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List extensive product information of Measurement & Meter (include Panel Meter, Water Meter, Flowmeter, Power Meter, Ammeter, Multimeter, Energy Meter, Gas Meter), provided by Measurement & Meter manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Instant Flexible Digital Thermometer
1)10 seconds response time. 2) Flexible tip for convenient use. 3) Waterproof provides easy cleaning. 4) oC and oF switchable. 5) 32.0 oC to 42.9 oC (90.0 oF to 109.9 oF) measuring range. 6) ±0.1 oC (±0.2 oF) accuracy and fast response. 7) Easy to read large LCD display. 8) Last reading memory display. 9) Beeper alarm

Panel Meter
Panel meter is one kind of electric measure indicators with the direct effecting of imitative display. It is suitable for AC and DC output and input distribution circuit, power plant console cabinet, power operating board and different apparatus. It is used to measure DC current, voltage and AC current, voltage, frequency and phase power.

Vane Wheel Water Meter
Application: This range of water meter is used to measure the total quantity of cold potable water which consumed in household or a resident unit, passing through the pipeline. Features: The mechanism of the register shall be self-housed in the container of the corrosion resistant metal, with dry dial, straight reading, and rotation of the wheel be driven with magnet to the register. The case of water meter is made of cast copper and is beautifully shaped. Easy for reading, clearness and ...

1) LZT series panel (piping) flowmeter. 2) LZ series variable-area flowmeter. 3) LD series electromagnetic flowmeter. 4) LUGB series vortex flowmeter. 5) LC11 series oval gear flowmeter

Specified Thermocouples
1) Specified for power stations. 2) High temperature and pressure bearing series. 3) Medium temperature and pressure bearing series. 4) Low temperature and pressure bearing series

Full Automatic Metering and Mixing Setting
1) Rational and compact structure, which can reduce the load. 2) The proportion control precision can be ensured by the speed adjustor. 3) Small and light, which can reduce the load to the shaping machine. 4) The precise standard metering can be operated by the simple speed adjuster, which demonstrates great advantages in tiny and precise dyeing metering. 5) The precise metering can ensure the plastic dyeing of the projects. 6) New materials, breaking materials or dyes, either in the form of ...

Motor LCD Meter
1) R-M10/150E series meters are specially used for Da Mian Yang motors. 2) Can be used in a widely range of temperatures. 3) Strong anti-interference. 4) Strong climate adaptability. 5) Waterproof and fog-defending

Fire-Extinguisher Gauge
1) Sizes available: 1", 1.5" 2) Pressure range: maximum reading 200psi-800psi 3) Dial faces can be made at customer's requests 4) ALF fire extinguisher gauges have a stainless steel case and high impact-resistant polycarbonate window 5) Every gauge is strictly leak tested, therefore preventing loss of extinguishing agent.

Pressure Gauge, Pressure Meter
We can supply industrial pressure meters, vacuum pressure meters, water pressure meters, gas meters, single-plane diaphragm pressure meters, mini pressure meters, piezo meters, refrigerant pressure meters, vapor pressure meters, electrolyte point pressure meters, stainless steel pressure meters, steel thermometers and thermometers from china.

Power Meter
This product is used for amounting the electricity and electricity charge. It has lots of setting function as follows: Setting for time (date, week, exact time), 12/24 hours format, setting for electricity quantity and electricity charge unit price, as well as adding up the time. Working frequency, current power, along with the highest and the lowest power in a certain period can be shown by this electricity meter. Compared with the common ammeter, it with the advantage of complete function, ...
Company: Zhe Jiang Guanghui Meters Co., Ltd.    China

Thermal Thermostat
1) Mainly applied in electric water heaters, water boilers, electronic ovens, warm air heaters, washing machines, freezers, kitchen equipment. 2) Italian technology. 3) Service temperature control range: 0 - 40°C, 30 - 85°C, 30 - 90°C, 30 - 110°C, 50 - 300°C, 50-320°C. 4) Many models available: T-100, T-150, T-300

1) With cover on movement (F). 2) Model: SA-T96A, SA-T96V, SA-T72A, SA-T72V, SA-T48A, SA-T48V. 3) Accuracy: Class 1.5. 4) Specification: 0.1A, 0.5A, 1A, 7.5A, 10A, 15A, 20A, 25A, 30A, 40A, 50A, 60A, 75A, 100A. 5) For 10A-10KA, use external current transformer with secondary current 1A or 5A. 6) Notes: 60A, 75A, 100A directing reading meters can be directly connected to circuit, but their accuracy is class 2.5. For SA-48 Ammeter, 20A to 60A direct reading meter can be directly connected to ...

