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List extensive product information of Energy Saving (include Power Saver, Gas Saver, Fuel Saving, Electricity Saver), provided by Energy Saving manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Power Saver Up To 25%
The epowersaver also help to stabilize voltages and reduce currents in your power supplies. It improves the power factor by reducing the amount of electricity that is used from our utility company. This is accomplished by supplying electricity locally at the load by the use of specially designed capacitor. These advanced capacitor store the additional electricity needed for stabilizing electric current within an inductive load.
Product Group: Power Saver

Safe Electronic Electric-Saving Device
1) This device can be widely applied in household, department, school, hotel, restaurant, shop, net bar, beauty shop, small factory. Its life span can be six to eight years. 2) Usage: this device can be installed freely. 3) Work load: 1,500W-2,000W, this device consumes 1W electricity itself. 4) Life span: six to eight years. 5) Remark: the effect is distinct after a month, the longer time you use it, the more electricity you will save. Consider installing several devices if the load is heavy.

Energy Saving Lamp Bulb
Its introduce the latest wire and technology, it is antijamming, it is made of nonflammable PBT plastic with ultraviolet resistance, it is characterized by its attractive appearance, gentle light rays and long service life. Application: It is suitable for factory, super market, plaza etc large areas lighting places.
Product Group: Energy Saving Lamp
Company: Jiangsu Apollo Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.    China

LPG Gas Saver
The cooking gas is passed directly through powerful magnets, placed inside the device. This increases the excitation level of gas molecules, causing their de-clustering. When the gas now comes out of SVI, it burns with improved thermal efficiency. This unique process results in saving gas by upto 41% *. Uptill now the magnets were used to be placed outside the tube carrying gas, which gave low saving efficiency of the gas saver. The innovative feature of SVI is that the gas comes in physical ...
Product Group: Gas Saver

Magnetic Fuel Conditioner, Fuel saver
Features: 1) It can help engine to burn fuel more efficiently. 2) It lets your car run more miles per gallon. 3) It will improve engine performance. 4) It will reduce emissions. 5) It will clean air. Magnetic fuel conditioners increase combustion efficiency for a cleaner burning engine. This reduces harmful emissions while increasing engine performance. Enjoy these benefits: 1) Saves fuel, saves money, more miles per gallon. 2) 0% fuel saving is not uncommon, 7 series BMW owner reported 57p ...
Product Group: Fuel Saver

Super Power / Energy Saver
This super power saver are able: 1) to stablize voltage, reduce current, increase power factor and reduce power wastage so that electricity is saved. 2) widely use and applicable to electri appliances such as air-cond, washing machine, refrigerator, hi-fi, flurousent lamp, fanner, etc. 3) can be used at working conditions, such as house, office, restaurant, public entertainment areas, stores, small-size factories. 4) the power saving rate will up to 38% which can largely reduce the ...
Company: Jiangsu Apollo Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Energy Saving Products
1. Electrictity saving effect is good and the saving rate can reach to 18-40%. 2. By adopting the microcomputer humanize control technology, a-csaver can modulate automatically according to different temperature from indoors and outdoors, and improve the cooling rate. 3. A-csaver can make cold quickly and make the indoor temperature fall to a reconverted temperature in a shortest time. 4. Extend the lifetime of the air conditioner by lessen the frequency of opening and closing. 5. Protection ...

Motor Saver
Energix-g is the latest break-through pe management product, which is mainly applied to the loads driven by ac asynchronous motors. According to the running state, parameters and load characteristic, energix-g will design proper running levels for loads with corresponding specification, and optimize running state of different loads. Enhancing the power efficiency and protecting the terminal equipments, energix-g realizes the central control and automatic regulation of the loads. Application: ...

Electricity Saver
E-energy: saver of electricity "POWER SAVER" Save up to 30% on your invoice of electricity. Adopt the last and most effective of European technologies (German) to save electricity, the result is real! ! You immediately will reduce electric consumption up to 30% . Simple operation, no need for maintenance, not for installation necessary, no wiring. Connect it on a socket-outlet and start to save. Take part in the respect of the environment-Ergonomic-Prolongs the lifespan of the ...
Product Group: Electricity Saver

Fuel Saving Capsules
MPG-CAPS comes in a new, revolutionary engine treatment caplet perfect for gasoline, diesel, bio-diesel and gasoline ethanol powered engines. Now you can combat the high price of gas and reduce emissions with a simple caplet you add to your tank when you fill up. MPG-CAPS will actually help your engine by decreasing wear on combustion chamber components and as an additional benefit it helps your engine burn cleaner, reducing harmful emissions. MPG Caps and MPG Boost both exhibit 3 unique ...
Product Group: Fuel Saving

Power Tune Electricity Saver
Below are some of the features of the new power saver: 1. Reduce your monthly electricity bill up to 25%. 2. Stabilize the incoming voltage. 3. Plug and Saved - No Wiring Required. 4. Built-in powerful lightning arrestor & surge protector. 5. Improve power factor and electrical efficiency. 6. Environmentally friendly. 7. Fully compliant with safety standards. 8. Rapid Return on Investment. Technical Specification: Voltage rating : 110V - 240V ; Rated frequency : 50Hz - 60Hz ; Storage ...
Product Group: Electricity Saver

Motor Power Saving Controller
1) New generation motor power saving control product. 2) Uses digital control techniques based on MPU. 3) Adjusts voltage and current of the motor in running state dynamically via built-in specialized power saving optimal control software. 4) Can guarantee motor output torque matches load requirements precisely. 5) Avoids power wasting due to unnecessary output. 6) Outstanding power saving function. 7) Energy saving rate up to 40%. 8) Totally digital control via MPU control circuit. 9) ...

