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List extensive product information of Ceramics (include Alumina Ceramic, Honeycomb Ceramic), provided by Ceramic manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Matt Frit
1) Calcium and magnesium matt frit. 2) Coefficient of expansion: 195 x 10-7/°C. 3) Softening point: 720°C. 4) Firing temperature: 1,080 ~ 1,120°C. 5) Suitable for single and double fast firing wall tile. 6) Can be mixed with other raw materials as engobe

Alumina Ceramic, Ceramic Cups, Ceramic Shaft
Heat resistance ceramic: The heat resistance ceramic is made in special method with the selected materials. The products in various shapes sintered by the high femperature are of good resistance in heat and heat shake and the insulation is excellent, as well, it can be used in electric heating element.

Ceramic Shaft
1) Used for DC fans, CPU cooling fans, high speed mechanism, navigation and low temperature engineering. 2) With properties of good wearing resistance, low noise, convenient assembly and long lifespan. 3) Low return loss and impact resistance
Company: Chao Zhou Three Circle Co., Ltd.    China

Ceramic Tubes And Cases
Ceramic Tubes and Cases: Materail from alumina and zirconia. 1) Used as fuse tubes, vacuum discharge tubes and neon tubes. 2) Excellent insulation. 3) High temperature resistance. 4) Airproofing. 5) Excellent strength. 6) Diameters: 1. 5-25mm
Company: Chao Zhou Three Circle Co., Ltd.    China

Ceramic Roller and Roller
The product is based on traditional conveyor roller body and the velocity structure of the overall operation of a variety of different paradoxical Principle for hours together, the standard reference conveyor, the merits of foreign various roller selected using kaolin china clay and bauxite as raw materials for many years in developing new products
Company: Chao Zhou Three Circle Co., Ltd.    China

Chromium Oxide Green
Pigment grade: 1) Cr2O3: 99% min. 2) Water soluble matter: 0.3% max. 3) Moisture: 0.2% max. 4) Oil absorption: 15 - 25g/100g 5) Residue (325 mesh): 0.3% max. GN grade: 1) Cr2O3: 98% min. 2) Water soluble salt: 0.30% max. 3) Moisture: 0.2% max. 4) Oil absorption: 15 - 25g/100g 5) Residue (500 mesh): 0.2% max. 6) Residue above sieve (325 mesh): 0.2% max. 7) Color: verdure. Alloy grade: 1) Cr2O3: 99% min. 2) Fe2O3: 0.04% max. 3) P: 0.002% max. 4) Co/Cu/Mn/Pb/V: 0.001% max. 5) Size: 0 - 3mm

Honeycomb Ceramics
1) Honeycomb ceramics (substrate) is a new kind of industrial ceramic products developed in recent years. 2) It has a large surface, higher air vent rate, good heat function, stable chemical properties. 3) At present, honeycomb ceramics (substrate) is used to purify industrial waste gas and automobile emissions, to eliminate noise, to deal with waste water, and to dry air and incineration. 4) It is also used in the manufacture of infrared ray instruments, to filter metal liquids. 5) All ...
Product Group: Honeycomb Ceramics

Ceramic Pall Rings
Ceramic Pall rings is a open-hole ring packing. which height and diameter is same and with 5 ligules toward inside at every floor. Usually, the open surface is 30% of the whole wall surface, this character helps the liquid & gas pass in packing tower pass freely from the windows of the rings.

Porous Ceramic Plate
With various kinds of specifications, including 136 x 78 x 13mm, with the capability of heat-keeping, energy-saving and evenly glow-heat, used widely in the fields of gas cookers or barbeque grills.

Alumina Ceramic
We sell 99% alumina ceramic products used in many fields such as ceramic faucet discs for sanitary utility, seal rings for mechanical seal, electronic ceramic insulators, ceramic spinning parts, ceramic pistons for high speed rotatory machinery and other irregular shape ceramic part and ceramic rods, plates, pieces and rollers.
Product Group: Alumina Ceramic

Ceramic Deburring, Cutting & Polishing Media
We are a manufacturing pioneer of ceramic deburring, cutting, polishing, radiusing & descaling media. The company is a leading manufacturer and marketer of ceramic mass finishing media (used in tumbling, vibratory & centrifugal finishing processes). Khyati ceramics has developed a vide variety of ceramic media for various applications and for various industries. There are many shapes, different sizes and distinct grades for your particular need.

