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Carbon Fiber Cloth
1) It is used as heat insulation materials and an excellent substitute for asbestos cloth. 2) Carbon fiber cloth with wire are also available. 3) Thickness: 1.5 - 3.0mm. 4) Width: 1,000mm. 5) Temperature: 450°C

Circular Abrasive Pieces
1) Substrate: alumina cloth base, alumina cloth paper base, silicon carbide, ultra-coat, quartz, metallic wool, cleaning fabric and sponge. 2) Applications: surface of metal, furniture, coat, plastic and glass.

Fiberglass Tape
1) With the high quality PVC as the material for tape blade, ABS for the case, with clear printing of graduation and up-to-date models. 2) It is widely used in architecture engineering, sports games and field work for measurement. 3) Frame shape, packing with white box or color box.

Ceramic Fiber Cloth
1) Ceramic fiber fabric is made of ceramic woven yarns with fiberglass yarn or steel wire reinforcement (stainless wire and inconel are available). 2) Widely used in thermal insulation industry. 3) Work temperature: 650 - 1,100°C. 4) Thickness: 1 - 5mm. 5) Width: 1 - 1.5m. 6) Application: heat insulation curtains, large area thermal insulation, radiant heat shielding, and flexible fabric expansion joints

Magnetic Bead
1) Hematite magnetic olive toy. 2) High power hematite magnet pairs. 3) Used for toy and massage. 4) Suit for 6 - 12 aged boys and girls. 5) When toss them in the air, they can join together and sound like bee

Alkali Resistant Fiber Glass Mesh
Types: 1) Alkali resistant mesh. 2) Adhesive mesh. 3) Flame retardant mesh. 4) PVC coated mesh. 5) Foil laminated mesh. 6) Cut mesh tape. 7) Cap mesh for roofing. 8) Printed mesh. 9) Mesh for disc grinding wheel. Specifications: 1) Mesh size: 2mm to 25mm. 2) Weight: 40g to 550gsm. 3) Width: 5cm to 200cm. 4) Length: maximum 1,500m/roll (specials to be done as per your requirements). 5) Color: all colors available

Abrasive Paper Rolls
1) Abrasive paper rolls. 2) Paper backing: F, E, D, C. 3) Grain: brown aluminum oxide, white aluminum oxide, silicon carbide. 4) Coated: close coated, open coated. 5) Bond: brown aluminum oxide, white aluminum oxide, silicon carbide carbide over resin. 6) Used for plywood, paint, leather and plastic

Clear Float Automotive Glass
1) Front windshield quality. 2) Side windshield quality. 3) Rear windshield quality. 4) Technical data available as requested. 5) A variety of cut sizes can be ordered for 4mm and 5mm glass of 3,300 x 2,250mm

Polyester Geogrid
Adopting high-strength and high-modulus polyester or glass fibre, it is knitted into loom-state grid fabric by warp knitting and processed into grid by coating modified bitumen. It is used for reinforcing bitumen and cement pavements, and for widening roads. Specification: 1) Material: polyester ; 2) Strength: 50kN/m ; 3) Extensibility: <10%

Purple Granulated and Archaized Vases
1) Material: Yixing purple granulated and clay. 2) Classical, elegant, unique style and shape, all types of purple granulated and archaized vase and technical art ceramic made with hand. 3) Technical art ceramics of all specifications and of top, medium and low grade, vase ranging from 1 centimeter to 3 meters.

Aluminum Foil Fiberglass Hose
It uses fiberglass fabric to compound two layers of aluminum foils. The application will be on area of avigation, communication and boats and as warm-keeping or insulation. The working temperature will be 250C. Shrinage rate is >20%. Also the hose is of never delamination if under water for 300 hours.
Company: Zhejiang Huihe Building Materials Co., Ltd.    China

Carbon Fiber GT-2 Spoiler
Made of high quality Grade A real carbon fiber. Very strong and lightweight. Smooth finishing with shiny surface. Clear coated with UV protection. To prevent color fading.

