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List extensive product information of Laser Equipment (include Laser Cutting Machine, Laser Engraving Machine, Laser Marking Machine), provided by Laser Equipment manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Mini Laser Engraving Machine
laser engraving machine is the laser engraving machine, it have become applied diversified small laser engraving equipments. Features: Laser power: 40W. Engraving area: 250 x 200mm. Exterior size: 780 x 620 x 260mm. Clamp breadth: 200 x 128 mm. Carving speed: <=280mm/s. Differentiate precision: 0.025mm. Orient precision: 0.025mm. Minimum shaping characters: Chinese character 2mm, English 1 mm. Power supply: 220V/50Hz. Power of the complete machine: 500W. Structure of the box: horizontal ...
Product Group: Laser Engraving Machine
Company: Shanghai Chuangming Laser Equipment Plant    China

Laser Straight
Laser straight works perfect for for installing pictures, shelves, borders, towel bars, curtain rods, tiles, cabinets, and a variety of other uses. It can be used for just about any aligning needs you have. Laser straight will stick to any surface and won't leave marks. Laser straight is hands free so you can put anything up perfectly straight without any worries, fuss or hassle. It's small and compact, light and portable so use it anywhere.

Laser Engraving Cutting Machine
1) Lathe bed structure ensures the stable operation while carving and cutting at high speed. 2) Beam is drawn out of high hardness alloy aluminum material and driven by a large power subdivision server-motor. 3) Laser unit served by special radiator and protected without water makes it stable and safe with a longer life span. 4) It matches accessories such as rotation platforms, double loser units. 5) Operation handle can be chosen. 6) It can also be made according to customer's ...
Company: Shanghai Chuangming Laser Equipment Plant    China

Portable Cross Laser Level
Model portable cross laser level has the function of self-leveling. It can launch a red laser vertical (plumb) line on the wall when the lock is released and the power is turned on. When the measurer is put at the corner of the wall. It can form a vertical frame line in the whole room. There is a standard 3/8" screw thread at the bottom of the apparatus, which can be connected with tri-pod or jamb to get different height of horizontal line by adjusting the apparatus height. This ...

DFB Laser Diode with Pigtail
Uncooled 1,550nm DFB MQW laser. Diode built-in InGaAs PD monitor. High-speed operation: up to 2.5Gbps. Laser welding: assembly method. High reliability and long operation life. Various connector type: SC, FC, ST, LC, MU. Application: Transceiver module. CATV, GSM and CDMA. High speed telecommunication. Gigabit Ethernet

Laser Marking Machine
Applicable materials: wood, paper, leather, cloth, plexiglass, epoxy, Acrylic, unsaturated polyester resin and other nonmetal materials. Applicable industries: leather, food, beverage, cloth, electronic components, meter, telecom instruments and other industries, can be combined with workline for online marking. specifications: 1) Marking /Engraving area: 175 x 175mm - 300mmx300mm. 2) Focus: 250mm. 3) Working style: plane. 4) Error: ± 5μm. 5) Response time: 0.8ms. 6) Extender lens: 3-8 ...
Product Group: Laser Marking Machine
Company: Shanghai Chuangming Laser Equipment Plant    China

Color Laser Stage Light
Specifications: 1) Output mode: TTL, CW. 2) Output color: yellow, red, green. 3) Output patterns: 500 different kinds of effects, 128 patterns and 10 line modes. 4) Operation mode: auto mode, music mode and units linkable. 5) Interface: standard DMX512 signal. 6) Specification: 110V or 220V AC, 60 / 50Hz. 7) Construction: dual-channel lasers, portable, adjustable mounting bracket. 8) Color system: high performance polychrome optical mix technology. 9) Product dimensions (L x W x H): 24.5 x ...

Nd Yag Laser Beauty Equipment
This is a laser beauty machine, it has powerful function to remove the black rim of eye, remove pigment and various spot. It is durable and will not cause injury to skin. It is portable and easy to operate.

