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Detailed Submerged arc furnace Description:

Submerged arc furnace Profile
Submerged arc furnace—it’s also known as electric arc furnace or resistance electric furnace. It is mainly used to reducing smelting ore, carbonaceous reducing agent and solvent etc. Mainly adapt to production of ferrosilicon, ferromanganese, ferrochrome, ferrotungsten, silicon manganese alloy and other ferrous alloys, it is an important smelting furnace in metallurgical industry for production of industrial raw materials and calcium carbide and so on chemical raw materials.

The working character is to use carbon or magnesia refractory materials as furnace lining, use self roasting electrode. Electrode inserts into the materials inside the furnace for submerged arc operation, using arc energy and current through the materials, and due to the resistance of the materials and produce energy to melt metal. It’s a kind of industrial furnace which is worked continuously, charged material in succession, and tapped out metal or slag in intermittent.

  • Model: AE003
  • Packing: Standard
  • Terms of Payment: LC/TT
  • Delivery Time: 90 DAYS
  • Products ID: 151887
  • Product Category: Others Industrial
  • Post date: Oct 26, 2014
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Company: Xi'an Abundance
Address: Tangyan road
Region: Xi'an, China
Contact Person: Fona
Telephone: 862989388771

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