Ecovista Electricity Saver
The latest micro-technology that will auto-sense in real-time your electricity waveform and reactance loadings throughout your entire house or office to ASSURE you INSTANT reduction in electricity consumption by up to 30%. Our electricity saver would reduce or eliminate electrical inefficiencies by cleverly transforming (through our unique push-pull and filtration technology) and recycles "dirty" electricity into highly efficiency electricity. The result: Immediate and Definite ...

Electrical Power Saver
Reduce your monthly electricity bill up to 25%. Stabilize the incoming voltage. Plug and Saved-No Wiring Required. Built-in powerful lightning surge protector. Improve power factor and electrical efficiency. Environmentally friendly. Fully compliant with safety standards

Multipurpose Electricity Saver
Multipurpose electricity saver is an upgraded products with better functions which designed according to the market requirement. Through panel operation and microcomputer control, it is able to toggle the mode between electricity saving and bypass to adjust the PF. On the basis of electricity net truth, single or more products working mode can be carried out for the user.
Product Group: Electricity Saver

Energy Saver, Air Condition Saver
Specifications: Energy Control RL 1001 is a wall switch flush type that control the power consuption of a hotel room. It controls 1000 Watts/230 Vac load with a time delay 1 min. This switch works by the insertion of a magnetic key-ring which consists of bronze type or plastic type keyring (ABS) and has an internal permanent magnet

Electricity-Saving Box
Technical parameter: Rated voltage: 90V-250V ; Rated frequency: 50Hz-60Hz ; Useful load: 15000W. Product Features: Saves 20% to 30% of electrical consumption ; Stabilizes supply voltage ; Reduces electrical overheating ; Improves efficiency and power factor ; Easy to use, maintenance free ; Earth friendly ; Body size: 11.6*6.7*4.3cm.
Company: Jiangsu Apollo Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.    China

Fuel Saver
Save catalyctic injection fine tune air and fuel mixture to the chemically correct ratio (stoichiometric) and vaporize and distribute this uniformly to all the cylinders, ideal if not perfect combustion is attained thus unburned fuel and the other main causes of air pollution like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other carbon oxide are minimized if not all together terminated by up to 95%. How does gas. Save gives additional horse power? Gas. Save's catalyctic injector uses the ...
Product Group: Fuel Saver

Energy Conversation System for Central Air Conditioner
1) Friendly human-machine interface, convenient to operate. 2) Optimizes energy transmitting loop and improves power saving effect. 3) Starts equipment with zero-freq and zero-volt to reduce abrasion. 4) Improves power network condition and optimizes power quality. 5) Reduces mechanical wear, eliminate hammer damage. 6) Good power saving

Gas, Petrol, Diesel Saver
Aarti fuel saving device is suitable for all vehicles with internal combustion engines using gasoline (petrol) or diesel, fuel. Aarti fuel saving device can be fitted to vehicles already in use, and to new vehicles also. It's very simple and you can fit it easily to any engine. Increase Mileage-Reduce Pollution Increase Mileage Upto 40%. Works on Petrol & Diesel Engine. Ruduce Emissions Upto 45%. Boost Engine Performation. No cutting on Fuel Line. Environment friendly. Quick Start. ...

Power Savers, Energy Savings Products
With ever increasing energy and electricity cost, energy savings related products are having high demand in the world. As a manufacturer, we manufacture monster lighting savers (mls), monster air conditioner savers (mas) and monster home/small office savers (mes). Find out how you can become an exclusive or non-exclusive dealer in your region.

Energy Power Saver Stabilizer
Our Power Saver uses a MICROCONTROLLER system to stabilize the flow of electricity. It reduces the spikes in the supply, protecting against surges. The system improves the power factor of your electricity and reduces your electricity bill by on average 25% . One Power Saver will work on the whole circuit per phase in your building. Our field testing for a typical home consistently show that the Power Saver will save 3 to 4 kw per day, based on electrical consumption of 30 kw per day. The ...

Super Dynamic Fuel Saver For Industrial Use
Specification: Applicable to industrial air compressors, industrial combustion engines, generators, ships, etc. Professional models provide tailor-made service. 24V Battery. Product Technology: Super Dynamic Fuel Saver is a micro-computerized electronic fuel saving device. Its main principle is, through the programmed output of ions to activate fuel and stabilize lubricating oil. It has the following proven great benefits: 1. Save fuel up to 25%. 2. Increase engine power up to 25%. 3. ...

