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List extensive product information of Cranes & Hoists (include Lever Hoist, Sling, Tower Crane, Chain Hoist, Electric Hoist), provided by Crane & Hoist manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Side forklift
Side forklift truck is a new type of carring scraper. It differs from the counter- balanced one mainly in that the forks are mounted on the side of the body. Besides lifting and tilting, the forks can also traverse to the right side of the truck frame, and retract back alongside the well in the middle section of the truck, long cargoes can be loaded by the forkson/from the truck deck, as well as transported in limites spaces. Thereby, the side forklift truck is particularly suitable for ...
Product Group: Side Forklift
Company: Yancheng Foreign Trade Co., Ltd.    China

Chain hoist
HHD0.3T -25T chain hoist. Electric motor partial outer cover. They are made of high strength aluminum system through compression casting formation. Features: 1. Fast release heat and continuous use ; Enclosed structure ; Solid and light ; Can be used in the chemical plants, electroplating factories, and other places.. 2. Side kind braking: This masterly structure ensure the hoist absolutly safty when the power off. And ensures it is safe when has excess load . Also it combine to the ...
Product Group: Chain Hoist
Company: Zhongshan International Trading Corp.    China

1. Computer digital imitation makes the most suitable and stable low center of gravity. At the same time, body is welded by high intensity steel plate, assuring forklift being more stable and safe in traveling. 2. Wide-space is designed for operator moving legs, making operating conveniently and freely. 3. tilt-adjustable steering wheel can be adjusted in accordance with the working condition and shapes of operators to make operators feel untired after a long time work. 4. The suitably ...
Product Group: Forklift
Company: Hubei Fotma Machinery Co., Ltd.    China

Lever Block
1) A universal, manual hoist for lifting, tensioning and lashing in any direction. 2) The ratchet lever hoist features compact design and robust, deep drawn, stamped steel construction. 3) Lightweight, small mounting sizes and small lever force at full load. 4) Asbestos free brake, holding load at any desired height. 5) Hand lever operates with little effort due to optimal gear ratio
Product Group: Lever Block

All kind used cranes available for trading price: 1-tower cranes ; 2-hudraulic truck cranes ; 3-rough terrain cranes ; 4-mobile cranes ; 5-crawler cranes ; 6-telescopic cranes.
Company: Changshu Seagull Crane & Hoist Machinery Co., Ltd.    China

1) Name: webbing slings. 2) Working load limit: 1000~12000kg. 3) Approx thickness: 7.5mm. 4) Minimum length: 1.1~3.0. 5) Maximum length: 100m. 6) Eye length: 350~900mm

Hydraulc Hoist
A set of hydraulic hoist includes a hydraulic cylinder, an electric control system including PLC, an hydraulic control system and pipelines. They are used to lift and close the conventional plane gates, high-speed conventional plane gates, various crest radial gates, deep-hole radial gates of different hole dimensions, various miter gates and "-" type gates for inland navigation buildings, ship locks, reservoirs, ponds, channels power stations and bridges. The hoist cylinders are ...

Lifting Gear
Our products include polyester webbing sling, round sling, endless type webbing sling, ratchet tie down strap, winch strap, load binder, hand winch, power puller, magnetic lifter, ratchet buckle, lashing winch, and winch bar.
Product Group: Lifting Gear

Mini Lever Hoist
1) These are the smallest, lightest ever hoists for professional applications we currently offer. 2) High quality internal parts and European load chain ensures better performance and reliability. 3) Load tested and certified to 150% of the rated capacity, safety factor is 4 to 1. 4) The extremely low tare weight and very compact design makes the hoist easy to use even in confined working conditions. 5) We have mini lever hoists from 100kg, 150kg and 300kg

Shop Crane
Effectively handle the most bulky, awkward loads. Affordable and versatile all-purpose crane is constructed of sturdy, heavy gauge steel. Features a completely self-contained hydraulic system with a single-action manual pump. Automatic safety relief valve helps to prevent overloading. Crane includes safety hook and chain.

Hoist, Lift, Cranes
The dynamoelectric handspike is the optimal performance frame that drives the handspike achieving various performances by electromotor. This product has the advantages of big push force, small volume, operation convenience, low-cost, auto-protection, and maintenance easily, lightweight, lower energy dissipation and all-purpose. It can be used in power, chemical, metallurgy, construction, mining, harbor and vessel industries to operate air doors, fire doors, flashboards, loading and unloading ...
Company: Changshu Seagull Crane & Hoist Machinery Co., Ltd.    China

Magnetic Lifter
1) Designed with powerful rare earth magnet. 2) Mainly used for carrying such iron products as armor plates, iron moulds and other armor plate products. 3) No fishhook needed, no power needed, maintenance free. 4) Every product has been tested. 5) Reach or exceed three times of the safety rate. 6) Insurance button specially made for safety. 7) Includes pressurizing structure.

