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Detailed Metal Ultrasonic welding machine Description:

HK KEEPLEADER LTD is middle-size manufacture, engages in ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic welding machine and high frequency welding machine and various packing machine

Ultrasonic welding machine has two branches of ultrasonic plastic welding machine and ultrasonic metal welding machine, under information is for ultrasonic metal welding machine

Ultrasonic metal welding machine has wide application, Aluminum, brass, copper, most of the precious metals, and nickel alloys can be easily welded, also have the advantage of being able to weld many dissimilar metal combinations

Ultrasonic metal welder uses of high-frequency vibration waves passing to the two metal surfaces to be welded, in the case of pressure, friction between the two metal layers surface formed by the molecules fusions, which is face, high strength, after good conductivity and resistivity low or near zero, requirement for metal welding surface is low and oxidation or plating can be welded, water-proof for brass tube end sealing, which is often used in refrigerator , no spark, close to the cold working, but the thick of material cannot be too thick (generally less than or equal to 5mm), joint position cannot be too large, need pressure in welding

Ultrasonic metal welding machine has superior advantages, for example, ultrasonic wire welding is superior for several reasons, the ultrasonic method does not require the use of any extra materials, it can join wire to wire to terminals without fillers or crimping tools, crimped wires, on the other hand, can sometime loosen and come apart over a period time
Not all sizes are suitable for ultrasonic metal welding, HK KEEPLEADER LTD usually recommend a maximum bundle size of 30 for bare stranded copper and less for timed wire, 2500-watt wire welded can weld bundles of up to with a single pulse and 48 sq. mm with two hits
Ultrasonic metal welding machine also can weld wire splicing and pin or lug attaching, just need to change the tooling, however, HK KEEPLEADER LTD generally recommend different power machine for wire-to-wire splicing and wire-to-terminal applications, 1600w ultrasonic spot welder is better for wire-to-terminal applications
Ultrasonic metal welding machine need good supply material, which not only can well transmit resonance but also have good wearable and durable character, but hardness and toughness are inherently contradictory, so the material need special treatment and well-selected,the heat-treated tool steel tip can usually be used for up to 100,000 welds before the tips need replacement
Ultrasonic metal welding machine has its centre frequency, for example 40khz, 20khz, also have working frequency, which is decided by mechanical resonated frequency of transducer, booster and horn, the frequency of ultrasonic generator/power box must comply with the resonated frequency by regulation, then the horn works in the resonant state, each part is designed as half-wavelength resonant body, ultrasonic generator and resonance frequency have a resonance scope, which usually is ±0.5 KHz, in this scope, the machine can work normally, HK KEEPLEADER LTD makes each horn under adjustment for resonance frequency to keep the scope within 0.1khz, for example, if designed frequency is 20khz for welding horn, we will control it in the scope of 19.90—20.10 KHz, the tolerance is 5‰
Ultrasonic metal welder always has textured surface of welding position and base, which is to prevent the metal parts to slide and the energy delivered to the welding position fully, the textured design generally have a square, diamond, bar textured, the size and depth of textured design depends on the welding parts

Metal Ultrasonic welding machine
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Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of Metal Ultrasonic welding machine in China.


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