Step-Motor Green Laser Lighting
Name: green laser light show system. Power: 30mw~200mw (Green 532nm). Size: 750*380*230mm. Voltage: AC110-240V. Frequency: 50 / 60HZ. Effects: 1. Step-motor processor. 2. Over 30 preprogrammed performing patterns with animation, word and 3d effects. 3. Displaying diffusing laser network, slowly rotating with color fan, space-time tunnel, fairy flowers. 4. Unique laser beam and graphics blanking effect. 5. Control Mode: Auto\Sound activate\Master and slave\DMX512

Laser Welder
The laser machine uses the laser's advantage of spatial dividing, so one laser beam is divided into many beams after optical fiber transmission. Through digitalization there is an accuracy control of laser impulse width, energy, peak power, recurrence rate and so on. At the same time a lot of work pieces can be carried on precise laser welding. Because of this advantage the laser machine raises working efficiency or can welding precisely at different positions of the same work piece, ...

Laser Cutting Machine
1) Engraving area: 900 x 1,200mm. 2) Laser power: 80W. 3) Laser type: carbon dioxide laser tube. 4) Engraving speed: 0-1,000mm/s. 5) Cutting speed: 0-600mm/s. 6) Resetting positioning accuracy: <0.015mm. 7) Cutting depth: acrylic 0-25mm. 8) Min. shaping character: 1.5 x 1.5mm. 9) Power supply: 220V±10% 50Hz or 110V±10% 60Hz. 10) Gross power: 1,600W. 11) Software supported: ArtCut, CorelDraw, PhotoShop, AutoCAD. 12) Graphic format supported: PLT, DXF, BMP, JPG, GIF, PGN, TIF. 13) ...
Product Group: Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Marking Machine
Laser machine: It is equipped with original laser machine imported from America and the laser is discharged steadily so it's seldom fall off and its life is as long as 45000 hours. Its disposable investment is high but the cost for use and maintaining is very low. Other manufacturers adopt domestic CO2 glass tube which has to be changed every 1-3 months. CO2 gas will leak so even if it's not used it had to be discarded after one year. It will often fall off and the cost for use is ...
Product Group: Laser Marking Machine

CNC Laser Machine
1) Applications: arts and crafts, bamboo and wood products, advertisement and upholstery, cloth, leather, plate making, construction moulds. 2) Material: cloth, leather, rubber, bamboo strip, crystal, organic glass, ceramic tile, marble, thin wood, hardboard, bowler, plastic and other non metal material. 3) Laser tube power: 60W, made in China. 4) Working area: 900 x 600mm. 5) Motor drive: steper. 6) Speed control: 0 - 100% stepless control, can setup different powers according to different ...

Laser Spot-Welding Machines
Laser spot-welding machine is one of significant facets of laser processing in technique application. The spot-welding course belongs to heating conduct type, that is the laser radiate for heating workpiece surface, and heat on workpiece surface can be diffused to interior through heat conduct, melting the workpiece to form special molten point through controlling the pulse duration, energy, peak power and repetition rate of laser pulse. The laser spot-welding machine has advantages of high ...

Laser Straight
1) Project a straight laser line, not just a dot, on any surface. 2) Set the strait line at any angle. 3) Ideal for carpentry, stair risers, shelves, molding, laying tile or any other job that requires precise alignment. 4) Dual bubble levels for accurate horizontal or vertical alignment, retractable push pins keep the strait-line in place while you

Laser Range Finders
This Laser Rangefinder is a combination of monocular and laser rangefinder. It could range all-profile targets by emitting low power laser beam and tell you exactly how far away you are from the targets in a direct manner-the distance will appear on the LCD instantaneously. It features energy-saving and quick functioning. The power could be shut off automatically within 15 seconds delay. It is easy to be carried to anywhere due to its compact size and light weight. You can count on it while ...

3D Laser Machine
1) Compact system size. 2) Adopts excellent stable diode-pumped solid-state laser. 3) With excellent mobility within the smallest package. 4) Ideal for retail and special events. 5) Diode-pumped, high-speed, solid-state laser marker, completely air-cooled. 6) Ultra-compact high-speed scanner as a standard component. 7) High energy efficiency on material due to high pulse power at ultra short pulse duration. 8) Most precise marking with extraordinary beam quality. 9) Latest pulse compressor ...

