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List extensive product information of Tool Sets (include Air Tool Set, Hand Tool Set, Power Tool Set, Emergency Tool Kit), provided by Tool Set manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Mini 3 In 1 Tool Set
1) Input voltage: 12V. 2) Min. sander: 4,500 - 9,500rpm. 3) Min. drill: 8,000 - 20,000rpm. 4) Min. jig saw: 1,500 - 3,000rpm. 5) Accessory: 145pcs
Company: Ningbo Super Tools Co., Ltd.    China

Plumbing Tool Set
Professional quality plumbing tool set includes pipe wrench, chain pipe wrench, pipe cutter, ratchet die stock, tube flaring tool, worm drive, curving pliers, Teflon tape and bench vice.

Punching Tool Set
1) Used for punching holes in soft brass, copper, and other soft metals as well as leather, canvas, and gasket materials. 2) A set for 6 to 38mm is available as standard, sizes of 40 to 55mm are available on request and make to order

Spanners/Wrenches/ Bolts/Nuts
We can supply various bolts, nuts, washers, and flange nuts. Sizes: 1) Nuts: 17mm, 19mm, 21mm, 22mm, 23mm. 2) Spanners: 17 / 21mm, 19 / 22mm, 17 / 23mm

Tool Set
1) 1pc 250mm square ruler. 2) 1pc pencil. 3) 1pc stainless steel ruler. 4) 1pc mini saw. 5) 1pc 3m measure tape. 6) 9pcs hex keys. 7) 1pc cutter pliers. 8) 1pc long nose pliers. 9) 1pc diagonal cutting pliers. 10) 1pc 16oz. claw hammer (carbon steel, forged). 11) 1pc spirit level. 12) 2pcs "A" clips. 13) 1pc adjustable wrench. 14) 1pc knife. 15) 4pcs screw drivers. 16) 1pc screw handle. 17) 1pc bit holder. 18) 40pcs 25mm screwdriver bits

Drill Bit Set
1) Counter sink. 2) Quick disconnect: vanadium coated. 3) 1/4" stainless vanadium coated shank magnetic bit holder: 60mm, 75mm, 100mm. 4) Adapter: 1/4 x 25mm, 1/4 x 50mm, 11/4 x 1/4 x 65mm, 1/4 x 3/8 x 65, 1/4 x 1/2 x 73mm. 5) Screw elastic bar: 1/4 x 80mm, 1/4 x 120mm

Tap and Die
1. Straight fluted taps (machined and handcrafted). 2. Spiral point taps. 3. Spiral fluted taps. 4. Machine hand round thread dies. 5. Adjustable round dies

Emergency Kit
1) 0.32 x 66 x OD8FT booster cable. 2) 2 in 1 screwdriver, flat/Philips (6-3/4"). 3) 6" long nose plies. 4) Reflective triangle. 5) 10ft hose tape. 6) 8" adjustable wrench. 7) Lug wrench, 1/2" 14L. 8) 300psi air compressor with parts. 9) Fuse in case. 10) 4 ways emergency light. 11) Blow case-black

Laptop Tool Kit
1) USB LCD light and fan 2 in 1. 2) Web digital camera. 3) Numeric keypad. 4) 4 port USB 1.1 hub. 5) 3D optical mouse. 6) Microphone for internet voice communication

Air Tool Kit
1) 1pc 1/2" air impact wrench. 2) 1pc 1/4" air die grinder. 3) 1pc blow gun. 4) 1pc 1/4" (M/M) connector. 5) 1pc 1/4" (F/F) connector. 6) 1pc dual head tire chuck. 7) 1pc pencil tire gauge. 8) 1pc rubber nuzzle. 9) 1pc safety nuzzle. 10) 1pc inflation needle. 11) 1pc high pressure nozzle. 12) 1pc blow gun adaptor. 13) 4pcs impact sockets: 1/2", 9/16", 5/8", 3/4". 14) 1pc 1/4" NPT(F) coupler. 15) 1pc oil pot. 15) 1pc 1/2" - 3" drive ...
Company: Ningbo Super Tools Co., Ltd.    China

48pc Hand Tool Set
16pcs-1/2dr sockets. 1pc-1/2dr universal. 1pc-1/2drx100mm extension bar. 1pc-1/2dr x16mm spark plug wrench. 1pc-1/2drx21mm spark plug wrench. 1pc-1/2dr ratchet handle with quick down. 7pcs-1/2dr hex sockets. 1pc-1/4dr ratchet handle with quick down. 1pc-1/4dr universal joint. 1pc-1/4dr spinner handle. 8pcs-1/4dr sockets. 7pcs-1/4dr H sockets
Company: Ningbo Super Tools Co., Ltd.    China

