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List extensive product information of Electroplating (include Zinc Plating, Copper Plating, Nickel Plating, Chromium Plating, Tin Plating, Alloy Plating), provided by Electroplating manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Electroplated Diamond Profile Wheel
Features: 1) Diameter: 75mm x M14 available ; 2) Diamond grit: #40 - #80, or upon request ; 3) Smooth cutting surface, high cutting speed ; 4) Suitable for polishing and grinding various hard non-ferrous material, such as marble, granite, glass, ceramic, hard concrete and brick ; 5) Special designs available upon request. We are specialized in the fields of Electroplated Diamond tools, including Diamond Files, Diamond Saw Blades, Diamond Whetstones, Diamond Mounted Points, Diamond Core Drill ...
Company: Changxing Diamond Abrasives Co., Ltd.    China

Electroplated Diamond/CBN Wheel
Electroplated diamond/CBN wheel is the most widely used diamond tool. This kind of product is used in many tooling production, such as: 1) Tungsten carbide, steel, mold. 2) Glass and optical glass. 3) Stone, concrete, asphalt and ceramic. 4) Magnets. 5) Other deep manufacturing industries. We can offer all types of electroplated diamond/CBN tools.
Company: Changxing Diamond Abrasives Co., Ltd.    China

Electroplating Rectifier
We manufacture state of the art technology Rectifiers used for Plating, Anodizing, Hydrogenation applications and also many other places. It will be designed such that it will take up / absorb the Spike / Surges produced in the system, which no other manufacturer is giving. The spike which being of very high voltage persists for milisec if passed on to the system, will result into damage / burnt of all the electrical / electronic devices connected with it results in heavy loss. 1-Our ...

Electroplated Concave Diamond Grinding Disc
1) Diameter: 100mm - 115mm available. 2) Diamond grit: 45 - 100 available. 3) Coating: nickel, chrome, titanium available. 4) Smooth cutting surface, high cutting speed. 5) Suitable for cutting, grinding and polishing various hard non-ferrous material, such as marble, granite, glass, ceramic, hard concrete and brick
Company: Changxing Diamond Abrasives Co., Ltd.    China

Progressive Plating
The base materials for which we can plat are: iron, copper, stainless steel strip. Plating categories are: Apart from overall continuous plating of nickel, tin, gold and silver on normal metal strips, we developed various of plating methods, which cut cost dramatically for our customers. Continuous plating of various methods and multi-range is basically realized. Continuous plating: Special recommendation: we realized the single side and partial nickel, silver, gold plating which padded the ...

Electroplated Dresser
1) Diameter: 150, 178, 220 or customized tools. 2) Diamond or CBN. 3) Used for finishing rubbing plate of glass, stainless steel, and blue gem

Electroplated Diamond Core Drill
1) High diamond concentration. 2) Smooth surface finish quality. 3) Fast drilling and consistent performance. 4) Maximum diamond particle (grit) exposure. 5) Preserves true material micro structure. 6) Used for cutting glass, quartz, lapidarists, advanced ceramics, stones, marbles, granites, composites and many other materials

Plating Products
1) Material: Aluminum alloy or zinc alloy. 2) Surface treatment: process as per customers' requirements. 3) Samples or drawings welcomed. 4) High quality aluminum alloy or zinc alloy

Filtration Machine for Chemical Electroplating
1) GLZ series filtration machine for chemical electroplating: respective structure for circle filtration of chemical electroplating. 2) GLT series filtration machine: with active carbon double tank structure. No. 15 active carbon is adopted in secondary tank. Turn off the secondary tank to use as an ordinary filtration machine. 3) GLF series filtration machine with supplementary tank: automatic circle system. 4) GLL series filtration machine for chrome-plating: high erosion and oxidation ...

Electroplated Polishing Pad
Features; 1) Designed for grinding of previously leveled stone materials, mould and oter material. ; 2) Velcro backed 3", 4", 5",6",7" ; 3) Available in the grits in mesh: 50, 100, 200,400 etc

Electroplated Diamond Radius Wheels
The wheel has full diamond bonded to its face. Constructed of a sintered board with bronze, the wheel far out last the electroplated diamond wheel. This wheel features a full 180 degree radius. These wheels include 100 grit,260 grit,600 grit.

Electroplated Geological Bit
1) Diameter ranges from 76mm to 220mm. 2) Grits: 50-70#. 3) It can drill the deepest spot 70-80 meters. 4) Metric threaded

Electroplated Diamond Saw Blades
Electroplated Blade: Segment diamond blade, continuous rim, abrasive wheel, profile wheel, dry and wet cut for granite and marble. Specifications: 1) Suitable for cutting granite, marble, ceramic, and glass ; 2) Sharp, durable, smooth cut surface.

