must use fitting. 2) Uses for to direct the wind, causes in the boiler chamber to become the negative pressure. Exhausted fans. Duct fans. Centrifugal blowers singlr-double inlet. Axial fans. Centrifugal fans.

Fire and Smoke Emission Blower
Our company mainly manufactures the products as follows: fireproof exhaust blowers, ceiling blowers, fan cases, axial blowers, explosion-proof axial blowers, diagonal blowers, centrifugal blowers, mixed-flow fans and other relevant products.

Fan Wheel, Blower Wheel, Fan Impeller
We manufactures centrifugal blower wheel in single inlet and twin-inlet construction in various sizes with diameters of 1.5" to 30". The fan wheels can be made of galvanized steel, aluminum and stainless steel. All of the company's fan impellers are adjusted by a dynamic balancing machine after manufacture to ensure minimal vibration during operation. Blower wheel hub can be made at customers requirement.

Circular Duct Fan
1) Model no.: Circular Duct Fan. 2) Speed: 2,540rpm. 3) Diameter: 150mm. 4) Airflow: 468cbm/h. 5) Power: 134W. 6) Vol./freq.: 230V/50Hz. 7) Current: 0.54A. 8) Noise: 54dB

Portable Ventilator
It has large air volume, high pressure, low noice, easy to handle etc... It is used in the places such as ships, mineral, underground pipe work for exhaust air, extracting dust and supply fresh air. It is fitted with flexible ducts with 5meters and 10meters.

Industrial Exhaust Fan
1) Oscillation: strong power of wind for exhaust. 2) Power/frequency: 220V/380V. 3) Material of blade: good quality iron blade. 4) Exhaust capacity: 810cbm/min. 5) Color: gray. 6) Shape: round. 7) Size: 300/350/400/500/600mm
Product Group: Exhaust Fan

Desktop Ionizing Air Blower
(1) Applies commutating, filtrating circuit with low voltage and high reliability. (2) Big volume of ion generating and fast speed of static removing. (3) DC working voltage with low power consumption and long product life. (4)Three step adjustment
Product Group: Air Blower

Wooden Fiber Paper Filter
1) The imported special air filter material and dust remove compound filter paper can ensure the high efficiency performed by our products. 2) Wide ply design, with large filter surface. 3) Galvanized cover, rust free. 4) Galvanized diamond mesh skeleton center, with high ratio of making holes. 5) Specialized sealing obturator foramen type of flexible neoprene. 6) Temperature: 65°C. 7) Relative humidity: 100%. Various specifications of the cartridge and caps are available.

Flameproof Axial-Flow Local Fan
Application scope: this series of products are the up-dated products of the JBT blower. It features high efficient and low noisy level. They are applicable to the underground mine for press local ventilation. It is necessary ventilating equipment for working in the underground mine. The performance of the safety of the products is confirming to the standard of GB3836 electric equipment for using in the explosive gas environment. Specification: 1) Rated voltage: 380V/660V ; 2) Rated ...
Product Group: Axial Flow Fan

Sell all kinds of blower, such as makita blower UB1100, maktec MT400, bosch blower, new mold blower, high quality blower, professional blower from china.

Air Conditioning Blower
Large sir volume, low noise, compact structure, fine firmness and durability, pleasing appearance, easy installation and use. Conveying mediums are air and other non-hyperbolic gases. Mainly composed of paddle-wheel casing exterior rotor motor.

Blower Exhaust Fan
This kind of industrial fan is used to cool and ventilate air in factories, livestock house, farms, supermarket, large breeding farms, greenhouse etc. It can offer a moderate temperature and comfortable environment to work in. This fan is environmentally friendly to cool temperature. Model and size: 1) TUHE-A: 1,700 x 1,700 x 400 ; 2) TUHE-1: 1,380 x 1,380 x ×400 ; 3) TUHE-2: 1,220 x 1,220 x 400 ; 4) TUHE-3: 1,060 x 1,060 x 400 ; 5) TUHE-4: 900 x 900 x 400 ; 6) TUHE-550: 572 x 572 x 428
Product Group: Exhaust Fan

Blower Fan For Gas Water-heater
Type YPS-G002A: Voltage 220V ;Frequency 50HZ; Current 1.5A; power 30W; rotate speed 2100r/min; wind speed 13m/s. Blower fan for strong eject gas water-heater (for both shower and heating). Include the production and sale of single-phase shaded pole asynchronous motor, various types of single-phase Capacitor-Start asynchronous motor (ranging from 10 to 18w), capacitor motor and two-value capacitor motor, three-phase motor, three-phase speed change motor and DC brushless motor, exhaust fan for ...
Product Group: Blower Fan

Exhaust Fans
1) Two operating speeds for energy saving. 2) Super quiet operation - very low noise level. 3) Efficiently removes steam and fumes. 4) Easy installation - adjustable mounting brackets included. 5) Easy maintenance and disassembly - removable motor and wind wheel design. 6) Thermal fuse protection. 7) Rust proof paint on aging-resistant body. 8) Long life ball bearing condenser motor adopted. 9) Duct diameter: 4". 10) Power: 120V, 60Hz/230V,50HZ. 11) 2-button switch included
Product Group: Exhaust Fan

Industrial Fans
Series of Industrial Fans designed and manufactured with CAD / CAM Technologe, with high pressure, strong displacement air flow. Low noice Energer saveing, runing stable long life guarentee. The shutter can automaticaly open and close, for dust and water proofing. It is your Best choice for you greenhouse poultry house and factory hall to Exhaust hot dusty air and give you good ventilation.

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