Tool Kit
13pcs Tool kit contents: Combination plier: 8". Long nose plier: 6.5". Diagonal cutter: 6.5". Wire stripper: 6". Voltage test screwdriver: 140mm. Voltage test screwdriver: Numeric. Screwdriver slotted: 6.5*125mm. Screwdriver Phillips: #2*125mm. Screwdriver electrician slotted: 4*100mm, 5.5*125mm. Screwdriver electrician Phillips: #0*75mm, #1*100mm

55pc Car Emergency Tool Set
1-4 in 1 torch light ; 1-pair of booster cable 2m x 200 amp ; 1-crimping pliers 8", 2.6mm (T) ; 40- terminals; 1-triangle reflecting sign ; 1-2 in 1 screwdriver ; 1-4 way rim wrench, size: 17+19+21+23mm,14" ; 1-adjustable wrench 8" ; 1-long nose pliers 6" ; 1-auto tester dc 6-12-24v ; 1-mini air compressor nozzle ; 3-air compressor nozzle ; 1-pair of working gloves ; 1-insulated tape 4.8cm x 3mx 0.13mm

Fire Set
1) Include holder, brush, tongs, poker, shovel. 2) The tool powder coating or stainless steel. 3) The holder's front is stainless steel mat or iron

12pcs SDS Drill Set
Material: 40Cr. Hardness of the drill body: 46 HRC ±7HRC- diameter up to 16mm, band brazing and hardening. Hardness of the drill body: 50HRC ±5HRC, diameter over 16mm, vacuum oven brazing. Carbide tip: Tungsten carbide --YG8C, Hardness 90HRC. Content: * 9pcs SDS-plus drill bits: 5mmx110mm, 6mmx110mm, 8mmx160mm, 10mmx160mm, 12mmx160mm, 14mmx200mm, 16mmx210mm,18mmx300mm 20mmx450mm. 1pc groove chisel: 14mmx250mm

Paint Tool Kit
Specifications: 1) 5pc paint tool kit. 2) Set includes: a) 1pc 2" foam brush with plastic handle ; b) 1pc 205 pad edger ; c) 1pc 205 replacement pad ; d) 1pc latex paint glove ; e) 1pc 3" tray

Tool Kit
5 in 1 Variable Speed Drill, Circular Saw, Reciprocating Saw, Jig Saw and Work light for various uses. Reciprocating Saw with wood cutting and metal cutting blades. Circular Saw with wood cutting blade. Pivot shift work light with spare bulb for uses at various angles. Jig Saw with wood cutting and metal cutting blades. Attached two batteries packs and charger for recharging

Tag Pin, Tag Gun, Loop Pin
We produce tag pin: size from 10mm to 125mm. Loop pin: size from 2" to 9". Tag gun: standard gun, long gun and special size. We also produce glue gun: size range from 10w to 250w. Glue sticker at different quality.

Power Tool Set
1pc 9.6V/12V/14.4V/16.8V/18V cordless drill. 1pc power adaptor. 1pc power charging base. 10pc wood working drill. Size: 3-3-4-4-5-6-7-8-9-10mm 10pc HSS drill w/tit coated.10pc masonry drill w/zinc plated and red head. Size: 1.5-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10mm. 3pcs wood spade bits, carbon steel. 9pcs 1/4" Dr. Socket o/h.T, carbon steel. Size: 5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13mm. 1pc 60mm magnetic bit holder. 3pcs wire wheel brushes. 5pcs 3mm shank sanding stones. 2pc counter sink w/sanding finished

68pc Emergency Kit
1) 1pc box knife. 2) 1pc auto tester 6-24V. 3) 20pcs cable ties. 4) 1pc pencil-type tire gauge. 5) 11pcs bits. 6) 2pcs T-Type handle with spring cover. 7) 1pc long flat nose pliers. 8) 1pc copper brush. 9) 2pcs screw driver 6 x 100mm. 10) 9pcs 1/4 Dr. socket 5-13mm. 11) 8pcs fuse kit. 12) 1pc L-Type wrench. 13) 1pc air compressor. 14) 1pc tow rope. 15) 1pc booster cable 200A. 16) 1pc spotlight. 17) 1pc electrical tape. 18) 1pc glove. 19) 1pc safety vest. 20) 1pc warning triangle. 21) 1pc ...

Multifunctional Screwdriver Set
Material: ABS. Color: white, blue, green, yellow. Bulb: 3LED. Power supply: 3 AAA. Voltage: 4.5V. Lifetime of the battery: 12 hrs. Specification: 206 x 86mm. Effective range: 15m. Weight: 550g. Illuminated screwdriver introduction: 1) The illuminated screwdriver combine flashlight with screwdriver cleverly, is a screwdriver which can illuminate; it will bring you bright and clear. 2) Either at the family or at the work place, you just have to cut every kind of screwdriver tool in the six-ray ...

