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Detailed Ferrosilicon furnace Description:

Ferrosilicon alloy---main application
Ferrosilicon is an indispensable deoxidizer in the steel industry. Ferrosilicon is used for precipitation deoxidation and diffused deoxidation in steelmaking. Ferrosilicon is also used as an alloying agent in steelmaking. Add a certain amount of silicon into the steel can significantly improve the strength of steel, hardness and elasticity. Enhance the magnetic permeability of the steel, to reduce the hyteresis loss of the transformer steel.
Generally the steel contains 0.15%~0.35% silicon. The structural steel contains 0.40%~1.75% silicon. The tool steel contains 0.30%~1.80% silicon. The spring steel contains 0.40~2.80% silicon. The stainless acid resistant steel contains 3.40%~4.00% silicon. The heat-resistant steel contains 1.00%~3.00% silicon. The silicon steel contains 2%~3% silicon or more.
High silicon ferrosilicon or silicon alloy is used as the reducing agent of the production of low-carbon ferroalloy industry. Add ferrosilicon into cast iron can be as incubater of ductile iron, to prevent carbide formation, to promote the graphite separating out and balling, to improve the property of cast iron.
In addition, ferrosilicon powder in the beneficiation industry can be used as the suspended phase, in the electrode manufacturing industry can be used coatings for welding rod. High silicon ferrosilicon in the electrical industry can be used for the preparation of semiconductor, in the chemical industry can be used for the manufacture of silicone and etc.
In the steel industry, to produce 1ton steel need consumes about 3~5kg 75% grade ferrosilicon.

Ferrosilicon furnace
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