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List extensive product information of Mould (include Casting Mould, Rubber Mould, Plastic Injection Mould, Metal Stamping Mould, Silicone Mould), provided by Mould manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Stretch-Blow Molding Machine
1) Double toggle and 4 tie bards for clamping unit. 2) Infrared prehearter with Japan inverter and rotating device. 3) PLC or relay control with optional operation of manual and semi-auto. 4) Whole pneumatic cylinder design for sealing and stretching. 5) Advanced pneumatic system and buffering device. 6) Safety device of dual start design. 7) Supply special machine of medicine bottle, hot-filling bottle, 5 gallon bottle

Headlamp Housing Mould
1) Mould base form LKM. 2) Automatic tooling design and analysis. 3) Designed as per HASCO standards. 4) Advanced tool making machines. 5) Prompt delivery. 6) Mould life: 500,000 - 1,000,000 shots

Plastic Injection Machine
Specifications: 1) Injection prssure: 165Mpa-246Mpa. 2) Screw speed: 250r/min. 3) Clamping force: 200T. 4) Toggle stroke: 500mm. 5) Space between tie-bars: 515x 465mm. 6) Max. pump pressure: 17.5Mpa. 7) Pump motor power: 30kw. 8) Heater power: 14.25kw. 9) Dimensions: 5.7 x 1.5x 2.11m. 10) Machine weight: 7.5T
Company: Higrade Moulds & Products Co., Ltd.    China

Elbow PP Pipe Fitting Mould
1) Name: elbow-PP pipe fitting mould. 2) Specifications are as per customers' requirements. 3) Capability: injection. 4) Texture: as per customers' requirements

Vacuum Die casting Mould
We are a professional casting mould manufacturer. We design and manufacture progressive moulds completely in our mould workshop, and test the moulds in house. We equipped with advanced 200T die spotting Machine, Germany three-coordinate measuring machine, slow moving wire linear cutting machine, and various CNC machining equipment for precision machining. We design various moulds, such as automative parts, diesel&petrolic Engine, lamp parts, elevator parts, car sound box, etc.
Company: Higrade Moulds & Products Co., Ltd.    China

Mould for Tires and Tubes
We can manufacture moulds for following tires with good quality and reasonable prices: 1) Motorcycle tires. 2) ATV tires. 3) Tubeless tires. 4) Motocross tires. 5) Truck tires

Mould for Car Bumper
1) We make moulds of automobile parts for Honda, Toyota, and Ford, such as moulds for car panels, car lamp housings, automobile filters, car brake sockets and vent. 2) We also design and manufacture various air conditioner moulds for US Fedders. 3) We make die casting mould of telecom amplifiers for Ericsson. 4) We make big speakers with the height of 1.3m for Italian customers

Decoration Aluminum Profiles
This product used to decorate the outer and inner corner for the tile wall transition; it can hide the rough edge and make the curved place in cape become the arc form with the not easy damage. 1. Height: 7cm, 8cm, 9cm, 10cm, 11cm, 12cm. 2. Length: 2.6m or according to customer's requirement. 3. Color: anodizing, bright silver, gold mirror finish as well as various powder coated color

Plastic Injection Parts
We have professional plastic injection machines to produce complicated technical injection molding for electelectrical appliances, computers, homeappliances, telecommunication devices, pharmaceutical appliance, bathroom accessories, building plastic parts, toy and crafts.
Company: Higrade Moulds & Products Co., Ltd.    China

Silicone Cake Molds, Cake Molds
1) Made of 100% silicone rubber, approved by FDA. 2) Used in microwares or traditional ovens. 3) Non stick, does not grease the mold. 4) Suitable for use at the temperatures -40 to 250 degrees. 5) Requires less cooking time. 6) Dishwasher safe. 7) Does not cut anything in the mold. 8) Unbreakable, bendable, flexible. 9) Many different shapes of silicone bakeware available

Stamping Die
1 Material: SKD11 D2 and SKH-9. 2 Die size: up to 2 meters. 3 Product precision: up to 0.02mm. 4 Customized designs are welcome. 5 Metal stamped molds made for computers, household appliances, automobiles and office automation equipment

Puzzle Knife Mould
We supply different size puzzle knife mould matched with the Jigsaw puzzle making machine to create different size puzzles, the mould is made of steel with a wood base and rubber surface, five specs are available,60pieces size A5,90pieces size A4,120pieces size A4,240pieces size A3,280pieces size A3

Preform Mould
We can supply various kinds of plastic molds, such as preform molds, cap molds and bottle molds. In order to guarantee the quality of the mold, we use SEIKI temperature control system, the hot runner can adopt point control and board control, no need to cut the nozzle for preform. With pneumatic valve gate system. All the components can be interchangeable which express the high-tech orthe sparts. Mirror hand polishing for the core and cavity. The material of core and cavities in the mould is ...

16 Bottle Embryo in One Mould
Multi-cavity hot channel injection mold, which have technology of single point controlling, multi-points, controlling and time sequence, needle valve controlling With best security fitting between lid and cup

Plastic Injection Mould
1) Processed for other companies before. 2) Besides molding, we also provide mold making, parts injection, painting, plating, silk-screening and assembly service, then up to the finished product. 3) We have particular expertise in complicated technical moldings for electrical, automotive, house appliances, computer, daily-use plastic, telecommunication devices and pharmaceutical appliances

Metal Stamping Mould
Our business covers customized metal stamping parts, progressive die and turning components. We have rich experience in parts servicing industries from automotive parts and industrial control to tube systems. The materials we normally use are steel, stainless steel and brass. Particularly, we have in-house capability of tooling design and precision measuring instruments.