3d Crystal Engraving Machine
Our High-speed Scan laser Sub-suface Engraving Machine primarily use the 3D camera to take the three-dimensional portraits on the human body, and then through the laser inner carving technology make dots inside crystal. Many dots to form a three-dimensional images. This type of machine use the imported air cooling laser system, so it not only greatly increased the speed of engraving, but also with small light point, carving out digital images of high profile distinctive characterstics. Good ...

Laser Barcode Reader/Scanner
1) Digitizing filtering and decoding 2) Fully self-intellectual-property rights 3) Embedded a 32 bits ARM microprocessor 4) Minimum external dimensions 5) Intelligence gain control 6) Mirror surface reflection cancellation 7) Infrared auto-induction 8) Rich decoded code-types 9) Up to 30 million times for button-press 10) Easy firmware upgrade 11) Suitable for most brands of POS machines

Laser Edge
1) Laser straight. 2) The laser guided leveler. 3) Projects a perfectly straight line on any surface. 4) Projects a 50ft line, adhering to any surface. 5) Leaves no marks behind, built-in level bubbles. 6) 2 x AAA batteries.

Amazing Laser Straightener
1) Project a laser line from the object surface, the beeline can be in any angle. 2) Suitable for woodwork, stair start board, shelf, shaping, tiling or any other work requiring precision. 3) Double air bubble level, used for aline plane or beeline accurately, the recycled I-shape needle makes beeline keep still when working. 4) On/off switch device. 5) With magnet at the bottom and 360 degree rotation, convenient for your operation. 6) Overall dimensions: 120 x 40 x 70mm. 7) Wavelength: ...

Diode Pumped Laser Module
The modules are of laser engine of Nd:YAG lasers. They are worked by incorporating into existing laser cavities. Comprising a Nd:YAG rod and pumping diode arrays, the pre-aligned unit is housed in a rugged and robust mechanical structure with cooling and electrical connecting points. GCDMP-01: dia. 3mm YAG rod, 25W output power. GCDMP-02: dia. 3mm YAG rod, 50W output power. GCDMP-03: dia. 3mm YAG rod, 75W output power. GCDMP-04: dia. 4mm YAG rod, 100W output power. GCDMP-05: dia. 5mm YAG ...

Laser Engraving Machine
Laser engraving machine can engrave such materials as wood blocks, bamboo products, acrylic sheets, glass, PVC sheets, double-color sheets, ceramic tiles, rubbers, plastics, marbles, crystals, leather, cloths and nonferrous materials. Features: 1) High speed: 50-72,000mm per minute. 2) High precision: 0.01mm; if engraving an English letter, it can be as precise as 1 x 1mm. 3) Changeable working platform: can be regulated up or down according to materials of different thickness. 4) Easy to ...

Nikon Monarch Gold Laser 1200 Range Finder Camo
Pulling in truly accurate range measurements at distances exceeding half-a-mile is now a reality with Nikon Monarch Gold Laser 1200 compact rangefinder. Boasting an honest 1, 200 yard ranging capability, the Monarch Gold not only puts can do confidence into your long range vocabulary, but it does it with a host of advanced technology: like Nikon's original digital measurement process that provides lightning-fast measurements with pinpoint, yard precision up to 550 yards and consistent ...

