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List extensive product information of Hydraulic Pressure Tools (include Hydraulic Press, Hydraulic Puller, Hydraulic Jack, Hydraulic Cylinder), provided by Hydraulic Pressure Tool manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Hydraulic Hole Digger
1) The specifications of finished distributor, on-off case and plate can be changed at any time. 2)) Can change the size of tool simply, and will not destroy the surface at all after drilling hole. 3) Hole diameters: Ø21.8, 27.6, 34.1, 42.7, 48.7, 60.5mm; MS32 x 32

Hydraulic Jacks, Stands, Shop Press & Crane
Jack: Hydraulic bottle jack: 1.6-50MT. Hydraulic floor jack: 2.0-50MT. Aluminum hydraulic floor jack. Air hydraulic bottle jack: 5, 12, 20MT Porta power jack: 4, 10MT. Farm jack: 20, 33, 48, 60". Transmission jack: 0.5, 1, 1.5MT. Long ram jack: 3, 5, 8MT. Jack stand: 2, 3, 6MT. Pull back ram; 2, 5, 10MT. Motorcycle lift: 800, 1000, 1250, 1500lbs. Shop press: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50MT. Crane: 1, 2MT. Hydraulic pipe bender: 12, 16MT.
Product Group: Hydraulic Jack

Hydraulic Bottle Jack
Specifications: 1) Capacity: 10MT. 2) Min. Height: 205mm. 3) Lifting Height: 125mm. 4) Adjustment Height: 80mm. 5) Max. Height: 410mm. 6) N.W.: 6.2kg. 7) Dimensions (cm): 30.5 x 29.5 x 24
Company: Yuhuan Electrical Power Tools Factory    China

Hydraulic Pliers
1. Hygh-tech from germany, novel design by wanding. 2. Fully automatic restoration, took the place of safety fdevices and saves the time of manpower. 3. Manual relief button, it can be loosen and rapid restoration when working. 4. Emebeded oil valves, easy to repair with less failure. 5. Plug-opened, light and firm, feel free to circumrotate 360 degrees

Hydraulic Floor Jack
We can supply Air Jack, Hydraulic Bottle Jack, Farm Jack, Screw Jack, Jack support, Shop Press, Shop crane, Long Ram Jack, Porta Power Jack, Hydraulic Floor Jack, High Position Conveyer Series from china.

Hydraulic Cylinders
Heavy duty welded construction. Bore sizes from 1.5" to 8". Stroke sizes 2" to 80". Chromed, ground & polished piston rod. Skived tubing. Ductile iron piston. Thread-in ductile gland. Urethane u-cup, metal encased wiper, Teflon cap seal and wear ring. Cross tube end fittings with grease zerks
Product Group: Hydraulic Cylinder

Hydraulic Curved Tube Machine
Features: 1) Max. working pressure: 59MPa. 2) Max. working loading: 196KN. 3) Max. working journey: 320mm. 4) Thickness: 2.75 - 4.5mm. 5) Angle of curue tube (rad): π/2≤a<π

Hydraulic Leveling System
The hydraulic leveling system for vehicles is a kind of hydraulic equipment used to strut vehicle body, truck, tipper, van, car or machine. It is capable of stabilizing vehicle body and reducing load on tires and steel spring plate. Equipped with advanced automatically operating module.

Hydraulic Puller
1) Ideal tool to replace the traditional machinery puller. 2) Convenient operation, labor saving, freedom from ground and locality, light weight and agile volume make it portative and suitable for repairing in hardware, machinery and electric power fields
Product Group: Hydraulic Puller

Hydraulic Fitting
Hydraulic fittings ; Brass fittings ; Bite fittings ; Hydraulic adaptors ; Hose fittings ; Hydraulic accessories ; Hydraulic hose fittings ; Hydraulic brass fittings

Hydraulic Hand Pallet Trucks
1) Convenient three-position control lever in the handle provides easy one-handed fingertip operation. 2) Neutral position frees the handle of all hydraulic functions. 3) Handle returns to the upright position when not being used. 4) Fork tips are tapered and inclined to allow easy entry into pallets. 5) Smooth rolling solid nylon load wheels have double sealed ball bearings for maintenance free operation. 6) Unique welded-seam pressure pump has overload and top-of-stroke bypass valves to ...

