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Plain Trolley
1) With fine adjustment and fittings to the beam, easily adjusted by the round nuts. 2) Easily adjustable (round nuts) to fit a wide range of beam widths. 3) Adjustable to fit a wide range of beam profiles. 4) Excellent rolling features due to machined steel wheels mounted on prelubricated, encapsulated ball bearings. 5) Standard anti-tilt and anti-drop devices.

Pallet Racking
1) A wide range of accessories are available to accommodate non-standard pallet loads, and mesh wire fencing can be incorporated to provide simple security or bonded enclosures 2) Suitable for various occasions of the high, medium and low layer, can be assembled freely and adjusted easily, providing splicing for 2 pieces upright connection 3) Frame, including uprights, horizontal braces, diagonal braces, base plate and bolts 4) Beam includes safety pin 5) Material: high quality steel 6) ...

Material Handling Equipment
This is the most efficient way to transport a wide variety of items found in many different environments, such as groceries, wholesale distributors, warehouse, home improvement, and light hardware. The special structure secures merchandise in place while in transit.
Company: Qingdao Delphi International Co., Ltd.    China

Table Truck
1) Capacity: 800kg. 2) Min. table height: 445mm. 3) Max. table height: 1500. 4) The dimensions of table: 1220x610. 5) Caster wheel: 127mm. 6) Foot pedal cycles to max. height: <=97 times. 7) N.W.: 195kg. 8) Height of handle from the ground: 1050mm

Electric Winch
DJ series electric winches are the electrical hauling and winding devices and are reasonable in structure, high in hauling power, and artistic in design. They are widely used in hauling car, pleasure-boat and farm machine, especially in places where self-aid or mutual-aid is needed. Electric winches equipped with planetary gear drive run smoothly at high speed and are compact in structure.

Magnetic Lifter
Made of high-performance magnetic material, so it is small, light and strong in adsorption. Unique magnetic circuit and nearly no remanence. High safety coefficient and max. pull-off strength is 3.5 times of the rated lifting force. With security button, the handle can be operated by one hand, safe and convenient. There is V-shaped groove at the bottom of the lifter and it can lift corresponding round steel and steel plates with permanent magnetic force and without power supply. It can be ...

Lever Block
1) A universal, manual hoist for lifting, tensioning and lashing in any direction. 2) The ratchet lever hoist features compact design and robust, deep drawn, stamped steel construction. 3) Lightweight, small mounting sizes and small lever force at full load. 4) Asbestos free brake, holding load at any desired height. 5) Hand lever operates with little effort due to optimal gear ratio
Company: Qingdao Delphi International Co., Ltd.    China

Heavy Storage Rack
1) Dimensions (L x W x H): 2,500 x 1,000 x 3,000mm. 2) Max. bearing capacity: 0.5 - 3 tons/layer. 3) Surface treatment: plastics spaying. 4) Different sizes are available.

Medium Duty Racking
1) Cut-in composite beam structure. 2) Height of each layer can be adjusted freely for convenient storage. 3) Steel, wooden or medium-density panels. 4) Load capacity for each panel: 400 - 1,000kg. 5) Connection of major and subsidiary frames saves space and costs. 6) Enables efficient storage of a wide range of goods. 7) Non-standard specifications available

Tool Cart
1) Load capacity: 150kg. 2) Pneumatic wheel: 10" x 3.00-4. 3) Body dimensions (L x W x H): 940 x 600 x 970mm. 4) Unit weight: 16.50kg

Storage Cage
1) Size (L x W x H): 800*600*640mm. 2) Surface treatment: galvanization. 3) Different sizes available. 4) Wire diameter: 6mm. 5) Bearing capacity: 700kg. 6) We can also produce according to your drawings and design

Chain Block, Lever Block, Ratchet Tie Down
Chain block, Lever block, Trolley and Electric hoist: Used in workshop or industry for lifting or moving. Testing load capacity: 0.5-25MT. Block chains are manufactured according to the ISO, DIN, JIS, and ASTM standards; meets grade 80. Ratchet tie down, tow rope and bungee cord: Straps made of Nylon, nature rubber or polyester to get pulling capacity max. up 12,000lbs. Yellow, green, blue, and red. Packed in Header card, Plastic hanging bag, Slide card, Double-blister card, color box, ...

Hand Trolley
1) Aluminum frame makes the truck light. 2) Folding frame and toe make it small for taking. 3) Caster: solid tire 6" x 1.5". 4) Toe plate width: 240mm. 5) Load: 80kg. 6) Dimensions: 1,110 x 400 x 410mm

Diesel Forklift Trucks
1) Truck model: Diesel Forklift Trucks. 2) Rated capacity (kg): 3,000. 3) Max. lift height (mm): 3,000. 4) Load centre distance (mm): 500. 5) Max. lift speed (loaded) (mm/s): 380. 6) Tilting angle forward/backward (°): 6/12. 7) Travel speed (unload) (km/h): forward 20. 8) Reverse: 20. a) Min. turning radius (mm): 2,424. b) Gradeability (%): 15. c) Overall length (G) (mm): 3,765. d) Overall width (H) (mm): 1,225. e) Overall height (J) (mm): 2,090. f) Overhead height (mm): 2,090. g) Wheel ...