Electroplated Diamond Burr Set
Supply electroplated diamond burr from china. Features: 1) Size: 6 x 60mm 2) Impregnated with selected diamond 3) Mainly used for carving stone.

Electroplate Tin Line
Specifications: 1) Material: low carbon steel sheet. 2) Width of sheet: 480 - 1,000mm. 3) Thickness of sheet: 0.3 - 0.5mm. 4) Max. processing speed of the line: 30 - 80m/min. 5) Weight of raw material: 10MT/coil. 6) Weight of finished sheet: 10MT/coil

Electroplated Marble and Soft Stone Diamond Blade
1) For fast and efficient cutting of soft stones such as marble, limestone, alabaster, pyrophyllite and chlorite. 2) Less chipping than sintered blades gives sharper edges and better detail. 3) Wet or dry, optional flush cut style available. 4) Sizes: 4" - 9"

Grinding Tools/Diamond Wheels
Electroplated Tools are the advantaged products.The Diamond or CBN was plated on the bodies as the one layer or two layers, We can produce all kinds of electroplated diamond tools, especially for the diamond tools that used for Semi-conductor, Glass, Optical glass, Metal, Ceramics, Gem, Stone, FRP, Magnet, Carbide Tunsten, Motor and Aviation industry. Metal Bonded Wheel is the monst important one of the super hard diamond wheels.The applications of the metal bonded wheels were made for ...

Electroplated Marble and Diamond Blade
Electroplated Marble and Soft Stone Diamond Blade Features: 1) For fast and efficient cutting of soft stones such as marble, limestone, alabaster, pyrophyllite and chlorite. 2) Less chipping than sintered blades gives sharper edges and better detail. 3) Wet or dry, optional flush cut style available. 4) Sizes: 4" - 12" or as your requirement. Our main products are as follows: 1 Electroplated diamond cutting saw (blade,disc) ; 2 Electroplated diamond polishing saw (blade,disc) ; 3 ...

Sulfate zinc plating
Brightener for Sulfate Zinc plating is reached advanced level of international same type brightener. Between the Zinc deposit and the steel wire has good adhesion strength and very low brittleness, it can reduce Zinc consumption to 2~8 % during wire drawing process. The range of deposit thickness is up to 50~200 g/m2 according to application requirement, suitable for continuous Zinc plating of normal, middle and high carbon steel as well as products drawing process. The allows wide range of ...

Acid bright copper plating
Fast brightening and high fillness , brightness. A mirror bright copper deposit can be obtained in wide current den-sity range. It also can be obtained deposit which has very high fillness and brightness. The wide operate tempera-ture range, it can be obtained excell-ent deposit in 18-40℃. High impurities tolerance, not easy to produce pinholes, spots and fogs. Easily operate and maintain, low consumption of brightener. Very high brightener stability, good compatibility. It can be mix used ...

Brightener for barrel nickel plating
The thickness of deposit is uniform, clear-white in color. Suitable for decoration nickel plating of products. Low stress, excellent ductil-ity. Suitable to process of parts after plating. Fast brightening speed, ex-cellent leveling ability. Low consumption of additive. Bath is stable, easy to con-trol.

Wide temperature chromium plating
Wide technique range and deep plating ability, throwing power can be increased by 30-60%. Current efficiency up to 22-24%, without corrosion in low current zone. The hardness can be increased by 10-30%, neutral salt fog test duration is increased by 1-2 times. Low chromium content, it is 40% of conventional bath. It can reduce chromium content in waste water. Easy to treatment, economy is very noticeable.

Tin Plating
The process is a F-free, Pb-free environment protection type product. Deposit fine-grained and bright, especially wide bright zone range. Suitable for rack and barrel plating, easy to addition and management. Good throwing power and high current efficiency, also available for protection deposit for diagram of PCB.

Alloy Plating
The deposit is obtained by this process which appearance like to chromium deposit. Its corrosion resistance and brightness can be compared with chromium deposit. The deep plating ability of deposit is over than standard chrom-plating. The maximum character is suitable for barrel plating of small parts, increase product efficiency. Applied Rc-90 as an alternative process of chromo-plating in light industry products which without special requirements for hardness. This product can obtain very ...

Metal gold plating machinery
Distributes 24 karat gold plating systems. Our equipments use HFP (High frequency pulse) technologies, that has been used by NASA until recently and makes possible and easy 24K gold platting on every metal surface. Each plated product is up to 500% more expensive than a unplated.
Product Group: Gold Plating Machinery
Company: Real Crom LTD    Romania

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