Fiber Cement Board
1) Heat insulation, stability, damp-proof, sound insulation, fire resistance and light weight. 2) The wall is solid and firm inside, and resistant to impact pressure. 3) Painting, tiling and nailing is possible in the new system. 4) Noise reduction can be up to 46dB. 5) Good efficiency. 6) Working environment can keep it dry and clean for better management. 7) Certificates with 2.53 hours of fire rating. Applications: fiber cement board can be used for partitions, interior walls, pipeline ...

1) Material: 95 - 99% alumina. 2) Processed by machine after fining and polished. 3) Precious dimensions and good surface. 4) Used as ceramic parts, tools and sealing in machines

Carbon Brush
Automobile, motorcycle brushes and brush assembles, electric tool brushes, fan blower brushes, household appliance brushes, industrial traction motor brushes, train engine brushes, motor slipping rings, carbon-graphite and high-purity graphite seal rings.

Bonded Magnet of Ring Type
Bonded magnet of ring shape can be used in motor, especially the micro and special motors, such as all kinds of motors in auto instrument

Carbon Fiber Casing
1) Skillful manufacture. 2) Modern design. 3) Corrosive resistant. 4) Light weight. 5) High intensity.6) Age resistance. 7) Excellent dimension stability. 8) Smooth surface. 9) Manufactured using synthetic resin and reinforced with carbon fiber

Glass Tubing
1) Good quality, economical, soda lime glass tubing. 2) O.D. Size 1.8- 39 mm. 3) Wall Thick:0.70-2.80mm(+/-0.05mm). 4) Annual output of 40,000 tons glass tubing. 5) Tubing: energy saving lamp, fluorescent lamp, vent-pipe, headlight other kinds of lamps, etc. Physical Properties Expansion . 90+2.0 x 10-7/°C. Anti-water stability Grade 4 .Annealing point .510°C-400°C. Volume resistivity TK-100 230°C. Temperature of softening point 560°C. Heat resistant emergency performance: 110°C

Direct Roving
E-glass direct rovings for filament winding: 1, Brief introduction: this product is specially designed for reinforcing unsaturated polyester, vinyl ester, phenolic and epoxy resins. 2, Applications: it is typically used to produce pipes of various diameters, storage tanks and rods which are widely used in transportation, aviation and space, military and electrical sectors. 3, Product features: a), Rapid and complete wet out ; b), Good abrasion resistance ; c), Good processing characteristics ...

Fiber Disc
Dimension Range:4" 4.5" 5" 6" 7". Coated Material: Silicon Carbide or Aluminium Oxide. Application: For polishing wood, material, Rubber and stone

Low Iron Glass For Solar Panels
1) Tempered solar glass is the best glass for solar equipment, because we use low iron glass as raw glass materials. 2) Low iron glass are with high light-transmittance. 3) Standards for implementation: GB/T9963-1998 tempered glass (China national standard), BS6202 (British standard). 4) Application: solar collectors, solar heaters, solar panels

Alnico Magnet
1) Alnico describes a family of materials that is derived from a common base composition comprising of aluminum, nickel, cobalt and iron with various additions of other elements. 2) These magnets have slightly lower reversible temperature coefficient magnetism than other permanent magnet materials, and work excellently in temperatures up to 600oC. 3) Alnico products are widely used in all kinds of meters and other applications. 4) Alnico magnets in the following grades: AlNiCo 3, AlNiCo 5, ...

Pure Epoxy Powder Coating
1) Application: coating and decoration of metal (steel or aluminum) items for indoor items such as for indoor items such as electrical appliances, car spare parts, metal furniture, hospital equipment, camping accessories, HI-FI equipment and shelving. 2) Curing condition: 180°C/20min, 190°C/15min, 200°C/10min. 3) Impact strength: ASTM D2794 ≥ 4) Adhesion (cross-cut): ASTM D3359 ≤Gt0. 5) Pencil hardness: ASTM D3363 2H-3H. 6) Flexibility: ASTM D522 ≤1/8". 7) Neutral salt ...