Laser Particle Size Analyzer
YX-9300Z laser particle size analyzer has many automatic features including: automatic testing, automatic optical calibration, automatic sample feeding, automatic water supply and drainage, automatically eliminating air bubble, automatic cleaning and so on. Its software system is more powerful and flexible and makes the particle size analyzer highly automatic, much more convenient to use and performance better. Technical features: 1. It adopts imported semiconductor lasers of power, ...
Product Group: Particle Size Analyzer
Company: Yuxiang Magnetic Materials Ind. Co.,Ltd    China

CO2 Laser Engraving Machines With CE For Leather/Wood
1. Applicable Fields: Widely used in Acrylic, Organic Glass, Crafts, Furniture, Glasses, Wood, PVC, Lightings, Advertising and decorating, pater, packaging ithography, mark plate, atomic stamp & seals, bamboo products, trademarks, embroidery, apparel and other industries. Adoptable for clothing tailoring, embroidery cutting, leather punch Pierced menthol cutting carving processing. 2. Product Features: With selective electric-ascending and decending platform(lifting range: 0-500mm), ...
Product Group: Laser Engraving Machine
Company: Wuhan Perfect Laser Co.,Ltd    China

YAG/DDiode/Fiber/Co2) Laser Marking Machines
This model takes the most advanced international diode end-pump technology, is applicable for high precision marking on metal (including rare metal) such as steel, stainless steel, iron, aluminum, copper, brass, anodized and coated material, etc., and nonmetallics such as Nylon, ABS/PVC/PC plastics, rubber, resin, ceramic, etc.. Due to its superior laser beam mode, this model is widely used in fields of electronic components, mobile communications, IC, chips, silicon wafer, computer ...
Product Group: Laser Marking Machine
Company: Wuhan Perfect Laser Co.,Ltd    China

Stainless Steel Laser Metal Cutting Machine PE-M500
Applied Field: This machine can do high precise cutting on 7.0 mm Carbon Steel, 6 mm Stainless Steel, 3 mm Aluminum, Zinc, Brass and other metal materials. It is widely used in advertisement, hardware, precise machinery, automobile components, glasses, clocks and watches, precise cutting, medical equipment, instrumentation, and other metal-related industry. It is also widely used in the machine tools, engineering machinery, electrical switch manufacturing, elevator manufacture, food ...
Product Group: Laser Cutting Machine
Company: Wuhan Perfect Laser Co.,Ltd    China

3D Laser Engraving Machine
Working with the world best laser producers in Europe and USA, Shining 3D Tech Co., Ltd has been building the top quality laser engraving machines for its customers globally. Shining 3D Laser Engraving Machine series are well-known for their robust and user-friendly design of hardware and software, fine exquisite engraving quality, steady performance and maintenance-free quality. It is one of the most widely used laser engraving machines in the businesses of personalized crystal engraving, ...
Company: Hangzhou Shining 3D Tech Co., Ltd.    China

3D Laser Engraving Machine
New Business Opportunities with Shining3d Laser Engraving Machine, Small cube size to large plate size, 2D and 3D Sub-surface Laser Engraving Possible. High Resolution Solution: Model Number: YS-ELD2000C-E Along with the tiling technology, the biggest advantage of Shiningtech YS-ELD2000C-E laser machine is the perfect combination of highest resolution (1200dpi) with large engraving size to be 250*250*100mm, and good balance between investment and quality, which can fulfill all the need ...
Company: Hangzhou Shining 3D Tech Co., Ltd.    China

3D Laser Engraving Machine
With the technology of diode pump, air cooler, engraving speed of 3000dot/sec and max engraving size at ellipse170*140*100mm, ELD3000B-A can finish engraving within 1mins for a 3D model of 180,000dots, is quite suitable to run in the shopping mall or tourism place to make 3D and 2D image crystal gift on spot, receive big orders and fulfill most of the requirement from the customer. ELD3000B is also very suitable for satellite business, which means you can put several sets of the 3D Camera in ...
Company: Hangzhou Shining 3D Tech Co., Ltd.    China

Wood Working Laser Engraving Machine
Main application: Widely used in the fields of electronic industry, automobile industry, medical products, hardware, household electric appliance, commodity, aeronautical industry, certificate cards, jewelry processing, instrumentation, advertising plate and so on. It can deal with most of the non-metal materials, including: fabric, leather, cowhide, paper,, plastic,rubber glass, ceramic, nature or artificial stone ect. Product Features: The whole machine including laser device, ...
Company: Wuhan Optics Valley Sintec Laser Technology Co.,Ltd    China

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