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Detailed Golf club ultrasonic cleaner Description:

ultrasonic golf club cleaner

HK KEEPLEDER LTD, Professional Chinese manufacturer, of ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic welding machine, high frequency welding machine and packing machine, there are many customized model for various application

Ultrasonic golf club cleaner, also called golf club cleaning machine, which is a new method to clean golf clubs, ultrasonic golf club cleaner has three main parts: ultrasonic generator/ultrasonic power box, ultrasonic transducer, and ultrasonic cleaning tank, the electromagnetic wave of 50hz or 60hz is transmitted to 28khz, 40khz up to 100khz ultrasonic wave by ultrasonic generator, then transmitted to mechanical vibration by ultrasonic transducers, the density alternated wave generate in the cleaning liquid, millions of tiny bubbles is generated, we call this phenomenon cavitations effect. The tiny bubbles vertical ascent, then they get obstruct on the surface of cleaning parts, will explode to impact the contamination, because of ultrasonic energy can reach any corner, blind holes, narrow slot to remove the contamination, so ultrasonic cleaning is favored in home cleaning and industrial cleaning, ultrasonic golf club cleaner is one of application

Ultrasonic golf club cleaner has many models, which is customized design for various size and shape, has 300w, 600w, 1200w, 1500w, 2000w ultrasonic power, which is depends on the size of cleaning tank, has 28khz, 40khz ultrasonic frequency, which is optional

ultrasonic golf club cleaner has lid/cap or without lid/cap model, also has drying stand style, all of model has four caster with two brakes, has heating elements and token system (optional), the cleaning tank has square shape, which is to clean the golf clubs by leaning against the cleaning tank, has slim cleaning tank, which can hold the golf clubs by laying-down

ultrasonic generator of golf club cleaner is enclosed in stainless steel box, which is designed for water-proof, dust-proof, and easy for replacement and maintenance, the ultrasonic vibrators is amounted by screwing and cementing, the cleaning tank is made of SUS304, 2.0mm stainless steel, there is convenient access to enter the controlling box, and power circuit and contactor is assembled in a plastic box for safe and easy repair

Ultrasonic golf club cleaner, the cleaning time is three minutes for one cycle, and heating temperature is 50 degree, the detergent is Organic surface-active agent

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Golf club ultrasonic cleaner
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Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of Golf club ultrasonic cleaner in China.


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Address: Rongxing Buidling,Bantian, longgang District, Shenzhen city, China
Region: shenzhen, China
Contact Person: Ms Helen Wang
Telephone: 0086-13590415784

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