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List extensive product information of Plastic Machinery (include Rolling Machine, Injection Machine, Blowing Machine, Extrusion Machine, Molding Machine), provided by Plastic Machinery manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Plastic Machinery
Our plastics machinery includes waste plastics recycling and reprocessing machines, extruder and extrusion production line, mixer unit series, feeding system, PVC profile production line, wood and plastic product production line

Mixing Rolling Machine
1) Models: Mixing Rolling Machine. 2) Roller diameters: 60mm, 60mm, 10mm, 60mm. 3) Roller width: 1,680mm, 1,830mm, 2,030mm, 2,300mm. 4) Front and rear rotation speed ratio: 1: 1.23, 1: 1.23, 1: 1.23, 1: 1.23. 5) Main motor power: 75kW, 75kW, 90kW, 110kW. 6) Transmission form bearing, universal shaft bearing, universal shaft bearing, universal shaft bearing and universal shaft lubricating form forced lubrication. 7) Charging volume: 100kg, 120kg, 150kg, 200kg. 8) Mainly used in mixed melting, ...

Plastic Injection Machine
1) Injection pressure:144Mpa-160Mpa. 2) Screw speed :170r/min. 3) Clamping force: 100T. 4) Toggle stroke: 300mm. 5) Space between tie-bars: 355x 350mm. 6) Max pump pressure: 16Mpa. 7) Pump motor power: 11kw. 8) Heater power: 7.02kw. 9) Dimensions: 3.77 x 1.11x1.8m
Product Group: Plastic Injection Machine
Company: Ningbo Deya Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.    China

Film-Blowing Machine Set
This machine is suitable for blowing such plastic films as LDPE, HDPE and linear LLDPE film. These materials are widely used in the packaging of liquid, and manufacturing of printed and laminated products, industrial products, garments, and textiles. 1) Traction has speed regulator. 2) Main motor uses adjustable-speed motor (frequency converter can also be provided). 3) All extruder cylinder screws are made of high-quality alloy steel through nitration and precision processing in order to ...

Single Screw Extruder
The machine is mainly used to process PP, PE, ABS and other plastics. Equipped with auxiliary machines, IT can manufacture profile, pipes, sheet and other plastic products and granulation. It has the advantage of simple production technological process, high output, stable quality and low cost.

Exhaust Type Plastic Recycling Machine
2-grade exhaust type plastic recycle machine is mainly used for recycling high foaming polystyrene and polyethylene products to make grains. It is also used for recycling empty containers and films to make grains. The first grade extruder is capable of powerful feeding, and the second grade extruder is an exhaust type extruder with varying diameter. This machine is equipped with breaker with wide inlet, material storing room, water tank, and grain machine. It has stable performance, high ...

PVC Cushion Production Line
The products of PVC cushion production line, extruded from PVC resins, are soft, aging resistant, easy to clear and install, and are widely used in the field of hotel, restaurant, personal house, airport and bathroom for the cushion to foot.

Double-Layer Common Plastic Extruder
1) Produces extruder PP, PE and PS sheets. 2) Used to produce drinking cups, ice-cream cups, yogurt cups, and packing boxes. 3) Main parts are made of 38CRMOALA with nitrogen treatment. 4) Wear-resistant. 5) Large length-diameter ratio. 6) Improved production efficiency. 7) Sheet width: 1000mm. 8) Sheet thickness: 0.3 - 2mm. 9) Screw diameter: 110mm. 10) L/D ration of screw: 30:1. 11) Max. output: 260kg/h. 12) Main motor power: 45kW. 13) Assembling set power: 120kW. 14) Total weight: 9.8MT. ...

Fully-Automatic Hollow Blow-Moulding Machine
1) Applications: a) Usage: production of packaging utensils, asymmetric articles, stationery facilities and aviation seats. b) Fields: medicine, chemical, foodstuff, automobile, motorcycle, and shoe making industries. c) Products: bottles, tanks and buckets. d) Size: 50 - 160L. 2) Characteristics: a) Advanced Mitsubishi electrical control system, including the PLC control system and human-machine interface control system. b) All technological operations managed on a tactile screen. c) ...

