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List extensive product information of Pneumatic & Air Tools (include Air Wrench, Air Nailer, Air Gun, Pneumatic Hammer, Pneumatic Actuator), provided by Pneumatic & Air Tool manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Hot Air Gun
Hot Air Gun (2000W): Voltage & Frequency :230/240V ~50Hz ; Rate Power I/II:2000 W(Max) ; Temperature I/II :50/70-600/70-600 ;Air Flow I/II :300/ 300 / 500 l/min
Product Group: Air Gun
Company: Zhongshan International Trading Corp.    China

Air Screwdriver
Air Screwdriver: profession quality ; Chuck Drive: 1/4" ; Rated No Load Speed10000/rpm ; Maximum Torque240/Nm ; Bolt Capacity:5mm-10mm ; Air consumption: 79.1L/min ; Net Weight:1.2kg.
Product Group: Air Screwdriver
Company: Roiwow Electron Co., Ltd.    China

Spray Gun, Washing Gun, Foam Gun, Air Hose
Spray gun includes: HVLP environmental protection painting spray gun. High pressure painting & Hopper spray gun. High pressure airless spray gun. Low pressure painting spray gun. Mini spray gun. Air garage tools include: Air dust gun. Air maintenance unit. Tire inflating gun. Tire pressure gauge. Grease gun. Body washing gun. Air blow dust gun. Sandblast gun. Air quick coupler. Air hose. Air brush. Other Pneumatic accessory set, Air tool kit, and Mini air compressor are available.
Company: Zhejiang Pneumatic Air Tools Manufacturing Co., Ltd.    China

1" Dr Air Impact Wrench
Built -in asjustable speed regulator. Oil bath lubrication. Removable side handle for greater control. Extened anvil reaches into deep truck wheels easlity. Ideal for general repair work on trucks, tires and heavy equipment. Outside trigger Expansion type.

Pneumatic Components
We can supply solenoid valve, pneumatic control valves, mini-type solenoid valves, coils, two-way solenoid valves, hand-pull valves, hand-switching valves, hand-draw valves, foot valves, mechanical valves, flow control valves, quick exhaust valves, check valves and shuttle valves.

Air Brad Nailer
Features: 1) Large piston, increased power 2) Die-cast body, strong and light-weight 3) Aluminum oxidized magazine, durable with large capacity 4) Economical air consumption, low noise 5) Single/sequential firing style, adjustable Suitable for use with the following: 1) Door and window trims 2) Decorative trims 3) Finishing paneling 4) Cabinets 5) Flooring 6) Frames
Company: Zhejiang Pneumatic Air Tools Manufacturing Co., Ltd.    China

3/8" Reversible Air Drill
This air drill is convenient to use and can be operated with one hand. It is an ergonomically correct drill that is used for honing, drilling, and sawing holes. Specifications: 1) Free speed RPM: 1,800. 2) Average air consumption SCFM: 9.00. 3) Collet: 3/8". 4) Clutch: 3 gear, planetary. 5) Exhaust: handle. 6) Length: 7.6" (193mm). 7) Weight: 2.42lbs / 1.1kg. 8) Air pressure: 90psi / 6.3kg/cm2

Air Grinder
This air grinder is used for burr clearing, sanding, polishing, roll scale thinning and welding in working ship, chemical machinery, as well as mechanism manufacturing, repairing and working. Specifications: Max Grinder Size: 50mm. Spring Collet Size: 6mm. Free Speed: ≥17,000r/min. Air Hose Size: 8mm. Overall Length: 180mm. Net Weight: 0.85kg

Pvc Air Hose
Made of pvc and polyester yarn reinforced, flexible and light weight, high pressure Resistance, oil and chemicals resistance. Colours available: yellow, blue, green, black. Application: compressed air pipe and hydraulic system of industry equipment, minging And construction
Product Group: Air Hose

Pneumatic Tool
Pneumatic tool is applicable to neutral packing and widely used in the export enterprises of iron, textile, household, electrical appliance, stone material and chemical fiber. It finishes the soldering of the PET tape at high speed in one step. Features: 1) Straining, sticking and cutting pneumatically. 2) Driven by the pneumatic motor with low noises and malfunction rate. 3) Don't need power and safe to operate. 4) Light weight for portable use or hanging. 5) Excellent tighten ...