Hydraulic Pusher Cylinder
Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinder. Dimension: (HxD) : 21, 5x160 cm. Weight: 30 KG. Lifting Capacity: 50 tonne. Diameter of Cylinder: 12 x 8 cm. Internal Diameter: 12 cm. External Diameter: 16 cm. The Height of Piston: 10 cm. External Height of Cylinder: 21, 5 cm. External Height of Cylinder (working) : 31, 5 cm

Hydraulic Crimping Tool
1) Out put power: 60kN. 2) Press range: 16 - 300mm2. 3) Stroke: 17mm. 4) Length: 460mm. 5) Net weight (with battery): 3.3kg. 6) Case: iron case. 7) Mould: 16, 25, 35, 50, 70, 95 120, 150, 185, 240, 300mm2. 8) Automatic retraction when crimp is complete
Company: Yuhuan Electrical Power Tools Factory    China

Hydraulic Hammer
We manufacture and supply you high quality hydraulic hammer. big power and great performance. low noise and vibration. precise operation. fantastic efficiency at hard and sticky rock. Top adaptor, Top direct, Side type, High quality hydraulic breaker. impact energy ; 434 joule(320 ft-lbs). operating weight ; 75-97 kgs. number of blow ; 800~1230 bpm. chisel diameter ; dia.40 mm. applicable excavator ; 0.7~1.3 ton.

Pressure Cleanrer
Features: 1) Adjustable working-pressure. 2) Low flow. 3) Electricity-leak protection. 4) Special spare parts. 5) Long life span. 6) Easy to move. Specifications: 1) Deposited motive force: DM8032 signal phase condenser generating. 2) Power: 1.3kW. 3) Electrical source: 220V / 50Hz / signal phase. 4) Max. voltage: 8MPa. 5) Working voltage: 1 - 6MPa (can be regulated). 6) Theory flow: ≤9.83L/min. 7) Movement ways: carry, lift, push. 8) Accessories in carton: a bottle of oil, wearing parts. ...

C-Frame Hydraulic Press
Type: C frame type, made of prime plate tested material. Capacity: 20 tons to 150 tons. Cylinders: En-8 forged tested material. Type of press: Down-stroke. Electric motor: Abb / crompton / Siemens / electric control panel: Star delta electric operating panel. All presses are supplied with hydraulic power pack unit consisting d. C. Valve, non return valve, check valve, safety valve, pressure gauge. With oil tank.

Pipe-Shrinkage Machine
1) PLG control, hydraulic pressure drive, and the electronic and hydraulic pressure components are imported. 2) Mobile foot-pedestal switch, which is featured with three functions, i.e. automatic start, emergent stop and emergent stop and resume, with high safety. 3) It allows multiple ways of processing, such as pipe-shrinkage, pipe-expansion and pipe-blunt, as well as multiple shapes, such as concave, protruding, long, flat, square, rubbings, inclined, V-shape. 4) Simple to replace the ...

Hydraulic Valves And Accessories
Flareless hydraulic fittings, needle and shut off valves, flow control valves, non-return valves, pipe clamps, hydraulic flanges & components, hydraulic hoses, ball valves, rotary joints, quick release couplings

Aluminum Long Frame Jacks
1) Lightweight for easy portability. 2) Two pieces of oversized knurled aluminum handles. 3) Reaches full lifting height with just 6 pumps (double pump). 4) Swivel casters for easy mobility.

Large Size Hydraulic Breaker
Absolute powertech breaker for maximum productivity. Low noise box style bracket. Absorb repercussion cushion damper using. fasterer blows and absorb recoil energy. Tool bushing replaceable easily. Low operating and maintenance cost with excellent durability. Accumulator installed to absorbing pressure fluctuation and increasing power. Auto lubricating system available (option, from PB3300). Under water working available.

Hydraulic Hole Digger
Split type hydraulic piercing press consists of hand pump or electric pump and working head, oil hose is connected by quick coupler, the sealing is reliable and quick, there is no limit in direction during operation. It is both specially used for piercing on metal plates, such as angle bar, flat iron, copper and aluminum bar, and particularly suitable for fieldwork in electric power and construction industries.

