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Coal Organic Heating Carrier Furnace
The organic heating carrier furnace is used in the chemical, grease, petrochemical, plastic, rubber, textile, printing and dyeing, fiber, wood, papermaking, printing, building materials, traffic, air-conditioner, and other industries.

Turning Parts
1) Materials: different kinds of stainless steel, copper or aluminum alloy. 2) Applied software for specification drawings: Pro-E, Auto CAD 2000. 3) Main equipment: a) The maximum machining precision: 10u ; b) Precision lathe, CNC lathe. 4) Surface treatment: zinc plating, nickel plating, chrome plating, grinding. 5) Applications: different kinds of machine parts.
Company: Fenghua City Jianqing Metal & Stamping Factory    China

Industrial Fan Heater
1) Power: 5,000W, 400V. 2) Four setting: 55W high speed, 2,500W low speed, 5,000W low speed and 5,000W high speed. 3) Self-resetting thermostat. 4) Overheat protection. 5) Free standing or wall mounted. 6) Cool blow available. 7) With fan and handle. 8) Metal housing case. 9) Protection class IP44. 10) Product measurement: 252 x 250 x 380mm

To prevent the gradient belt conveyor reversing or directing slippage when it is parking, through calculating the distance and the braking force, the reverser or the arrester must be used according to the idiographic condition. The pin reverser is applicably assembled at the head roller and connected with the motor of reducer. It is usually used in the belt conveyor which conveys upwards and the obliquity is less than 180 (β≤180). It can brake rapidly and the reverse distance is short, so ...

Tie Down and Ropes
1) Tie down: a) Weather-resistant, PE and PP webbing for strength b) Double heat treated steel "J" hooks provide a secure hold without scratches c) Quick automatic release d) Ideal for cars, trucks, SUVs, boats and trailers 2) Rope: a) Materials: PE and PP b) Diameter: 3 - 60mm c) Length: 20m, 30m, 50m, 110m and 220m d) Mainly used in fishing, marine, aquaculture and mountain climbing

Air Blower
1) Streamlined compact design-attractive and simple install 2) With special design of impeller, air flow is smoother 3) With internal silencer on the base, noise can be reduced to the lowest

Industrial Regulator
We supply various kinds of gas regulators, flow-meter regulators and flow-gauge regulators. Our gas regulators can fully meet the using requirements of pressure control and flow control for welding, cutting and heating.

High-Speed Blast Nozzles
1) Produced using PIM. 2) Used in sand blasting, rust cleaning, coating engineering and detergency mechanism. 3) Well used in oil drills, planes, ships, automobiles, bridges, build engineering, railroads, chemical industry, containers, power plants and other machinery. 4) Main technical parameters: a) HRA: 89-93 ; b) Density: 14.4 - 15g/cbm ; c) Transverse rupture strength: >1,500Mpa.

Paper Industry Blades
We adopt high quality material to produce various kinds of blades, including paper making scraping blades, inlaid paper trimmer blades, granulate blades, veneer blades, chipper blades, roll cutter blades, shaver/flaker blades, tissue cutting blades, log saws, and circular slitters. If you are in need of these kinds of blades, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will provide you the most suitable blades to help you achieve the best performance of your machine.

Spring Machine
The machine has two axes controlled by computer precisely, one is wire feed axis and the other is main axis, they can work separately or synchronously.

Shielding & Armoring Machine
We can supply Series of Shielding & Armoring Machine. 1) Dia. of cable to be taping, armoring (mm): 30-120. 2) 78B copper-wire shielding machine: a) Copper wire dia. (mm): 0.4-1.5 ; b) Stranding body (mm): 12 (steps) ; c) Shielding wire pitch (mm): 122-3773. 3) Concentric taping machine: a) Max. speed (rpm): no step shift ; b) Tape (mm): 60 x 220 x 10-60. 4) Common taping machine: a) Speed (rpm): 6 steps ; b) Pitch (mm): 12 - 132 ; c) Taping pitch (mm): 4B. 5) Steel-armoring machine: a) ...

Industrial Aluminium Profile
1) Industrial profiles for chemical industry, electronic, electric, and machinery industry. 2) Material: 6063-T5, T6. 3) Surface treatment: a) Mill finished ; b) Anodized silver (matte) ; c) Powder coated

Bladder Accumulator
Bladder accumulator is a type of power storage. It stores partial power and release them in necessary time. This device can make the utilizing of power more reasonable and realize the purpose of safety handling. Our bladder accumulators consist of a welded or forged pressure or casting steel vessel (shell), a bladder and ports for gas and fluid inlet. The gas and fluid sides are separated by the bladder.