Air Screwdriver
Specifications: 1) Ability: 8mm. 2) Free speed: 8,000rpm. 3) Air inlet: 1/4" NPT. 4) Length: 9.45" / 240mm. 5) Net weight: 2.68lbs / 1.22kg. 6) Impact mechanism, high speed and powerful torque. 7) Applicable to the woodworker, furnishings, bicycle, motorcycle and assembly line work

Air Nail Gun
1) Large piston provides increased power. 2) Die-cast body is solid and light. 3) Magazine is durable oxidized aluminum. 4) Less air consumption, with low operational noise levels. Applications: 1) Construction framing. 2) Decorative trimming. 3) Wood to concrete (steel nails). 4) Truss building. 5) Crate and box assembling. 6) Cabinet work

Pneumatic Nailer
1) Rubber nose-piece protects the working surface. 2) Large piston for increased power. 3) 360° adjustable deflector for appropriate air direction. 4) Rubber comfortable grip. 5) Safety system protects the operator. 6) Tool hook can be installed. 7) Single fire or Sequential fire available

Air Tool Fitting
1) Quick installation. 2) Simple and flexible. 3) The release ring adopts ellipse design to make it more convenient and labor-saving for disconnection

Aluminum Tube/Pipe for Pneumatic Cylinder
1) Anodized surface. 2) Used as pneumatic cylinder and precise machine tubes. 3) Sizes: a) ID: dia. 14 - 300mm. b) OD: dia. 16 - 310mm. 4) Length: 2,050 - 2550mm

Air Ratchet Wrench
Features: 1) Steel angle head and light aluminum body, ergonomic grip. 2) Most popular ratchet in the automotive industry like body shop, removing or replacing radiators, spark plugs, air conditioning, water pumps. 3) Compact and powerful for running small bolts in tight places. 4) Middle exhaust. Specifications: 1) Square drive: 1/2". 2) Capacity bolt size: 1/2" (13mm). 3) Free speed: 160rpm. 4) Max. torque: 50 ft-lb (69N-M). 5) Air inlet (PT): 1/4". 6) Air hose (ID): ...

Air Wrench
1) Spec: BBK450, 430, 420, 400 drills. a) Max. torque: 2400mm - 1800mm. b) Speed: 4300rpm - 3800rpm. c) Axial length: 216mm. 2) Spec: BBK660, 288 pneumatic wrenches. a) Max. torque: 1000ft-1b, 750/1000ft-1b. b) Speed: 7500rpm. c) Air inlet: in 3/8", in 1/4". d) Air pressure: 90PSI (6.2kg/cm²), 90PSI (6.3kg/cm²). e) Anvil length: in 1"

Pneumatic Hammer
150mm Air Hammer. Blows Per min: 4500. Chisel Shank: 41mm. Air Inlet: 1/4" npt. Air consumption: 0.113m³/min

Pneumatic Tapping Machine
1) Repeats positioning quickly. 2) Quick cutting. 3) High efficient productivity. 4) Safe torsion gripper prevents the tap from many damages. 5) Through hole and blind hole tap, no stop, high precision of gear teeth. 6) Heavy work needs no tool set up and jig. 7) Easy operation and low working strength

Extruded Aluminum Pneumatic Actuator
Extruded aluminum ASTM6005 body with both internal and external corrosion protection has honed cylinder surface for longer life and low coefficient of friction. Dual piston rack and pinion design for compact construction, symmetric mounting position, high-cycle life and fast operation Reverse rotation can be accomplished in the field by simply inverting the pistons. Multiple bearings and guides on racks and pistons, low friction, high cycle life and prevent shaft blowout. Modular preloaded ...

Air Hydraulic Pumps
1) Air pressure: 90-150 psi (0.6-1.1MPa). 2) Hydraulic pressure: 10,000 psi (70MPa). 3) Usable oil capacity is 1200cc. 4) Uses 3/8" NPT fluid coupler. 5) G.W.: 11.5kg. 6) Cuft.: 0.83'. 7) Utilizes exhaust air to help power the pump, developing 10,000 psi hydraulic pressure with only 90 psi air pressure. 8) Equipped with aluminum reservoir

Ionizing Air Gun
(1) Small dimension, easy to install, flexible operating and reliable. (2) Cleans dust with static removing. (3) Must be used with AP-AC2455 generator
Company: Zhejiang Pneumatic Air Tools Manufacturing Co., Ltd.    China

Vertical Air Pressure Tank
As a kind of pressure vessel, air cylinder is used to store compressed air and supply for starting or controlling system. According to its installation, air cylinder is divided into two types: vertical type and horizontal type. It mainly comprises of the body, air inlet valve, air outlet valve, pressure gauge, drain valve and safety valve.