Remote Water Temperature Sensor
1) Displays and transmits water temperature. 2) Three channels selectable. 3) Dimension: D96xH107mm. 4) 2pcs AAA batteries. 5) 433 or 315MHz transmission range to 30 meters. 6) Temperature measuring range: 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F)

Energy Meters
1) These single-phase meters are a type of induction instrument used to measure rated frequency (50Hz). 2) They should be installed in rooms with ambient temperatures of -10~+50 oC, and with relative humidity below 85% (at 25oC). 3) 3-phase meters are available in two types: power and reactive power, both of which are induction instruments used to measure rated frequency . 4) They should be installed in rooms with ambient temperatures of -10~+50 oC, and with relative humidity below 85%.
Company: Zhe Jiang Guanghui Meters Co., Ltd.    China

Three Digital Ammeter
1. Function: measure A phase current, B phase current, C phase current. 2. Measuring range: 3 x AC2A-10A (DC): 3 x AC20A-20kA (via transformer). 3. Accuracy: ±(1.0% measuring + 1 digit). 4. Display: 3 digits, 3 1/2 digit, LED display. 5. Max. digital display range: 0-1,999. 6. Auxiliary power: AC 220V±10%

Auto Range Multimeter
AC/DC Voltage, AC/DC Current, Resistance, Capacitance, Frequency, Diode and Continuity test, Transistor hFE test. Display: 3 3/4 digit LCD with a max. reading of 3999. AC/DC Current to 10A. Auto-range and Auto power off, Auto-zero, Auto-polarity. Hold Key. Safety: According to EN61010-1 protection class II overvoltage category (CAT II 600V) pollution degree 2. Power Supply: "AA" 1.5V 7# two pieces

Humidity Measuring Instrument
The instrument's technique content is high, it has the number of read accurate keep the view, the automatic humidity error margin revise, the auto marks certainly, the automatic temperature compensate, the automatic weight compensate etc. function. Measure the scope wide: it can measure the wheat, corn, the rapeseed, soybean, big rice, barley, rice; the high beam waits the nonmetal grain form material. The operation is simple: it need not to measure the sample, can immediately measure ...

Pre-Payment Meter
1) A new-style meter which purchases electricity by IC card and adopts micro-electronic technique. 2) Used for measuring rated frequency 50Hz or 60Hz single phase AC active energy electric power consumption and realizing electric power usage after prepaying and realizing user load control function

Water Meter, Water Timer
Water Meter: 1) Wet type water meter. 2) Light and compact design. 3) Easy and long term clear reading. 4) Dimensions: 13mm, 20mm. Water Timer: 1) Watering timer can be set between 0-120 minutes. 2) Shuts water off automatically. 3) For taps with a 3/4" (19mm) or 1" (25mm) thread. 4) Spring drive mechanical mechanism, no wiring, no batteries necessary
Company: Zhe Jiang Guanghui Meters Co., Ltd.    China

Ultrasonic Distance Measurer
Ultrasonic distance measurer transmits ultrasonic waves to a point you want to measure. It measures the time taken by the waves to reflect and then calculates and re-transcribes the distance; after measure the height, width and length of the room and save each measure in a different memory, the area or volume of the room can be calculated automatically; this distance measurer can measure distances in a straight-line from 0.9m to 18m. Application: This ultrasonic distance measurer is perfect ...

Single Phase Kwh Meter
Accuracy Class: 1.0, 2.0; Connection: Button Connection; Ref. Voltage: 110V, 220V, 230V, 240V; Ref. Freq.: 50 / 60Hz; Rated Max. Current: 40~120A; Overload times: 2~8 times (up to 80% basic current); Type of Bearing: Magnetic Suspension / Double Jewel

Three-phase Static Multi-function Energy Meter
Features: 1) Applicable standard: IEC 62053-21, IEC 62056-21. 2) Working temperature range: -30 ~ +65°C. 3) Working voltage range: 0.8Un to 1.15Un. 4) Accuracy class: Class 1, Class 2. 5) Power loss: ≤1.5W or 5VA. 6) Starting current: ≤0.002Ib (transformer connected), ≤0.004Ib. 7) Accuracy of clock: ≤0.5s each day. Basic functions: 1) 4-tariff, 2 time zones, 8 period time-of -day. 2) Measuring bi-directional active energy and four quadrant reactive energy with time-of-use. 3) ...

Power Parameter Multimeter
Power parameter multi-meter is a special electronic measurement instrument for measuring electrical net-work parameter, the measured parameter displayed on 5 group monitor, which can measure and manage more than 50 electrical networks parameters at the same time. Power Multimeter provides the line voltage, phase voltage, phase current, phase power factor, total current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, active kilowatt hour, reactive kilowatt hour and so on electrical network ...

Weather Station
1. Measuring range: Temperature: Indoor: 0°C~+50°C (+14°F~+122°F). Outdoor: 50°C~+70°C (-58°F~+158°F). Humidity: 15%~95% (RH). 2. Accuracy: +/-1°C (1.8°F) at the temperature of 15°C~35°C (59°F~95°F). +/-5% at the temperature of 15°C~35°C (59°F~95°F) and the humidity of 40%~80% +8% at the remaining range. 3. Temperature: 1°C (1°F) Humidity: 1%. 4. In/out. 5. Unit size: 108 x 100 x 22mm; display size: 80 x 60mm. 6. Hygrometer: 0~39% for dry, 40~65% for comfort, 66-95% for ...

