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Detailed Prospecting drilling rig Description:

Prospecting drilling rig URB-2,5A is designed for fluid circulating drilling of geophysical and core wells to depth down to 200 m by rotary drill pipes of 60.3 mm and to depth down to 300 m by 50 mm drill pipes. It is also suitable for auger drilling of cluster wells. This is complex mechanism mounted on the chassis of the cross-country truck КАМАЗ-4310. At the customer's request it is completed with a tool unit intended for the transportation of drill pipes, drilling and bench work tools and some accessories which facilitate the driller's work. The basic units of the rig are: main transmission, drawworks, rotary table, piston mud pump, mast, tool feed mechanism, three-speed gear box which transfers rotation from the main transmission to the drawworks and the rotary table.

  • Model: URB-2,5A
  • Products ID: 104710
  • Product Category: Others Industrial
  • Post date: Sep 29, 2011
Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of Prospecting drilling rig in Azerbaijan.


Manufacturer/supplier's information

Company: Machine building plant Baki Fehlesi
Address: 10, str., E.Mehdiyev
Region: Baku, Azerbaijan
Contact Person: Mansur Talyb
Telephone: +(99450)3570696

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