Ceramic Balls
Ceramic balls provided by SunYoung Industry have the following features: 1) Material: Silicon Nitride(Si3N4), Zirconia(ZrO2), Aluminum Oxide(Al2O3). 2) Usage: For bearings, inspection, pumps, and other rolling conditions. 3) Capacity:3,000,000pcs/month for 5/32" silicon nitride balls. 4) Diameter:1/64" ~ 2". 5) Precision: G3 ~ G20. Specifications: 1) Lighter than steel. 2) Larger elastic modulus. 3) Lower friction coefficient, rolls more freely. 4) Lower coefficient of thermal ...

Ceramic Frits
High-Transparent Crystal Frits: 1. Using area: 1150-1170 centigrade floor tiles (white and colored glaze) in single firing. 2. Burned cycle: 30-40 minutes (150m gas roller kiln) 3. Character: High Transparent, High lighting, Glaze smoothing, Good Chromogenic capability, High initial melting point (>950 centigrade) , Moderate Expansion Coefficient.

Ceramic Membrane Filter
The ceramic membrane filter is characterized with high strength, good acid/alkali and thermal resistance and easycleaning, and widely used in industrial areas of food stuffs, pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical and environment-protecting, etc.

Ceramic Tubes
We are specialized in producing technical ceramics such as ceramic tubes, rollers, thermocouple protection tubes, rods, insulator, labwares, components, crucible, high temperature furnace piece, as well as refractory ceramic parts with high purity raw materials of alumina, mullite, MgO, Zirconia, SiC, aluminium titanate

Industrial Ceramics
1) Materials: alumina ceramics and high frequency ceramics. 2) Applications: lamps, temperature controllers and other electric equipment. 3) Insulation. 4) A variety of specifications available

Calcined Kaolin
1) White degree (F457): ≥93.5%. 2) Granularity (-2μm, %): 80 ± 2. 3) Refractive index: 1.62. 4) 325 visual screening (%): ≤0.003. 5) Oil absorption value (g/100g): 60 ± 5. 6) Dispersion (μm): ≤55. 7) pH value: 6.0 - 7.0. 8) Moisture (%): ≤1

The company's production of zirconia ceramics, alumina ceramic, refractory ceramics, ceramic substrate heater is widely used in electrical, electronics, metallurgy, chemical industry, textile, machinery and other technology industries, whose main characteristic is the high mechanical strength, excellent wear resistance. good insulation, heat-resistance, corrosion resistance, superior environmental performance, high temperature 1500 degrees below long-term work, Impact loading ...

Beehive Ceramics
Features: 1) Lacunaris, strong sorption, hot-resist and well alluvial, alkali-resist. 2) Density of all holes: above 70%. Specifications: 1) Size: 136 x 96 x 13mm ; 2) Hole number: 100 ; 3) Hole dia.: 1.1mm ; 4) All the holes are cylindrical open hole ; 5) Hot-running resist ; 6) Acid-resist ; 7) Alkali-resist

Boron Nitrid Ceramic
We can supply all kinds of Ceramic Foam Filter,at present,our company are regularly export Silicon Carbide Foam Ceramic Filter, Zirconia Foam Ceramic Filter, Magnesia Foam Ceramic Filter, Alumina Foam Ceramic Filter, Honeycomb Ceramics, BORON NITRID CERAMIC.

