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List extensive product information of Cutting Tools (include Diamond Cutting, Cutting Plotter, Cable Cutter, Cutting Machine), provided by Cutting Tool manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Cutting Plotter
Specifications: 1) Cutting width: 1,000mm. 2) Max. paper width: 1,120mm. 3) Max. speed: 500mm/s. 4) Pressure of cutting tool: 25-400g. 5) Buffer (bit): 1-4M. 6) LCD display: HP-GL. 7) Adjustment in real time: yes. 8) Driving system: stepper. 9) Interface: serial + parallel. 10) Power: AC 110-220 ¡À10% 50-60Hz
Product Group: Cutting Plotter
Company: Tide Machine Tool Supply Co., Ltd.    China

Diamond Cutting Discs
1) Usage: to cut granite, marble and concrete; especially suitable for asphalt. 2) Good performance of removing slag. 3) To keep round shape outside. 4) Available for both wet and dry cutting.

Cut-Off Saw
1) Model: Cut-Off Saw. 2) Engine type: single cylinder, two-stroke, air-cooling gasoline engine. 3) Displacement: 64.1cc. 4) Engine speed: 8,500rpm. 5) Maximum output: 2.7kW. 6) Fuel tank capacity: 740ml. 7) Standard blade dia.: 12'/14'. 8) Maximum cutting depth: 115mm (4-1/2"). 9) Meas: 730mm x 360mm x 300mm. 10) Weight: 10.2kg

Grinding and Cutting Wheels
1) Size: 4" to 16". 2) Materials: aluminum oxide and silicon carbide. 3) Bonded: resin bonded. 4) Application: grinding and cutting various metals and non-metals

Stone Cutting Machine
1) Wheel-head electric machinery: 4kW, 1,400 / 2,800rpm (double speed). 2) Speed of automatic run: 2 or 4m/minute. 3) The most treated length:&ge3.1m. 4) Characteristic: up-set oil impregnation lead rail, good stability, high precision. 5) Wheel-head can circumrotate discretionarily, curve and beeline are amphibious

Laser Engraving / Cutting Machine
Applicable materials: rubber, plastic, organic glass, cloth, leather, wool fabric, ceramics, tile, crystal, acrylic, jade, bamboo, wood, and other nonmetal materials. Applicable industries: garment, shoe, furniture and upholstery, bags, toys, leather, textiles, packaging, gift. Features: 1) With advanced color control. 2) Uses USB port to transmit data. 3) Equipped with large-capacity internal memory, greatly improving working speed and efficiency. 4) Suitable for professional use. 5) Meets ...

Hand Saw
We can supply a full range of cutting tools; including hand saws, hacksaws, coping saws, bolt cutters, tin snips, aviation snips, cable shears, axes, pipe cutters, glass cutters, and utility knives.
Company: Tide Machine Tool Supply Co., Ltd.    China

Mini Inverter DC Air Plasma Cutter
1. Advanced inverter technology, high cutting frequency. 2. With arc maintenance device, applicable to automatic cutting equipment. 3. Touch and untouched arc initiation. 4. Stable arc, long working time. 5. 220V single phase, portable, fan-cooled, thermostatic protection, suitable for DIY and family use. 6. "D" series are for 110/220 duel voltage input, automatic input voltage changing. 7. Complete accessories: cutting torch, welding cable, earth clamp, carton box

Pipe Gas Cutting Machine
1) Cutting speed: 0 - 750mm per minute. 2) Cutting thickness: 5 - 100mm. 3) Cutting circle diameter: >Φ10 - 600mm. 4) Magnetic drawing strength: ≥50kg. 5) Input power: 100V / 60Hz, 230V / 50Hz. 6) Accessories: 3pcs acetylene packages or gas cutting tips, 1pc tip cleaner, 1 set of cutting circle equipment, 1pc 5m wire, plugs and connectors.