Turnover Pedometers with Clocks and Calorie Meters
1) Clock display. 2) Step counter. 3) Total distance counter. 4) Total calorie counter. 5) Set strides: 0.3 - 2.0m or 10 - 80 inches. 6) Step frequency: from 80 steps/minute to 220 steps/minutes, the average error is about 3%. 7) Set weight: 30 - 120kg or 70 - 250 pounds. 8) Metric and English standard selected by user. 9) Clip attached to belt. 10) Sensitivity adjustment. 11) Battery: 1 x Ag 13 lithium cell (included). 12) Size: 6.45 x 4.25 x 1.75cm. 13) Net weight: 28g

Cermet Trimming Potentiomete
Elecsound is a manufacturer of Cermet Trimming Potentiometer . Our products are well crossed to Bourns Brand parts. We offer Cermet type and WireWound type. the range as 3006, 3262, 3266, 3262, 3314, 3313,3224, 3269, 3296, 3299, 3303, 3306, 3309, 3318, 3323, 3329, 3362, 3386, 3540, 3590 and 105H. Our Brand is Elecsound and our trimming potentioemters are RoHS compliant. ET3006 Cermet Trimming Potentiometer 4.8x19 Rectangular Multiturn ET3224 Cermet trimmig potentiometers square Multiturn ...
Company: elecsound PCB CO.,LTD    china

Single Phase Anti-tamper Energy Meter
The type ST12AT03 meter is a single phase residential electricity meter that provides utilities with high digital accuracy, reliability, serviceability and cost-effectiveness over the entire life cycle. It’s one of the most adaptable meters on the residential market, with anti-temper design and proof it can protect your investment. Key features: 1-phase 2-wire or 1-phase 3-wire network 220-240V 50 Hz reference voltage/frequency Or 120V 60Hz reference voltage/frequency Class 1 or 2 ...
Product Group: Electricity Meter
Company: Sunrise Technology Co., Ltd(China)    China

Single Phase Multi-tariff Electricity Meter
The type ST12F01 meter is a new generation electronic watt-hour meter designed for measuring energy consumption in single phase services, time-of-use metering with up to four tariffs and custom billing cycles allowing billing and management applications in IEC compliant countries. It is a cost-effective choice for residential and light commercial application. Key features: 1-phase 2-wire network 220-240V 50 Hz reference voltage/frequency Class 1 or 2 (IEC), Class A or B (MID) 5A, ...
Product Group: Electricity Meter
Company: Sunrise Technology Co., Ltd(China)    China

Poly-Phase Multi-function Electricity Energy Meter
The type ST34a03 poly-phase meters provide a cost-effective solution for measuring active energy consumption in commercial and light industry applications. These meters offer the advantages of leading edge electronic metering technology, anti-tamper features and security data as standard. The meter can be supplied with either Class1.0 or Class 2.0 as defined by IEC 62053-21. This meter conform to IEC62053-21, IEC62052-11. Key features: 2-phase 3-wire network or 3 phase 4-wire network ...
Product Group: Electricity Meter
Company: Sunrise Technology Co., Ltd(China)    China

Poly-Phase Multi-tariff Electricity Energy Meter
The type ST34f02 meter is an electronic watt hour meter that measures energy consumption in three phase services, delivering outstanding operational efficiency and reliable measurement. With high quality, solid-state measurement performance, and dramatically reduces total cost of ownership for the life of the meter. Key features: 3 phase 4-wire network In 5A to maximum 100A direct connection Class1.0 (IEC), Class A or B (MID) accuracy Back light display, with 7 digits LCD easy to ...
Product Group: Electricity Meter
Company: Sunrise Technology Co., Ltd(China)    China

Single phase ANSI residential electricity meter
The type ST600 single phase electricity meter performance meets or exceeds ANSI standards with 50 or 60 Hz models available to operate at 120vac and 240vac for Class 20, Class 100 and Class 200 socket based residential or commercial installations. The advanced electronic design offers superior accuracy and performance advantages over electromechanical meter. Key features: 1-phase 2-wire or 1-phase 3-wire network 120V or 240V 60Hz reference voltage/frequency Class 100 or Class 200 LCD ...
Product Group: Electricity Meter
Company: Sunrise Technology Co., Ltd(China)    China

Inteke Colour Assessment Cabinet CAC(4)
Inteke Colour Assessment Cabinet CAC(4) CAC(4) (four light sources) Brand:Inteke Light sources:D65,TL84,F,UV Weight:28Kg Dimensions:710 x 405 x 570 mm Product info Features: > Time running display of each light source. > Auto conversion between light sources; Different spectrum with same color. > No need warm-up; No flicker; Color assessment quick and reliable. > Low power-consumption; No heat emission; Efficient ...
Product Group: Color Assessment Cabinet
Company: Inteke Instrument Co.,Limited    China

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