Flat Borosilicate Glass Sheet
1) Mechanical character: Density, 2.23g/cm2. 2) Thermodynamics character: Thermal expansion coefficient (0-300): 3.3x10-6. Temperature resistant impact (rod test method): 230. Thermal capacity (0-100): 0.195cal/g. Coefficient of thermal conductivity (cal/cm): 0.0028. Max working temperature: short term ( 10h): 450. Softening point: 820. 3) Chemical character: Water resistance: Acid resistance: ISO1776/DIN12116, 1. Alkali resistance: ISO695/DIN52322. 4) Optical character: transmittance curve. ...

Ceramic Seat
With good insulation capability, high strength, low high frequency loss, good shock- resistant characteristics, mainly for the usage of circuit protection, such properties makes it widely used in electric industry.

Powder Coating in Nanometer
1) Advanced powdering technology imported from abroad. 2) Dustproof character make it first-choice in expressway facility coating 3) The products with nanometer powder coating are exported to USA and European

Magnesium Oxide Board
1) 100% asbestos free. 2) Non-combustible: PSB, GB8624, CLASS A. 3) Moisture resistant. 4) Excellent impact resistant. 5) Excellent Sound insulation. 6) High dimensional stability

Fireproof Aluminum Plastic Composite Panel
Materials: 1) Front side: aluminum roll coated with PVDF or polyester. 2) Core: plastic fireproof materials. 3) Rear side: aluminum coated with polyester. Application scope: 1) Gas piping, cables, building materials, etc (this product fills a gap. in the domestic construction materials field, with performance indexes superior to panels manufactured overseas). 2) Curtain wall decoration for buildings where security is important, such as airports, hospitals and research centers. 3) Curtain ...
Company: Zhejiang Huihe Building Materials Co., Ltd.    China

Spiral belt
We produce polyester spiral belt made from first-class monofilament, in reference to Finland Standard, has the characteristics of stable property and long work time. Advantages of Polyester Spiral Belt : Flat surface, not easily cracked Good air permeability Stable property against heat and moisture Low thermal shrinking Less elongation at heat Long lifespan
Company: Fly Bin Wire Mesh Co,Ltd.    China

Mini Toroidal Core, Ring Core
Mini \Ring Core Type: Mini Toroidal Core \Ring Core A mini ring core round core like a ring ,wound on an automatic winding machine by one continuous tapes of CRGO silicon steel of high magnetic flux,and then annealed in a tunnel in furnace under the protection of the inert gases. The mini ring core precise in dimension, and excellent in stability and magetic flux. Mini \Ring Core Features: 1.Precise in dimension 2. excellent in stability 3.excellent in magetic flux. Mini\ ...
Product Group: Iron Core
Company: Foshan Youyuan Transformer Core Co.Ltd    China

white aluminium oxide
White aluminium oxide is electrically fused in the furnace with high grade bayer processed alumina as raw material..It has high purity,ability of self-sharpening,better cutting,less heat emit,higher efficiency,acid and alkali resistance,good thermal stability.Abrasives tools made of it are suitable for grinding high-speed,high carbon steel ,etc.It also can be used as materialsfor grinding and polishing,precision casting,spaying and coating, medium body for chemical industry,special ceramics ...
Product Group: Aluminium Oxide
Company: Zhengzhou Hexing Abrasives Co.,LTD    China

Pipe bending
A pipe bending machine is vital component for any pipe bending project, particularly those of a large scale. A pipe bending machine makes the job easier and is capable of completing multiple jobs in less time than when working by hand. A pipe bending machine can be either handheld or floor mounted. In either case, the pipe bending machine allows the user to hold the pipe at one end of the channel while the shape roller forces the pipe through and carries it around in a curve. A pipe bending ...
Product Group: Bend Pipe
Company: GZY PipeFitting Industries    China

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