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Detailed CNC induction hardening machine,induction heating machine Description:

Induction heat treating has become an essential operation in the development of manufacturing cells. Induction hardening is primarily used for surface hardening, only the material in the heating zone is heated. There is no need to treat the whole body of the component, thus saving energy. The hardening result depends upon a complex interaction of process parameters such as induction coils and quench design, material analysis, component geometry, heating frequency and power and quenching cycles, etc.

This series hardening machine mainly suit for various metal workpiece, such as shaft, gear etc.

Feature of hardening machine tool
1.This machine is automatic vertical CNC hardening machine tools, it is used for induction hardening the surface of the light-sized shaft and plate workpiece. It can achieves progressive scanning hardening, subsection scanning hardening, single-shot and time quenching. The workpiece feed speed can be stepless adjustable, and feeding and backing conveniently. The workpiece will be rotated when scanning and heating though the CNC system, so the hardness will be equably and the hardening quality will very stable.

2.The machine tools has automatic and manual function. Equipped with a 6 inch color display, according to the process requirements of different workpieces, edit the parameters at the human-computer interface.

3.The machine tools CNC system use famous brand(such as Siemens 802C,808D), quality stability, fully function, work reliability, low failure rate.

4.The design of the mechanical structure is reasonable and advanced. The main and vice guide rail use high precision, friction small, long lifetime, chromed-face, and anti-corrosion linear bearing. The drive disk assembly adopt high rotate speed, wear resistance, and high quality ball screw.

5.The machine tools adopt sealed protective water channel structure, auto-control, tank circuit cabinet and the machine water channel are integrated together, so it is easy operation

6.The machine tool install weight balance mechanism, so the ball screw stress evenly applied, improve the woke speed and the service life.

7.The electrical system is integrated with the lathe bed, have a good appearance, no exposed wires, reduce the interference of high frequency electromagnetic wave, greatly improves the system stability.

Provide the design specifications for your workpiece and allow us to generate a quote.

CNC induction hardening machine,induction heating machine
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