Circle Paper Cutter
1) Frame is made of a very strong composite material. 2) Long life steel cutter. 3) Easy to use manually. 4) Diameter: 25, 32, 44, 58, 75mm. 5) Other shapes available as per your need

Round Saw Machine
1. Main use: used for cutting all kinds pipes and profiled bar. 2. Features: the head of machine can circumgyrate from right to the left, can cut incline or mill trough, precision angle, with circulation cooling system, little heat on the knife-edge, light kerfs and transverse section. 3. Size: MC-275, MC-315

Cable Cutter
1) For cutting copper and aluminum wires of 240mm². 2) Special cooper and aluminum wire tools are not able to cut off steel ropes or cords

Diamond Wire Saw
1) Applications: quarrying, special shape processing. 2) High sawing speed. 3) Large cutting dimensions. 4) Rapid cutting start. 5) Excellent cutting quality. 6) Low noise level. 7) Easy operation

Hole Saw
Carbon steel hole saw: 1) High carbon steel, hardened teeth, safety and longer life. 2) Regular teeth: 4/6 TPI. 3) Diameter from 3/4" -51/2" (19-140mm). 4) Cutting depth: 25mm. 5) Used for cutting wood, wood, wall board, plastic and soft metals. 6) Extra charge for pilot and arbor. Tungsten carbide gritted hole saw: 1) 2-1/2" cutting depth. 2) For the builder, tile setter, home owner, do-it-yourselfer, construction worker and other professionals. 3) Designed to be used with ...

Cutting Plotter
Cutting plotter can be used to cut all kinds of pictures and letter on self-adhesive vinyl and stickers. Features: 1) Adopts the latest numerical technology which creates a new concept of cutting. 2) Can regulate pressure and speed at real-time numerically, very convenient and fast. 3) Has a perfect output even at high speed. 4) Supports CoreDraw file, this brings great convenience to your work. 5) Highly stably, nearly has no malfunction. 6) Has a nice appearance and very solid support, ...
Product Group: Cutting Plotter

Saw Blade for Cutting Wood and Aluminum
1) TCT general purpose wood cutting saw blades. 2) Material: 50# steel. 3) Carbide tip: YG8. 4) Tolerance: within 0.1mm. 5) The general purpose blade is ideal for rip and crosscut application in hardwoods or softwoods. 6) Application: used on milder saws, radial arm saws, swing saws, table saws and chop saws

Fishing Pliers
1) Material: drop forged carbon steel, CR-V steel or stainless steel. 2) Process: Forging & stamping, and heat treatment to the whole body increase intensity and hardness. 3) Surface dealing: black finished, pearl finished, black nickel finished, chrome plated and nickel plated and so on. 4) Multi-purpose for side cutting, 3 sizes of crimping, with built-in staking dies. 5) Split-ring tip function. 6) Built-in wire cutter

Oxygen-Fuel Gas Cutting Machines
We supply various kinds of oxygen-fuel gas cutting machines, such as straight line cutting machines, beam cutting machines, circular cutting machines, multi-direction cutting machines, three-dimensional cutting machines and profiling cutting machines.

Brush Cutter
Engine power: 0.75kW/ 0.9kW/ 1.25kW/ 1.47kW/ 1.47kW. Displacement: 25.4cc/ 32.6cc/ 42.7cc/ 41.5cc/ 51.7cc. Carburetor: pump-film type/pump- film type/pump- film type/film type/film type. Gasoline/2-cycle oil mixing ratio: 25:1. Pipe diameter: 24mm/26mm/26mm/26mm/28mm. Carrying type: side-attached

Glass Cutting Machine
1) Customized glass cutting process line available to realize high efficiency production throughout the process to finish glass inputting, cutting and breaking. 2) semi-automatic two-level junction precise cutting table. 3) JQZ semi-automatic two-level junction precise cutting table is product of second generation on the base of the precise cutting table. 4) Besides the function of high efficiency, high cut precision and long life, convenient change of cutter, there is also transmission ...
Company: Tide Machine Tool Supply Co., Ltd.    China

Flap Cutting Disc for Metal
Material (the reinforced cutting and grinding discs are made of these materials): 1) Aluminium oxide: A. 2) White aluminium oxide: WA. 3) Single crystal aluminium: SA. 4) Zirconia aluminium: ZA. 5) Black silicon carbide: C. 6) Green silicon carbide: GC. Characteristics and applications of discs: 1) Characteristics: standard quality, made of normal grade corundum (aluminium oxide), medium hard bond, flat type black color, high speed, 2 nets in bottom side of the disc. 2) Applications: ...