Pneumatic Riveting Machine
Motor: 1/2HP. Stroke: 20-40mm. Riveting capacity (mild steel): solid rivet: 1-8; hollow rivet: 1-15. Working cycle time (sec): 0-6. Ordinary pressure (kg/cm²): 1-7. Max. pressure (kg/cm²): 230-800. Max. length rivet (mm): 200. Weight (kg): 105. Frequency (Hz): 50/60. Speed (rpm): 1,400

Copper Clad Aluminum Wire Production Line
specializing in copper clad aluminum wire production line. it is use cooper belt and aluminum wire as material; and can cover the copper on the aluminum wire surface. Features: 1) Material of aluminum: diameter 8.5mm. 2) Material of copper: density: 99.97%, width 31.2mm, thickness: 0.38mm. 3) Finished wire with diameter: 10mm. 4) Production capacity: 6 meters/minutes

1) Function: crush the whole bottles into small flakes. 2) Machine size: 2,500 x 1,360 x 2,950. 3) Sieve mesh: 15mm or 20mm. 4) Stationary knife dimensions: 485 x 120 x 20mm, 4pcs. 5) Rotating knife dimensions: 480 x 110 x 20mm, 8pcs. 6) The axis of the crusher passes the vibration testing. 7) Motor power: 37kW. 8) Knife sharps per 24hrs, life is about 400hrs. 9) Crusher speed: 420rpm. 10) Material: carbon steel
Company: Shuanglong Group Co., Ltd.    China

Stainless Steel Tank
1) Inner and outside mirror polishing, easy to clean. 2) The inlet is stainless steel 304 or 316L. 3) Volume: 50-1,500L. 4) With jacket / single layer. 5) The bottom of the tank is with a slope angle or the bottom is round to facilitate the discharging. 6) Configured with outlet valve, Wanxiang Wheels with brake device

Grinding Wheel Incising Machine
The grinding wheel incising machine can be used in construction, hardware, petroleum chemicals, machine, metallurgy, and installing of water and electricity fixture. It can incise circinal pipe material and of other figures as possible as angle iron, trough iron, flat iron. It will do better when the incised materials are stainless steel, axletree steel, alloy steels, and quenching steel.

Mini Lathe
Specifications: 1) Spindle bore: 20mm. 2) Taper of hole in spindle: Morse no.3. 3) Taper of the hole in tailstock: Morse no.2. 4) Spindle speeds (variable speed): 450-2,500rpm/200-1,250rpm. 5) Longitudinal feed (min.): 0.09mm. 6) Metric thread: 0.4-2mm. 7) Power of motor: 250W/400W. 8) Voltage/frequency (by areas): 220-240V, 110V AC/50Hz, 60Hz. 9) Max. swing over bed: 180mm. 10) Max. length of workpiece: 310mm. 11) Max. swing over slide: 105mm. 12) Net weight: 40kg. 13) Overall dimensions (L ...
Company: Fenghua City Jianqing Metal & Stamping Factory    China

Valve Cover
1) Lightweight, corrosion resistance, perfect insulation. 2) Easy to install, handcraft, smooth surface and perfect experience. 3) Function: anti-rust, fireproof, waterproof protect the valve from being destroyed

Acrylic Vacuum Molding Machine
Updated grade machine: a heating room can be moveable that can save space. Heating sheets and taking sheets automatically. Optical controlling can keep the balance of hydraulic pressure. A heating room is divided into three parts, so that it can save energy. The heating pipe can distribute heat everywhere. The devices can control temperature automatically. High-tech hydraulic pressure: we can use high pressure to mold big letters as well as low pressure to mold small letters. Technical ...

Horizontal One On One Roller Press Machine
1) Adopts the gradient press - fit way, the glass press - fit effect to be better. 2) The thickness adjustment is convenient. Main technical data: 1) Power supply: 380V. 2) Total power: 1.1kW. 3) Insulating glass width: ≤1,600mm. 4) Max. insulating glass thickness: ≤40mm. 5) Circulate speed: 4.6m/min. 6) Dimensions: 2,060 x 2,100 x 1,400mm. 7) Total weight: 1,500kg

Multi-Head Strip Cutting Machine
This machine is a kind of plate-cutting machine in high efficiency for straight plate, which the longitudinal cutting guns can be deployed according to the requirement. Many pieces of plates can be cut at same time accompanied by oxygen acetylene gathering arrays to avoid changing the gas bottles frequently.