Continuous Flow Air Grease Gun
Continuously pumps grease while trigger is depressed. Pressure Range: Air supplied input 60 ~ 150psi / output 2,400 ~ 6,000psi. Working Pressure: Recommend air supplied input 90psi / output 3,600psi. Loading Way: 14oz. Cartridge / 400cc Bulk / Dispenser. Capacity: 14oz. / 400cc. Standard Accessory: A-403A Metallic Bend Spout.

Air Tools
1) Air tool: LB-780. 2) Square drive: 1". 3) No-load speed: 3,800rpm. 4) Capacity bolt dia.: M45 (mm). 5) Max. torque: 2,600N.m. 6) Vibration of square head: 0.4mm. 7) Air inlet: 1/2"

General Air Brush Kit
Internal mix airbrush. Body length: 150mm. Nozzle: dia. 0.3mm. Metal Cup: 1 x 5cc. PVC air hose: 6 feet. Metal hanger: 1pc. Control: push-button. Glass jars: 2 x 22cc. Spanner: 1pc. Regulator: 1/4" (F) 5mm (M)

Pneumatic Fitting
1) One-touch push-to-connect configuration allows an instant tubing connection. 2) Soth-edge release sleeve design facilitates a quick tubing disconnection. 3) Aesthetically pleasing nickel-plated metallic optional feature ensures anti-corrosion properties for an extended product life. 4) Pre-applied sealant on all external threads eliminates the additional sealing requirements. 5) Internal and / of external flat-to-flat hexagonal configurations for both metric and inch specifications allow ...

1/2 Twin Hammer
1) Bolt capacity: 5/8" (16mm). 2) Max. torque: 450ft./lb. 3) Non-speed: 7,000rpm. 4) Air consumption: 4cfm. 5) Air pressure: 90PSI, 216mm (6.3kg). 6) Overall length: 216mm. 7) Net weight: 2.6kg

Smooth Bore Cylinder Tube
Renowned manufacturers of world class honed cylinder tubes brings you a matchless spectrum of top notch honed tubes, which are widely chosen among customers for their high accuracy and surface finish. With an objective to give optimum durability to our manufactured honed steel tubes, we use genuine material that consists of aluminum, brass, steel, etc sourced from reliable suppliers. Each piece of our honed tubes is rigorously passed through quality check procedure on every stage of ...
Product Group: Cylinder Tube
Company: Sunny Steel Enterprise Ltd.    China

Pneumatic Forging Hammer
FORGING HAMMER is widely used for general forging works, such as drawing-out, upsetting, punching, chiseling, forge, welding, bending and twisting. C41-150 Forging Hammer Weight of falling parts:150 kg Max hit energy: 2.5kj Hit number: 180 per minute Height of working area: 370 mm Tup axis to frame front: 350 mm Dimension of top die surface(L x W): 200x85 mm Dimension of bottom die surface(L x W): 200x85 mm Max forged square stock: 130x130mm Max forged round stock: 145 mm ...
Product Group: Forging Hammer
Company: Anyang Forging Press Machinery Industry Co.,Ltd    China

Air Hammer for wrought iron
CE Approved Forging Hammer, Air Hammer, Pneumatic Hammer, Power Hammer, exported to UK, Germany, France, Norway, Italy, Romania, Greece, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, South Africa, Morocco, Eygpt, Australia, NewZealand, Pakistan, Vietnam, India, Japan ... etc more than 48 countries. FORGING HAMMER is widely used for general forging works, such as drawing-out, upsetting, punching, chiseling, forge, welding, bending and twisting. Pneumatic Forging Hammer Ram weight at 9kg,15kg, 25kg, ...
Product Group: Air Hammer
Company: Anyang Forging Press Machinery Industry Co.,Ltd    China

sound Microphone cable with ISO 9001 Quality Certificate
Our company manufacturing coaxial cable,microphone cable,HDMI cable,RCA cable,speaker cable,lan cable,telephone cable.We have experienced engineers and stable workers can according to customer requirements and manufacture of various shapes and specifications of products.We have our own brand and Coaxial cable has big competitive.
Product Group: Microphone Cable,Microphone Cables,Microphone Wire,Microphon
Company: Jiangnan Electronic&Electric Applicances Factory    china

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