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Detailed Hoisting unit Description:

Hoisting units AzINMASH-60BF (УП-60) and AzINMASH-80BF (УП-80) are intended for drill string rotation, round-trip as well as making-up and uncoupling of drill pipes, oil-well tubing and sucker rods during oil and gas wells workover. The units can be operated as a component part of the drilling rigs. The hoisting units are designed for use in macroclimate regions with temperate and cols climate. This is a self-propelled oil field unit mounted on the chassis of cross-country truck КРАЗ. The basic component parts are: single-drum winch; telescopic derrick; tackle system; hydraulic, pneumatic, electric and electro-hydraulic control. The units are completed with КПР-12 hydraulic power tongs and СГ-60 (СГ-80) spiders. Transmission of rotary table P-360 or P-400 placed on the special drilling floors is provided. The unit has a lift limiter of the tackle block, the acoustic signaling and light alarm systems of the derrick erection, a control equipment of the engine and pneumatic system, an engine emergency stop and the other block systems in order to provide safety of works during unit installation at well and round trips. The unit is equipped with an explosion-proof system for lighting the site at the wellhead and route of the tackle block. The power supply of the system is from truck electrical equipment. Rectifier type starter ВАСТ for power supply of the hoisting unit from oil field mains system is installed in addition. The winch is driven by truck traction engine. The derrick is telescopic, two sectional, with open face and erected by two hydraulic jacks. Upper section is extended by a special hydraulic driven winch.

Hoisting unit
  • Model: AzINMASH
  • Products ID: 104875
  • Product Category: Others Industrial
  • Post date: Oct 3, 2011
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Manufacturer/supplier's information

Company: Machine building plant Baki Fehlesi
Address: 10, str., E.Mehdiyev
Region: Baku, Azerbaijan
Contact Person: Mansur Talyb
Telephone: +(99450)3570696

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