Wear-Resistant Ceramics
1) Wear-resistant. 2) Low friction coefficient. 3) Desirable surface fineness. 4) Acid-proof, alkali-proof. 5) Ceramic materials. 6) High hardness, strong. 7) Used in machinery with high workloads and machinery subject to wear. 8) Made of 95% alumina ceramics. 9) We can produce wear-resistant ceramics according to clients' specifications

Porcelain Media, Ceramic Media
We are supplier of ceramic media(porcelain media) which is used for deburring, chamfering, grinding radiusing, chamfering, polishing, finishing, burnishing. Ceramic media are made of high quality of abrasives, vitrified bonded at high temperature. Ceramic medias are Widely used in grinding, polishing, finishing of the surfaces of metal parts for better finish, and also widely used for chamfering, deburring, scaling oxide, removing rusty stain as a mass-production method. Ceramic medias find ...

Alumina Ceramic Powder And Their Lump Of Powder
CALCIND ALUMINA SERIES. 1. A-alumina powder for special ceramics. 2. A-alumina powder for refractory. 3. A-alumina powder for abrasive and polishing. 4. A-alumina ceramic powder and their lump of powder-wax and granulated powder. Ceramic powder and their lump of powder-wax and granulated powder. Temperature sintering alumina ceramic powder and their lump of powder-wax and granulated powder

Ceramic Fuse Holder
We are specialized manufacturer for export of the products of porcelain lampholder, steatite articles, porcelain terminal blocks, porcelain insulator, plug-in fuse units, porcelain socket& fuse holder, knife switch, lampholder for oven T300 degree, copper lampholder, plastic& bakelite lampholder, switch& socket, plug& socket, plastic terminal or wire connector, energy-saving lamp, lamps& bulb, electric pen, low-voltage& high-voltage insulators, ect.

Alumina Ceramics
We specialize in producing of all kinds of industrial ceramics such as 95% alumina, 97% Alumina, 99% alumina, 99. 5% alumina, steatite ceramics (high-frequency ceramics) , iolite ceramics, etc.
Product Group: Alumina Ceramics

Ceramics Random Packing Ring
Ceramics Random Packing has the character of Anti-acid, heat-resistance, Declined angle, large Specific surface area and good Heaping weight. The leading purpose of ceramic packing is to replace medieval random packing in tower and solve the outstanding problem of acid, temperature, low efficiency and easy crash, which can widely used in coal gas washing tower, fertilizer heat gas saturation tower, washing naphthalene tower, washing ammonia tower, doff-carbon tower and doff-sulfur tower etc ...

ceramics equipments
Our company manufactrue and sell various ceramics equipments.A serious of products as follow:elevator、roughcast tumbler、reserve control、dust machine、u-turn machine、gas stove、brush machine、silo、horoscopes tube、lower glaze machine、machine into the pit、with machine、turning machine、belt conveyor、crusher、ball mill etc. Reasonable price,excellent qulity,considerable service!
Company: Shandong Zibo Xing Hui Engineering Co., Ltd    china

NdFeB magnet
NdFeB magnet can be ranged N35-N52, N30M-N50M, N30H-N48H, N30SH-N45SH,28UH-40UH, 28EH-38EH.the coating cover Ni, Zn, Cr, Sn, Epoxy etc, for the magnetized direction including Axial, diametral, radial etc .
Company: Cyc Magnet Industry(Shanghai) Co.,Ltd    China

Silicon nitride ceramic
Silicon nitride ceramic has strong high temperature mechanical strength, wear resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, good thermohardening, self lubrication, and other performances.It plays great roles in special engineering occasions requiring high temperature, corrosion resistance and mechanical wear resistance, such as aerospace, petroleum, chemical industry and other industries using silicon nitride ceramic parts. Insulation electrical strength: 2,500V, 50Hz at room ...
Company: shenzhen hard precision ceramic co.ldt    China

Alumina Ceramic Plate
Alumina Ceramic are produced by implementing unique metallization and ceramic lamination processes. Due to the advanced manufacturing techniques utilized in the electric element, Alumina Heaters can provide higher reliability than ever before. Currently, applications include use as innovative types of heaters in the automotive, medical and semiconductor industries. They are made of high purity and super-fine raw material with the application of the most advanced technology in the world. It ...
Company: shenzhen hard precision ceramic co.ldt    China

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