Tower Crane
1. Version: fixed and traveling type. 2. Free height: 50 meters. 3. Max. height: 220 meters. 4. Max. radius: 70 meters. 5. Jib end load: 2.1MT at 70 meters. 6. Max. load: 12MT at 17.04 meters. 7. Hoisting mechanism: JT3. 8. Drum capacity: 600 meters. 9. Lifting speed: 1.59m/min~80.5m/min. 10. Slewing mechanism: HZ-250. 11. Slewing speed: 0.68r/min. 12. Trolley mechanism: BF-250. 13. Trolley speed: 0~70m/min. 14. Power line voltage: 380V/50Hz. 15. Color: yellow. 16. Counter weight: ...
Product Group: Tower Crane
Company: Changshu Seagull Crane & Hoist Machinery Co., Ltd.    China

Polyester Round Sling
H-lift polyester round sling features: 1) Polyester round sling with two ply woven heavy sleeve. 2) Color coded according to EN 1492-2. 3) Each stripe is equal to 1MT capacity. 4) The safe working load is clearly and continuously printed on the sleeve. 5) Extra strong PU-impregnated webbing of the sleeve, which does not allow dirt to enter. 6) Each sling is packed in plastic with CE declaration of conformity. 7) Low elongation. 8) Extremely wear resistant

Slow Speed Winch
1) Wire rope rated towing force: 250kN 2) Wire rope rated speed: 10.84m/min 3) Wire rope length: 800m 4) Rope roll diameter: 800mm 5) General rotating ratio: 223.2 6) Reduction box: JZQ750-3-2-Z 7) Electromotor type: Y280S-6 8) Electromotor power: 55kW 9) Wire rope size: 42ZAB6 x 37S + FC1770ZS 10) Hydraulic pressure brakestaff: YWZ400 / 90 11) Arranging rope part length of travel: 1,280mm 12) Outline dimensions (L x W x H): 4,210 x 2,970 x 1,970mm 13) Matched pulley throat diameter: 650mm ...

Lever Hoists
lever hoist is a kind of portable and versatile hand-operated loading and pulling appliance, which is capable of being applied in electricity, mines, shipbuilding, construction-sites, transports, post and telecommunication for installing equipment, lifting goods, pulling mechanical parts, bulk strapping and fastening, tightening fittings of wires, assembling and welding. It has exceptional advantages particularly for pulling in every limited narrow places, in the upper air high above the ...
Product Group: Lever Hoist

Lifting Devices and Cable Reels
We supply all kinds of accessories for cranes, especially lifting devices. All products are from certified manufacturers whose products are approved for application in hoisting or marine equipment. Both standard and tailor-made products are available. Our range can be divided into the following categories: wire rope and steel cable, cable reel, electrical lifting magnets, hooks, sheave blocks, clamps, tongs, claws, lifting beams, slings, chains and shackles, special hoisters and lifters.

Chain Hoist
The chain block are portable lifing device easily operated by hand chain. It is suitable for use in factories, mines, Farms, construction sites, wharves, docks and warehouses for installation of equipment, as well as for loading and unloading goods. It is specially advantageous for lifting work in open air grounds and places where no electric power supply is available. The chain block can be attached to a trolley of any type as a traveling chain block. It is suitable to monorail overhead ...
Product Group: Chain Hoist

Tower Cranes
Full industrial molding adopted in the manufacturing process of all steel structure and machinery parts ensures high precision and ultimate compatibility. 1) Freestanding height: 59.8m and 44.8m. 2) Max. anchored height: 203m. 3) Jib length working radius: 50m. 4) Max. load capacity: 10MT. 5) Tip load capacity: 2.3MT. 6) Slewing mechanism: RCV95: 0-0.7rpm. 7) Trolley mechanism: X96: 15/38/58m/min. 8) Hoisting mechanism: 70RCS25: 51.5kW, 550m rope length.
Product Group: Tower Crane

Truck Crane
1) truck crane with hydraulic drive, full swing and telescopic boom, step-less speed variation for various operation mechanisms. 2) The whole vehicle conforms to 48 standards of China National Compulsory Inspection. Width indicator lamps are installed at the front, middle and rear. Side protection fenders are fitted for the vehicle. 3) Equipped with Euro II compliant 6C215-2 engine or WD415.21 engine. 4) A load weighing device equipped in operator's cab can display load lifting capacity ...

Vice Clip
1) Made from super quality steel plate through further processing or cast iron. 2) Applicable for installation of pipeline for industrial and civil buildings. 3) No welding is needed. 4) It is flexible to assemble and dismantle. 5) With high lifting load endurance

Electro-Hydraulic Forklift & Manual Forklift
Feature of electro-hydraulic forklift: Being light and flexible to move, the whole device is portable and with high efficiency. It can be used for cargo's moving and stacking in places such as plant, warehouse, and wharf and big supermarket. 1) Imported hydraulic system. 2) Power voltage of 12V. 3) Charging device and indicating meter for storage battery capacity. 4) Security assured with pipeline anti cracking valve. 5) Safety coefficient increased in portal and critical area, where ...
Product Group: Forklift

Hoist, Lift, Cranes
We manufacture many series hydraulic lift tables. These products are widely used in high-altitude working, installation and maintenance for factories and mines industry, railroad, road, airport, post and communications, petrol, electric power and other departments; assemble and unassembled, transformation, stacking for goods on product lines; scene collocation, decoration, maintenance and cleaning for stadium and gymnasium, auditorium or other high buildings, because they can greatly improve ...