Cantilever Rack
1) Composite structure. 2) Size and capacity can be fixed by users. 3) Mainly used for the storage of long figure goods, such as rolled section steel, steel tube and plates

Forklift (1,000-3,500kg, diesel/gas/LPG engine, hydraulic transmission or mechanical transmission). Features: 1) High-rigid and wide view mast: the mast offers a greater degree of rigidity and resistance against torsion and bending. The wide view mast offers operator a clearly view when working. 2) Instrument and control rod. 3) New quality suspension seat. 4) Power steering with horizontal steering. 5) Super air intake system. 6) Open step

Drawer Racking
1) Safe and reliable, stable attachment. 2) Easy operation: uses bearing combination to slide, attach and hang; independent mold installation. 3) Saves space while maintaining high capacity storage. 4) Simple structure: easily installed with combination parts, convenient to disassemble, transport and reassemble. 5) Non-standard specifications available

1) Snatch block heavy duty type with hook. 2) Snatch block heavy duty type with shackle. 3) Yarding block with grease fitting. 4) Hay fork pulley. 5) Plate block with swivel eye. 6) Material: carbon and alloy steel
Company: Qingdao Delphi International Co., Ltd.    China

Hand Stacker
1) Lifting capacity (kg): 500. 2) Max lifting height (mm): 1,500. 3) Fully loaded lifting speed (mm/stroke): 45. 4) Fork height of lowered (mm): 90. 5) Wheel (mm): a) Load wheel: 90 ; b) Steering wheel: 125 ; 6) Overall dimensions (L x W x H, mm): 1335 x 624 x 1961 ; 7) Self weight (kg):180 ; 8) Min turnig radius (mm): 1250

Pallet Truck
1) Pallet truck: hand pallet truck, full electric truck and scissor truck. 2) Capacity: a) 2,000kg, 2,500kg, 3,000kg for hand pallet truck ; b) 2,000kg for full electric truck ; c) 1,000kg,1,500kg, 2,000kg for scissor truck. 3) Max. fork height: 205mm. 4) Min. fork height: 55mm. 5) Different sizes are available according to customers' requirements. 6) Reliable hydraulic pump:. a) German made seal kits afford two years' warranty hydraulic pump. b) Unique technology on this pump, ...

Tower Crane
1) Stationary height (under hook): 46.3m. 2) Max. height (anchoring): 160m. 3) Radius: 53/58/63m. 4) Rating lifting weight: 10MT. 5) The end lifting weight: 1.3MT. 6) Hoisting mechanism: a) Motor ; b) Speed: 35/63/100m/min (2 fall), 17.5/31.5/50m/min (4 fall) ; c) Power: 30kW. 7) Slewing mechanism: a) Speed: 0.6r ; b) Power: 2 x 7.5. 8) Trolley mechanism.

Hand Pallet Truck
1) Capacity: 2500/5500. 2) Min. fork height: 75/85mm. 3) Max. fork height: 190/200mm. 4) Steering wheel: 180 x 50mm/ 200 x 50mm. 5) Load roller Single: 74x93mm/80x93mm. 6) Size of fork: 160x50mm. 7) Width overall forks: 450/ 520/ 540/ 685mm. 8) Fork length: 800 /900 /1000 /1067 /1100 /1150 /1220mm. 2. Features: 1) Top quality hydraulic pump with a slow lowering hand control valve. 2) 3-position control handle. 3) Full adjustable push rods under forks. 4) Tapered fork tips with entry guide ...

Seed-Cotton Pack Stacking Machine
This kind of machine is mainly used in cotton processing plant and station. At purchase time, packed seed- cotton will be conveyed by the machine to stacking place and packed processed grinned cotton can also use it for stacking and lording, therefore working staff will be saved. In addition the machine is easy to move and maintain. 1) Capacity: 80MT/h ; 2) Lifting height: 3.3-8m ; 3) Power: 380V, 5.5kW, 4kW

Frame Crane
Frame Crane. Specifications: Cap. (MT): 32/8, 40/8, 50/12.5; Span (m): 18/22/26/30/35; Max. Lifting Height (m): Max.: 11; Aux.: 11; Speed (r/min): Hosting Max. M6: 7.83, 6.24, 5.58; Aux. M5: 12.53, 12.53, 10.45; Traversing M5: 37.1, 37.1, 37.6.