UPVC Double-Strand Tube Extrusion Production Line
1) Adopts European advanced technology. 2) Reaches the perfect match of internal quality and appearance, realizing the high efficiently brought. 3) Double stand extruder diameter: 16 - 63mm. 4) Making full use of the extruding capacity of the extruder. 5) Producing small diameter pipe can reach higher quantity

Winding Machine
The four-dimensional multiple working position automatic winding machine designed and manufactured all by our company has superior fittings and multiple alternative tension control system. It works under high stability and reliability. The high-precision and high-speed winding process is controlled automatically by software and the four shafts work together. The winding line types include helical line, hoop line, dwelling line, polar line and zero line.
Company: Fenghua City Jianqing Metal & Stamping Factory    China

Automatic Horizontal One Strip Two Reel Rewinder
Specification: 1)Model: AHATR-001. 2)Coil Outer diameter (mm): 600-900. 3)Coil Outer Width(mm):75(max). 4)Reels & Paper Reels (pcs):2. 5)Weight(kg): 25 (max.). 6)Orientation: positive direction/opposite direction. 7)Way of collection:1pcs receive the material. 8)Speed (m/min): 20 (max.). 9)Sample: automatic. 10)Control: PRC. 11)Air hold down arm (Mpa): 0.4 up to. 12)Voltage: 3Ø,380V/220V

1) Motion pattern: double action. 2) Working medium: air. 3) Fixed types: basic type, FA type, LB type, SDB type. 4) Operating pressure range: 1~9.0kgf/cm2. 5) Ensured pressure resistance: 13.5kgf/cm2. 6) Operating temperature range: 0~70oC. 7) Operating speed range: 50-800mm/s. 8) Buffer type: buffer spacer. 9) Joint pipe bore: G1/8"

Sawdust Dryer
For raw materials with heavy moisture content that above 12%, you need to install a drier, this dry make the moisture content below 12% before feeding them into Biomass / Charcoal Briquetting Screw Press. The Water reducing rate of the dryer is 8-12%. If the water content of the raw material is too high, it will need several times of drying to achieve the requested water content for briquetting.

Test Benches
Functions: 1) Checking of the mechanical speed regulators, checking of the electromagnetic valve of distribution pump. 2) Measurement of the reflux delivery of distribution pump, the test and adjustment of distribution pump. 3) Measurement of interior pressure of distribution pump, checking of the vacuum capacity regulators, Advance angle measurement. 4) Checking of the sealing of injection pump, Self-suction joint, Printer (optional), Data-base (optional), Measure rack bar travel. 5) ...

Gear hobbing machine
This hobbing machine is applicable to produce or process spur gear, helical gear, worm gear and sprocket in batch or piece unit. This machine is provided with the characteristic of excellent steel resistance, high intension, high precision, easy-operating, adjusting and maintaining etc. It can process gear with down milling and up milling method in axial or radial way. According to the requirements of customer, this machine can be equipped with Siemens CNC System to process crown gear ...
Product Group: Gear Hobbing Machine
Company: Dalian Xinxiang Machinery Co., Ltd    China

Pipe cap
The main purpose of using pipe caps is to waterproof the connections. They are also used to close the the ends of hydraulic or pneumatic pipes and tubes. They are used in the plumbing apparatus of domestic, commercial and industrial water supply lines, machinery and processing equipment etc. They are also fitted on water pump lines with the sole purpose of removing air blocks. Pipe caps are highly demanded as an important category of pipe fittings. Fabricators of all types and grades of ...
Product Group: Pipe Cap
Company: GZY PipeFitting Industries    China

Orifice flanges
Orifice flanges are used instead of the standard pipe flanges when orifice plate or flow nozzle is used. The basic purpose for this is to measuring the flow rate of either gases or liquids in the respective pipeline. These flanges are used in various industrial applications and are available in various sizes and materials. Specifications: Stainless Steel Grades: 304, 304L, 304H, 309, 310, 310S, 316, 316Ti, 316 L, 317, 317L, 321, 347, 347 H, 409, 410, 410S, 420, 430 Duplex Steel Grades: ...
Product Group: Orifice Flange
Company: GZY PipeFitting Industries    China

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