Mobile vacuum Transformer oil purifier
oil filter, oil process, oil purify, oil treatment, oil regenerating, oil restoration, waste oil disposal, oil reclaiming, oil separator Application: The machine is special for treating the used and old transformer oil, mutual oil, switch oil. Comparing with the single stage type, this machine adopts the double stages vacuum system, which can improve the machine working vacuum value highly, so it can remove the water, gas and impurities in transformer oil high-efficiently, increasing the ...
Product Group: Oil Purification
Company: Chong Qing Zhong Neng Oil Purifier Manufacture Company    China

Lubricant Oil Filtration/ Vacuum Hydraulic Oil Reclamation Model
Technology and advantages of TYA series: 1: Rapid speed for dewatering, degasify and removing impurities from waste high voscosity lube oil used for lubricating equipments, and after treatment, the treated oil can reach to cleanness NAS 6. 2: Strong capability of breaking emislfied thoroughly with special material filters. 3: Adopt advanced technology for combination of coalescing separation and vacuum dewatering, to get the high precise of water and gas content. 4: Newly developed auto ...
Product Group: Oil Purification
Company: HLR Oil Purifier Manufacture Co.,Ltd    China

Industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine
HK KEEPLEADE LTD is a professional Manufacturer in China, not only has regular model, but also do customized design, for Ultrasonic Cleaning machine, which is classified in Ultrasonic industrial cleaning machine and ultrasonic cleaner, for ultrasonic welding machine, which is classified in ultrasonic plastic welding machine and ultrasonic metal welding machine, for packing machine, which is classified in blister packing machine and Clear cylindrical packing machine Ultrasonic industrial ...
Company: HK KEEPLEADER LTD    China

Golf club ultrasonic cleaner
ultrasonic golf club cleaner HK KEEPLEDER LTD, Professional Chinese manufacturer, of ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic welding machine, high frequency welding machine and packing machine, there are many customized model for various application Ultrasonic golf club cleaner, also called golf club cleaning machine, which is a new method to clean golf clubs, ultrasonic golf club cleaner has three main parts: ultrasonic generator/ultrasonic power box, ultrasonic transducer, and ...
Company: HK KEEPLEADER LTD    China

Graphite Petroleum Coke
G-High Graphite Petroleum Coke is widely used as carburant in the steel-making industry and precision casting industry, reduction pregnant agent in the casting industry, reducing agent in metallurgical industry and as one kind of refractories, etc. G-High Graphite Petroleum Coke could promote the nucleation of the graphite in liquid iron, increase the amount of spheroidal graphite, and improve the structure and the grade of grey iron. Based on the microstructure observation, the features ...
Company: Panjin G-High Carbon Products Co., Ltd    China

Energy-saving Ball Mill
The energy-saving ball mill is a key equipment to grind the crushed materials, and the ball mill is widely used in powder-making production line including cement, silicate, new-type building material, refractory material, fertilizer, ore dressing of ferrous metal and non-ferrous metal, glass ceramics. The Special Structure of energy-saving ball mill : The structure of our high-efficient and energy-saving ball mill is different from the original ball mill. The machine body and the ...
Company: Henan Kefan Mining Machinery Co.,Ltd    China

Energy-saving ball mill
Energy-saving ball mill working strength will result in two kinds of damage We know that for any machine operation,we can't let their work too often,when the strength reaches a certain limits, the work will happen unexpected failure.Likewise for energy-saving ball mill , if works too often without modification,it will make its internal heat rise, which will continue consuming machine performance,resulting that it can't work well.Like a man's stomach, if eat too much it ...
Company: Henan Kefan Mining Machinery Co.,Ltd    China

10kw 100rpm vertical permanent magnet generator
10kw 100rpm vertical permanent magnet generator Item: Details: Technical Details Rated Power(KW): 10 Rated Speed(RPM): 100 Rated Torque(N*M): 955 Rated Voltage(V): 240 Rated Current(A): 41.67 Insulation Class: F Efficiency(﹥%) 88 PMG Collocation: Y Connection,Three Phase Three Wires, Alternator Service Life: >More Than 20 years Working Environment -25℃——40℃ Speed Range 0-120rpm Mechanical Details Mounting Means: Vertical ...
Company: Xinda Green Energy Co.,Limited

15kw 125rpm vertical permanent magnet wind generator
15kw 125rpm vertical permanent magnet wind generator Item: Details: generator style: permanent magnetism 3 phase AC • Magnetic steel material:38SH NdFeB • Class of insulation:B • Case material:cast iron • Grade of Protection: IP54 • rated rotate speed:50RPM • rated voltage: 220VAC/240VAC/360VAC/380VAC • weight: 467kg • start up torque :22.56Nm • rated torque at 125rpm:1267Nm   15KW125rpm 380Vac PMG Test Data ...
Company: Xinda Green Energy Co.,Limited

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