CRD Cargo Trolley
Cargo trolley is a kind of material handling equipment for transporting heavy cargoes. This cargo trolley is small and convenient. You can put the heavy load on it and then push the load not the trolley to move it. Wheel diameter is 7cm. The height of the trolley is 11cm. The wheel adopts the PU material which has well compressive resistance. The capacity should halve while moving the trolley. CRD The CRD cargo trolley can turn direction and has a draw bar which is used for turning not ...
Product Group: Cargo Trolley
Company: YanTai LongHai Hoisting Equipment Co Ltd    China

CRZ Cargo Trolley
Cargo trolley is a kind of material handling equipment for transporting heavy cargoes. This cargo trolley is small and convenient. You can put the heavy load on it and then push the load not the trolley to move it. Wheel diameter is 7cm. The height of the trolley is 11cm. The wheel adopts the PU material which has well compressive resistance. The capacity should halve while moving the trolley. CRZ The CRZ cargo trolley can across barriers within 2cm and it will not destroy the wheel. It ...
Product Group: Cargo Trolley
Company: YanTai LongHai Hoisting Equipment Co Ltd    China

Sheet Magnetic Lifter
Sheet Permanent Magnetic Lifter Parameter: Model Capacity (Kg) Dimensions (mm) Thickness of the Applicable Steel Plate (mm) Net Weight (Kg) Length Width Height PM-600 600 228 160 76 5mm+ 22kg PM-1000 1000 298 190 86 6mm+ 38kg PM-2000 2000 435 230 104 10mm+ 81kg PM-3000 3000 435 270 134 15mm+ 122kg PM-6000 6000 590 380 210 25mm+ 365kg
Product Group: Magnetic Lifter
Company: YanTai LongHai Hoisting Equipment Co Ltd    China

Low Hydraulic Jack
Hydraulic Jack Parameters: Model Rated Capacity (T) Min Toe Height (mm) Lifting Height (mm) NW/GW (Kg) Package Size (mm) LH1305 5T 25mm 230mm 25kg 365*200*430 LH1310 10T 30mm 260mm 35kg 380*225*485 LH1350 25T 58mm 273mm 102kg 540*320*615
Product Group: Hydraulic Jack
Company: YanTai LongHai Hoisting Equipment Co Ltd    China

Material Suction Units - LVC-320 - ( Material Loader )
1.High pressure, conveying capacity: 500Kg/Hr. 2.Conveying height: 5M 3.Simple to operate and clean. 4.High suction capacity. Product description: 1.LVC-320, 1000W, 1 Phase 2.Light weight: 14.5Kg 3.Pressure: 2000mmAq, Conveying Capacity: 500Kg/Hr., Conveying Height: 5M 4.Efficient, high suctorial capacity and faster speed of circumrotation. 5.Simple for operation and clean. 6.All superior materials are made and manufactured in Taiwan, exceptional quality. 7.If your esteemed ...
Product Group: Material Loader, Material Suction Unit

Vertical Agitator
NOSEN vertical agitator is composed to Taiwan brand planetary gear speed reducer,mounting base,pole shaft,propellers. Manufacturing vertical agitator following customers’ application situations. Features: * Electricity systems from 110V to 440V,50Hz or 60 Hz,1 or 3 phases * Power from 0.25 hp to 25 hp * Revolutions from 15 rpm to 1500 rpm * Pole shaft diameter from 20 ~ 70 mm * Propeller diameter from 100 mm ~ 1500 mm Components Materials: * Taiwan brand planetary ...
Product Group: Vertical Agitator

Air fan
Product Type Material Data AROFUNN Pneumatic Industrial Fan CAM-TR/TG-16" Casing:PP Blade:PP Inner Diameter:410mm Outer Diameter:510mm Width:300mm Air Volume:>4300m3/hr Working Pressure:3~7bar Air Consumption:260L/min AROFUNN Pneumatic Industrial Fan CAM-TR/TG-18" Casing:PP Blade:PP Weight:10Kgs/15Kgs Inner Diameter:460mm Outer Diameter:560mm Width:300mm Air Volume:>7000m3/hr Working Pressure:3~7bar Air Consumption:260L/min ...
Product Group: Air Fans, Pneumatic Fans,Industrial Fans
Company: Guangzhou canner pneumatic equipment co.,ltd    China

Clamp on air mixer
This portable air mixer is suitable for mixing large volumes of light and medium viscosity materials in open drum. Operating angles may be easily adjusted for the most efficient mixing position. Propeller type: A3 20cm Standard shaft length: 880mm Propeller Available horsepower: 1/8HP, 1/4HP ,1/2HP   Optional choices : 1.Reversible Control 2. Stainless shaft 3. Stainless propeller 4. Contamination shield Power Shaft Blade 1/4HP Ø16mm x 880mm 6" x 2 1/2HP ...
Product Group: Air Mixers, Pneumatic Mixers
Company: Guangzhou canner pneumatic equipment co.,ltd    China

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