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Detailed Shielding & Armoring Machine Description:

We can supply Series of Shielding & Armoring Machine. 1) Dia. of cable to be taping, armoring (mm): 30-120. 2) 78B copper-wire shielding machine: a) Copper wire dia. (mm): 0.4-1.5 ; b) Stranding body (mm): 12 (steps) ; c) Shielding wire pitch (mm): 122-3773. 3) Concentric taping machine: a) Max. speed (rpm): no step shift ; b) Tape (mm): 60 x 220 x 10-60. 4) Common taping machine: a) Speed (rpm): 6 steps ; b) Pitch (mm): 12 - 132 ; c) Taping pitch (mm): 4B. 5) Steel-armoring machine: a) Max. speed (rpm): 8 steps shift ; b) Taping pitch (mm): 23-480 ; c) Tape (mm): 2B. 6) Haul-off machine: a) Max. drawing force: 1.25T, 1.6T, 2T, 2.5T ; b) Haul-off line speed (m/min): no step shift

Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of Shielding & Armoring Machine in china.

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