Electric Hoist
1) Complying with CE and GS standards, with emergency stop switch and reinforced 110V breaking switch in position limit, protection class is up to IP54, with thermal prevention device. 2) Small, compact and exquisite in design and shape, top quality and lightweight, convenient to install, and safe operation. 3) With single-phase power, suitable for household use and DIY markets. 4) Can also be widely used in lifting or unloading goods in factories, shops, restaurants, garages and industrial ...
Product Group: Electric Hoist

Steel Wire Ropes for Cranes
1) Cross lay rope: a) 6 x 19S, 6 x 19W, 6 x 25Fi, 6 x 29Fi, 6 x 36SW, 8 x 19S, 8 x 19W, 8 x 25Fi, 8 x 29Fi. b) Diameter: 6.0 - 40.0mm. 2) Multi-layer non-rotating rope: a) 17 x 7, 18 x 7, 18 x 19, 18 x 19S, 18 x 19W, 34 x 7, 35 x 7, 36 x 7, 35W x 7. b) Diameter: 10.0 - 40.0mm

Steel Wire Adhesive Tape Bucket Elevator
Features: 1) Adopting special anti-tear high tension steel wire adhesive tape as pulling components. 2) Equipped with special tape connectors and bucket fasteners. 3) Low power consumption. Specifications: 1) Max. height: 120m. 2) Max. conveying capacity: 900cbm/hr. 3) Used for conveying powder materials.

Chain Hoist
We can supply Chain Hoist, Lever block in high quality. Chain hoist is of excellent quality, we have VITAL type and round Type, with 0. 5t~20t capacity, and plain trolley, geared Trolley. Lever block is 0. 75t~6t, we also have small sizes 0. 25t, only 2kg. Which is very popular in North American and European markets.
Product Group: Chain Hoist

Used Crane Tadano 65T
Used Crane TADANO 65T Model: TG650E Year:2003 Original: JAPAN Chassic: Nissan Engine: Nissan Boom: five sections of 45m Boom & Jib: 52 m Overall dimension: 13.35m * 2.85m * 3.6m Capacity: 65 t Gross weight: 37.2t Front cable: left side Back cable: right side Price: FOB Shanghai Delivery: Within ten days after downpayment. Payment: T/T,L/C Truck Crane : 1. KATO: NK250E,NK350E,NK400E-3,NK500E,NK550E 2. TADANO: TL250E,TL300E,TG500E,TG550E,TG650E
Product Group: Truck Crane
Company: Shangahi Yiqnie Equipment CO. Ltd    china

used crawlerCrane Hitachi 50T
Hitachi crawler crane 50T KH-180 Hitachi Crawler Crane 50t for sell NO YOUR NECESSARIES, NO OUR ITEMS. Brand name: HITACHI crawler crane|crawler crane|used crane Model No. KH-180 Capacity: 50T Place of Origin: Japan Jib length: 8m Boom length: 45m Minimum order quantity: 1 set Payment terms: T/T or cash Delivery ways: FOB Shanghai We have exactly Hitachi 50T,Hitachi 150T,Kobelco130T crawler crane in stock at the moment with competitive price.
Product Group: Crawler Crane
Company: Shangahi Yiqnie Equipment CO. Ltd    china

Used Kobelco crawler crane 100T
Kobelco crawler crane 100T Model No.: KOBELCO 5100Brand Name: P&H 5100Max. Lifting Capacity: 100T Price:$280000Main Boom: 60MFly Jib: 20mYear: 1988Origin Fabrication: JapanLocation: Shanghai, ChinaHave good computer systemWorked and all in good condition Truck Crane : 1. KATO: NK200E,NK350E,NK400E,NK500E,NK500E,NK800,NK1000,NK1200. 2. TADANO: TL250E,TL300E,TG500E,TG550E,TG650E,TG800E. Crawler crane: 1.Hitachi 50T,Hitachi 150T, 2.Kobelco50T,100T,130T 150T
Product Group: Crowler Cranes
Company: Shangahi Yiqnie Equipment CO. Ltd    china

Chain Hoist, Chain Block
Chain Hoist Features: Five prominent features in design and service are inherent in HSZ Series Chain Block. 1 Our chain hoist is safe and reliable in operation with minimum maintenance. 2 Chain hoist has high efficiency and small hand pull. 3 Chain hoist has small net weight and is easy to be handling. 4 Chain hoist has fine appearances with small size. 5 Chain hoist is durable in service. Dominant features: 1 Our chain block is with triangle shape which is hard and has compact ...
Product Group: Chain Hoist
Company: YanTai LongHai Hoisting Equipment Co Ltd    China

Super Low Electric Chain Hoist
Features of the super low electric chain hoist: This kind of electric chain hoist can shorten the distance between the hoist body and the transverse beam track. With this structure, the super low electric chain hoist is applicable to use in the low construction, especially in some place which need to enlarge the valid lifting height.
Product Group: Chain Hoist
Company: YanTai LongHai Hoisting Equipment Co Ltd    China

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