Extrusion Production Line
Equipped with conical twin-screw extruder or parallel twin-screw extruder, YF series extrusion line can be used to extrude PVC plastic door and window profiles, aluminum-plastic composite profiles, and cross-section communication cable pipes. Features: 1) It has stable plastification, high output, low sheering force, long longevity and other advantages. 2) The extrusion line consists of conical twin-screw extruder, extrusion die, calibration unit, hauling-off unit, film covering machine and ...
Company: Ningbo Deya Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.    China

Blow Moulding Machine
Complete bottle making machines: 1) Preforming injection machine: a) Wide injection range. b) For differently sized caps. c) Bottle size: 150ml - 2L, 5 gallons. 2) Bottle blow moulding machine: a) Semi auto and full auto machine. b) Capacity: 60bottle/h (5 gallons) - 1,800bottle/h

Plastic Machinery
1) Main products: a) Plastic pipe extrusion line series. b) Plastic plate, sheet extrusion line series. c) Plastic film extrusion line series. d) Plastic profile extrusion line series. e) Extruder, screw, barrel series. 2) Main applications: used for producing PVC, PE, PPR and PET material products
Company: Ningbo Deya Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.    China

Plastic Profile Production Line
1) Mainly used to produce the plastic profiles, plastic decorative plates and PVC foam profiles 2) Uses frequency conversion for speed regulation 3) Has super-taper twin-screw extruder with temperature regulator in the screw core 4) The extruding output can be raised by 50% 5) Saves power by 20 - 30% 6) The rigid gear surface of the reducer can be operated continuously for a long time without trouble 7) Operation and mold changing are smooth and steady 8) Long usage life 9) Can produce steel ...

Rotating Band Sawing Machine for PC Conduits
1) Max. process dimensions: 45° x Φ350mm. 2) Process speed: 85m/min. 3) Adjustable pattern blade feeding speed: manual feed. 4) Band saw dimensions: 5,060 x 27 x 0.9mm. 5) Pinching pattern of feeding material: pneumatic. 6) Main motor output: 1.5kW. 7) Machine weight: 400kg

Two-Head Columnar Box Rolling Up Machinery
1. It mainly used for columnar firm PVC box rolling up side. 2. Vacuum oil pressure convert operation 2. One machine can do two-size columnar box rolling up working at one time. 3. Motor speed adjustable by your required, shorted your work time. 4. Electric heat automatic control to suit the thickness of the PVC sheet. 5. Excellence is high speed rolling up side production

Ribbon-Through Type Garbage Bag-Making Machine
This equipment has been improved, designed and manufactured by our company ribbon-through referring to foreign technology and is specially used for making ribbon-through type garbage bags or BOPP, PP, flat bags, etc, of LDPE, HDPE plastic film and other materials. It adopts computer control, electric eye tracking, automatic temperature control, automatic counting and automatic alarm and meanwhile has such functions as edge folding, mouth cutting, punching and ribbon passing through, etc. ...

Fully Automatic Stretch Blowing Machine For PP Bottle
1) It is suitable for producing PET, PC, PP and PE, plastic containers and bottles in all shapes. 2) It is widely used to produce the carbonated bottles, mineral water, pesticide bottles, oil bottles, cosmetics, wide-mouth bottles and hot fill bottles. 3) Feeding system carries the performance by robot automatically. 4) Infrared oven heater adopts the quartz lamp to heat the PET tube. 5) Fully automatic process with low investment, high efficiency, quick and safe operation, easy for ...

Plastic Tape Stretching Line
tape stretching machine is operated and controlled on PLC and HMI touch screen. It consists of SJ150 plastic extruder, melt pump, thickness guage, cool water tank, film take-off and slitter, puller, heated air oven, stretching & forming godets, waste tape air sucker and winders. It is a priority equipment for plastic pate manufacture.