Cable Cutter
1) Item no.: Cable Cutter. 2) Material: 55# carbon steel. 3) Finish: Whole body heat treatment, grinding and heatronic blade with precision degree. 4) Handle style: dipped PVC handle. 5) Size: 6", 8", 10". 6) Suitable: cut nonferrous metal cable such as copper cable, aluminum cable and armoured cable

Sponge Circle Cutting Machine
It eliminates the reciprocating action and reverse movement of horizontal cutting machine. The tension of the knife is controlled by cylinder. Therefore, the knife is not over-tensed. The cutting angle of the knife guidance can be adjusted in the range 0-5° by means of a hand wheel. The turning speed of the table is infinitely adjustable.

Metal Cutting Tool
Type: gear cutting tool, pull broach, index mill tool, tool for milling, tool for hole drilling, threading tool, high speed steel tool bit

Diamond Saw Blades
1) Can supply different diamond saw blades. 2) Used to cut different building materials by dry cut or wet cut to fit different cutting machines, including concrete, granite, marble, ceramic and tiles, glass, asphalt, abrasives, bricks, rocks, blue stone, and limestone. 3) Size: 4-1/8" (105mm), 4-1/2" (115mm), 5" (125mm), 6" (150mm), 7" (180mm), 8" (200mm), 9" (230mm)

Abrasive Cloth Cutting Machine
1) Cutting width: 100mm - 1,650mm. 2) Cutting speed: 2m - 10m/min (stepless adjust). 3) Press of knife: 200 - 800kgf (stepless adjust). 4) Cutting precision: ±0.5mm. 5) Power: 3kW. 6) Weight: 1.8MT

Semi-professional Gasoline Chain Saw
Engine: two-stroke, air-cooled, gasoline engine. Displacement: 45cc. Power: 1.7kW/7,000rpm. Fuel mixture ration: gasoline 25: two-cycle oil 1. Fuel tank capacity: 550ml. Engine oil tank capacity: 260ml. Guide bar size: 16"/18"/20". Chain: oregon/carlton. Chain pitch: 0.325". Chain gauge: 0.058". Dimensions (no bar and chain): 410 x 235 x 265mm

Metal Material Cutters
1) Materials: carbon steel, CR-V, and CR-MO steel. 2) Finish: nickel finishing, black finishing, and nickel black finishing available. 3) All types of bolt cutters, aviation tinman's snippers, and tinman's snips available. 4) Sizes available: a) 14", 18", 24", 30", 36", and 42" for bolt cutters ; b) 10" straight, left and right jaw of aviation tinman's snippers. c) 8", 10", and 12" for tinman's snippers

Shearing Blade
We offer a wide range of shear blades that is made from quality alloy steel. These shear blades are manufactured for both hot and cold operations and are available at industry leading prices
Product Group: Shearing Blade
Company: Fupont Machinery Co.,Ltd.    China

Circular Knives
The company has given a new dimension to the manufacture and export of industrial knives . It masters the advanced knife technology with high quality steels.
Company: Fupont Machinery Co.,Ltd.    China

Carton Trimmer Knives
Carton Trimmer Knives available for many machines. Also custom Granulator knives made from your specs with deliveries of 6 - 12 weeks. All knives made to OEM specs by top of the line manufacturers. Shipped freight collect or on your freight account. All knives are made from high quality steels to give optimum performance. Best pricing on the web with a commitment to quality and customer service.
Company: Fupont Machinery Co.,Ltd.    China

High speed Electronic Materials Cutting Machine
GD 1209 high speed Electronic Materials Cutting Machine cutting area 1200mm*900mm Maximum Paper Width 1050mm vacuum absorbing Import steel belt driving material cutting materials PC, PET, covering film, flexible circuits, membrane switches, photoelectric materials, dust-proof net, insulation materials, thermal conductivity material, self-adhesive stickers and other materials cutting way drawing by pen,half cutting,whole cutting cutting thickness 0.5-2mm cutting precision less ...
Product Group: Electronic Materials Cutting Machine
Company: china aoke carton LGP box packing printing clothing bag shoe light stikcer electronic patttern sample maker plotter cutting machine company    China

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