Measuring Tools 7pcs Set
1) 1pc assembly angle square 12" 2) 1pc measuring tape 5m/19mm 3) 1pc line level for spanning brick-laying cords 4) 1pc post level foldable 5) 1pc plastic torpedo level 9" 6) 1pc carpenter's pencil 7) 1pc bull's eye level

118pc Vehicle Tool Set
Hexagonal socket: 5 - 13mm, 9pcs. Hexagonal socket: 10 - 24mm, 12pcs. Impact screwdriver: 1pc. Combination wrench: 8 - 19mm, 6pcs. Hex key: 1.8 - 8, 8pcs. Ratchet wrench: 1/2, 1pc. Ratchet wrench: 1/4, 1pc. Universal joint: 1/2, 1pc. 1/2" Dr. sliding T-bar: 1/2, 1pc. 1/2" Dr. sliding T-bar: 1pc. Spark socket: 21mm, 1pc. Auto tire repair weddle: 1pc. Tire wrench: flex, 1pc. Ball pein hammer w/fiberglass HD1: 1 pound, 1pc. Bits: 25mm, 26pcs. Line connecter: 35pcs. Thickness gauge: ...

3-Wing Slot Cutter set
Carbide tipped, 3-wing. Shank diameter: 1/2". This set includes each of 1/8", 5/32", 3/16"and three 1/4" slot cutters, 7/8", 1", 1-1/8", 1-3/8" bearings and two 1/2" shank arbors. All slot cutters have 1-7/8" cutting diameter and 5/16" bore diameter.

Pc Tool Kits / Usb Kits
1) Earphone/microphone. 2) USB A/M to A/F cable. 3) USB A/M to mini 5P/M cable. 4) Rj45 networking cable. 5) Mini optical mouse. 6) USB1.1 hub

Screw Kit
1) Cup square screw. 2) Flat washer. 3) Flat washer. 4) Hex. domed cap nut. 5) Hexagon bolt. 6) Nut. 7) Flat washer. 8) Machine screw

CNC Router Cutters / engraving cutting bit
40% OFF- Beautiful Performance CNC Router Cutters / Engraving Cutting bit for Stone Carving Machinery 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed + Wholesale and Retail + FREE Gifts UNIQUE IN THE WORLD! Until now, ASTECH Tools is the UNIQUE engraving tool manufacturer who has such technology in the market: it adopts "Smelting and Fusing Diamond" Military Technology, which creates much better performance and higher efficiency with longer service life. We had devotedly researched this ...
Company: ASTECH Tools Technology    China

steerable machinery mover pictures and advantages
steerable machinery mover pictures and advantages combined roller skids pictures and advantages machinery moving skates advantages steerable machinery mover also called combined roller skids, machinery moving skates, combined cargo trolley and so on names. combined roller skids is one kinds of moving and handling tools, will improve your working efficiency and lost cost. Machinery moving skates capacity from 3 tons to more than 1000 tons, have veered roller skids, go straight cargo ...
Company: ShanDong Finer Lifting Tools co.,LTD    China (Mainland),

Manual chain hoists pictures and price
Manual chain hoists pictures and price Manual chain blocks advantages Hand chain hoist applications Manual chain hoist is one kinds of material handling tools, used on material handling works. Manual chain hoist also named manual chain blocks, hand chain hoist, chain blocks and so on names. Hand chain hoist are designed to lift load in variety of industrial and commercial applications. Manual chain hoist capacity from 0.25 tons to 100 tons. The lifting height of the hoist can be made ...
Company: ShanDong Finer Lifting Tools co.,LTD    China (Mainland),

spring balancers instruction and features
spring balancers instruction and features self-locking spring balancers light spring balancers Self-locking Spring balancer : Spring balancer mainly used on auto mould production,accessories welding,assembly line and so on industry areas. Spring balancer via the energy of the spring let the tools which hanging on it free weight. To reduce the intensity of labour.improve the production efficiency. Spring balancers with the capacity of 1-3KG and 3-5KG have the self-locking function. ...
Company: ShanDong Finer Lifting Tools co.,LTD    China (Mainland),

Torque Multiplier Wheel Nut Wrench 65:1 1\\\" Drive Male
Torque Multiplier Wheel Nut Wrench 65:1 • Ideal for removing/installing wheel nuts on commercial and light commercial vehicles when air impact wrench is not easily accessible. • Supplied in carry-case with 210mm extension for spinning of loosened nut and 32mm impact socket. Output Drive: 1"Sq (Male) Ratio: 65:1 Maximum Rated Output: 4800Nm
Company: Yuhuan haiyi machine factory    China

Labor Saving Easy Lug Nut Wrench Torque Multiplier Truck Trailer
Product Features: ● 2pcs socket:32、33mm (Socket Length 75mm) ● Max. torque:3,200 N.M ● Gear ratio 1:58 ● Square driver 1" ● Labor Saving Wrench is a newly designed wheel wrench for easy?loosen?truck tires lug nut or car tires by using less labor to reach a sufficient output torque with out impact or Compressor need. ● The wrench can be used to disassemble various kinds of truck tires the easy way. ● These are all 1 inch drive sockets, but any 1 inch socket ...
Company: Yuhuan haiyi machine factory    China

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