Hydraulic Puller
1) Jaws drop-forged with high quality carbon steel. 2) Long stroke, pulling the article only one time. 3) Unique design for easy using. 4) Spring draw back or under loading
Company: Yuhuan Electrical Power Tools Factory    China

Tie Rod Hydraulic Cylinder
1) Double acting. 2) Bore size: 2.0" - 5.0". 3) Stroke: 4" - 36". 4) Pressure: 2,500PSI. 5) Ductile iron piston, end mounting, gland and clevis. 6) Hard chrome plated quenching rod. 7) High tensile strength tie rod. 8) Precision honing tube. 9) Seals are to US specifications

Hydraulic Jacks
1) Capacity: 3T and 4T. 2) Min. height: 158 - 300mm. 3) Lifting height: 90 - 180mm. 4) Adjusting height: 60 - 80mm with two stages. 5) With good performance
Product Group: Hydraulic Jack

Hydraulic Shearing Machine
1) The machine employs hydraulically-driven swing beam, steel plate welded structure, and accumulator-based pullback cylinder with steady and reliable operation. 2) Indicator-based adjustment of blade gap is convenient and fast. 3) The machine is equipped with lighting alignment device, and uses stepless controls for the stroke of up tool carrier. 4) The machine uses a protection fence for safe operation. 5) Digital display device for size of back gauge and shearing times available

Hydraulic Brake
Electro-hydraulic brakes can be extensively used for various mechanisms deceleration and stop / braking of various lift, belt transport, port handling, metallurgical and building machinery.

Mechanical Hydraulic Cylinder
1) Double acting cylinder. 2) Precision honing tube. 3) Heavy duty welded construction. 4) Hard chrome plated quenching rod. 5) Ductile iron piston and gland. 6) Port type: NPT or SAE. 7) Bore size: 1.5" - 5.0". 8) Stroke: 4" - 48" or more. 9) Pressure: 3,000PSI. 10) Seals are to US specifications. 11) Pin eye mounting both ends
Product Group: Hydraulic Cylinder

General Mechanical Components, Hydraulic Cylinder
Hydraulic Cylinder: By means of the modern production lines, advance assembling techniques, perfect inspection and testing equipment, the compnay can design and produce various types of hydraulic cylinders which have been applied in industries such as metallurgy, water resource conservancy and hydropower projects, civilian buildings, ship building, vehicles, textile industry, coal excavating, petroleum and chemical industry and so on. Therefore, now, our Hydraulic Cylinder is applying to ...
Product Group: Hydraulic Cylinder
Company: Sunny Steel Enterprise Ltd.    China

Toe Hydraulic Jack
1, Toe hydraulic jack has super low profile lifting toe. 2, the lifting toe can be adjustable. 3, toe hydraulic jack is a kind of heavy-duty jack. 4, toe hydraulic jack is very safe in use. Toe Hydraulic Jack Parameter: Model LH1203 LH1208 Capacity (ton) 3 8 Min. Toe Height (mm) 15 20 Lifting Height (mm) 140 140 Net Weight (Kg) 21.5 28.5 Package Size (cm) 29*29*30 31*31*32
Product Group: Hydraulic Jack
Company: YanTai LongHai Hoisting Equipment Co Ltd    China

Claw Hydraulic Jack
www.longhaihoist.com Claw Hydraulic Jack Parameter: Model Lifting Load on the toe (T) Lifting Load on the top (T) Min Toe Height (mm) Lifting Height (mm) Net Weight (kg) MHC -5 2.5 5 16 115 15 MHC -10 5 10 20 148 24 MHC -20 10 20 25 158 40 MHC -30 15 30 30 158 55 MHC -50 25 50 50 158 85 MHC -100 50 100 80 110 110
Product Group: Hydraulic Jack
Company: YanTai LongHai Hoisting Equipment Co Ltd    China

Hydraulic Bottle Jack
Hydraulic Bottle Jack Parameters: Model LS0202 LS0402 LS0602 Lifting Load (t) 2 4 6 Min Height (mm) 150 160 215 Lifting Height (mm) 160 170 270 Adjusting Height (mm) 60 60 / Max Height (mm) 370 390 485 Base Size (mm) 130*125 140*140 150*150 NW/GW (kg) 4.7/5.3 6.4/7.4 8.9/10.4 Package Size (mm) 455*310*210 635*170*220 675*180*275 Qty per box (pcs) 6 4 4
Product Group: Hydraulic Jack
Company: YanTai LongHai Hoisting Equipment Co Ltd    China

hydraulic briquette press, Hydraulic Machinery
hydraulic briquette press, Hydraulic Machinery: The machine is suitable for the aluminum alloy factory, steel casting factory, aluminum casting factory, copper casting factory, etc. to compress and pack the aluminum chip, steel chip, iron chip and copper chips for melting down. It can replace the waste steel, pig iron, aluminum ingot and waste copper as row materials and reduce the fire loss. The model Y83-5000 hydraulic briquette press is designed for copper material, the press block ...
Product Group: Hydraulic Machinery
Company: Hebei Xin Tian Long Hydraulic Machinery Factory    China

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