Hot-Extrusion Mould
Professional manufacturer of hot-extrusion die for copper or aluminum profiles, mould fittings and accessory equipment. Main products include: all sorts of extrusion dies with diameter up to diameter 1100, fittings such as extrusion cylinder of diameter 1800 and extrusion rod and die blank, special alloy-inserted die and accessory equipments for extrusion.

Refrigerator Casing Injection Mould
We are experienced in fabricating plastic injection mould for home appliance products, such as refrigerator, air conditioner, washer, tv sets, etc..

Stamped Mold
1) Precise metal die for progressive stamping. 2) The pressed moulds are made of alloy steel, high-speed steel and super-rigid materials (like tungsten steel) so as to assure the stability of processing

Mould of Leisure Chair
We are a manufacturer of plastic injection moulds, covering autolamp moulds, bumper moulds, TV set moulds, washing-machine moulds and commidities moulds, it ranges over different fields in large & medium injection moulds and various blow molding moulds.

Plastic Injection Moulds
Mainly for the design, development and manufacturing of plastic injection moulds for air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, TV, dishwasher, hot water heater, air curtain and other household appliance, as well as automobile spare parts. The moulds are characterized by advanced structure, fine design, high manufacturing accuracy, smooth movement, long life, short shaping cycle, elegant appearance and beautiful shape.

Plastic Injection Mould for DC Shell
Manufacturer of Stamping molds, zinc die casting molds, aluminum die casting molds, plastic injection molds, fixtures and assembling fixtures from china. We also supply plastic injection moulds for all kinds of produts such as mobile phones, MP3, MP4, and DC.

Silicone Mould
1) Material: soft silicone.2) Fashionable, durable, bears high temperature. 3) Environmentally friendly, nonpoisonous and without side effects to human body. 4) Lightness, outstanding aging resistance, strong wearability and remarkable durability of repeated wash

Various Adapter Plastic Housing Moulds
We mold and process the following plastic materials: ABS, PMMA, HDPE,HIPS, PC, Santoprene, PBT, ABS+PC, PBT, PBT+PC, PS, NORYL, PET, POM, nylon, SAN, rayon, TPR, plastic with fiber-glass filled, mineral-filled, and talc-filled etc. We have particular expertise in complicated technical moldings for electrical parts, automotive, telecommunication devices and bath accessories, house appliances, and daily-use plastic etc...

Bottle Molds
1) Producing all the kinds of PET bottle moulds of which the size is from 0.01L to 5L. 2) Can produce any size bottle mould that the customers want to make. 3) We're able to produce the bottle moulds of the carbonated bottles, mineral water, oil bottles, cosmetics, wide-mouth bottles and hot filling bottles. 4) Providing appearance design, structural design, effect chart, structure horizontal plan, product explanation diagram, mould's design and manufacture

Plastic Injection Parts for Maxtor
We provide tooling design, manufacturing, precision machining, precision stamping, plastic injection, die casting and surface treatment. We can provide you total solution for electronic and mechanical assembly. 1) No draft allowed on indicated surface. 2) No voids or bubbles allowed on surface. 3) Silicone mold release not allowed. 4) Critical parameter of CPK: >1.5. 5) Ultrasonic washing and clean room inspection meet FTIR, NVR, IC and out gassing requirements

Fiberglass Moulded Part
This is the our special hand lay-up technology with light weight, high strength, environmentally safe, electrical and thermal insulation and dimensional stability.

PET Preform Mould
1) Preformed mould is designed with the help of computer which surely contributes to the increasing of yield of bottles. 2) Using internationally advanced two-step dual taper locating technology. Each cavity self-locking independently to ensure low decent ration of products. 3) The mould is with hot runner and adopts imported S136H stainless mould steel. It is heated and ensures long lifetime of moulds. 4) Lip cavity is made of imported nitrated steel which is of high hardness and long life, ...

Profile Extrusion Tooling
Standard inclusions with every extrusion tooling: 1) Design advice from our extrusion engineers. 2) Die head, calibrator, water tank. 3) Die head heaters. 4) All necessary fittings. 5) Extrusion samples supplied for your approval. 6) Delivery to and commissioning in your own factory

plastic chair mould
We offer plastic chair mould: Plastic material: PP Mould steel: P20 Steel hardness: HRC28-33 Tooling lead time: 40 days Mould life: 1, 000, 000 times Quality assurance: ISO9001 Ensures you to use: Good steel with high hardness Good accessories with high brightness Good machining with high precise. Offers you: In-time response on letters, telephone calls or fax In-time supply the quotation and mould designs In-time communication on the technical points In-time ...
Product Group: Chair Mould
Company: JSL Industry Co.,Ltd    china

bumper mould
We offer plastic bumper mould Plastic material: PP Mould steel: 2738 Steel hardness: HRC35-38 Tooling lead time: 70 days Mould life: 1, 000, 000 times Quality assurance: ISO9001 Ensures you to use: Good steel with high hardness Good accessories with high brightness Good machining with high precise. Offers you: In-time response on letters, telephone calls or fax In-time supply the quotation and mould designs In-time communication on the technical points In-time ...
Company: JSL Industry Co.,Ltd    china

plastic beer box mould
We offer plastic beer box mould Plastic material: PP Mould steel: AISI-P20 Steel hardness: HRC48-52 Tooling lead time: 40 days Mould life: 1, 000, 000 times Quality assurance: ISO9001 Ensures you to use: Good steel with high hardness Good accessories with high brightness Good machining with high precise. Offers you: In-time response on letters, telephone calls or fax In-time supply the quotation and mould designs In-time communication on the technical points ...
Product Group: Beer Box Mould
Company: JSL Industry Co.,Ltd    china

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