PE Carbon Fibre Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line
Carbon fiber pipe is of high strength, high toughness, anti-corrosion, light, long life, etc. It is widely used in such fields as irrigation (draining and feeding water), protecting the surface of cable, ventilation, exhaust, etc.

Paper Cup Making Machine
paper cup making machine is an automatic machine with multi-running station. Paper cups are formed through the procedure of automatic paper feeding, sealing, oiling, bottom punching, heating, knurling, convex knurling, brim curling, and discharging. It is a kind of ideal equipment for producing drinking cups, ice-cream cups and other cup-shaped vessels that made of paper. Specifications: 1) Cup size: 4, 4.5, 6.5, 9, 12oz. and other sizes. 2) Material required: single coated paper. 3) Output: ...

Three Color PVC Upper Injection Machine
1. Reasonable distribution and easy operation. 2. Utilizes high-efficiency double-vane pump hydraulic circuit. 3. Adopts proportion valve to coordinate the microcomputer, allowing precise control of the pressure and flow rate

Co-rotating Parallel Twin Screw Extruder
1) Application: a) Plastic inorganic filling, rubber-plastic mixing, plastic-alloy plastic coloring. b) It is used to strengthen the fibre glass of various engineering plastics, flame retardance prilling. c) Material for sterilizing, anti-weatherability, thick color, insulation and other special applications.

Plastic Machine
EPS foamed sheet produced by this line is a kind of new-type packing material with the features of shock-proofing, sound insulation, heat preservation, damp-proof, safety, sanitation, good plasticity. It is widely used in the packing of food, fruits, electronic products, daily necessities, hardware, advertisement plates, etc.

PVC Solid Pipe Production Line
It adopts efficient cone double-screw extruder, ensuring efficient extruding. The divergent die is suitable for PVC, not only ensuring high speed stable extrusion, but also improving pipe quality and avoiding decomposition reaction of noncrystallizable polymer. It adopts efficient vacuum calibrating technology with 2 cavities, and spray cooling flume in order to meet requirements of production. It adopts a multi-caterpillar pulling machine. Each caterpillar is driven by dependent AC ...

PE/PP/PET Recycling Line
1) Raw materials: PE, PP film, waste plastic package, PET chips and package. 2) Main configuration: a) Belt conveyor. b) Crusher. c) Scrubbing washing unit. d) Rinsing washing unit. e) Screw feeding unit. f) Centrifugal dewatering unit. g) Hot air flow drying unit

Thermoforming Machine
It is suitable to form BOPS ,HIPS, PS, PVC and PET plastic sheets etc., which can produce various of boxes , dishes, trays, bowls and lids, such as food boxes, cake boxes, fast-food boxes, supermarket trays, injection trays, oral liquids trays etc.

Vacuum Bar Extrusion Machine
1) Capacity: 500-700kg/h. 2) Screw diameter: 200mm. 3) First rotary speed: 18r/min. 4) Power: 11kW. 5) Second rotary speed: 10-18r/min. 6) Power: 15kW. 7) Outer dimensions: 3,450 x 1,350 x 2,200mm. 8) Weight: about 4,000kg

Aluminum-plastic composite plate (APCP) production line
TheJHE2000 Model Aluminum-Plastic Composite Production Line produced by our company is a special production line for making new metal-plastic composites (APCP). After the thermal compounding process by Polymer adhesive film, APCP is generated by the coating-aluminum and polyethylene (PE) core material. APCP is not only characteristic of light, sound and thermal insulation, fire preventing, weather-resisting, high intensity, rich and stable colors, easy to install, but also is beautiful, ...
Company: Qingdao Fushun Plastic Machinery Co.Ltd    China

Carbon coil production line
The line is characteristic of high-speed extruding and melting for it has been equipped with the Polyolefin special-purpose single screw extruder; It is the separate special-helix structure mixing screw rod and Spiral structure nose that enables the line a reasonable flow, so that the tubing the line makes has smooth wall, inner and outer. The line has adopted the special design and Diameter-sizing cooling way, so its Sphere of production varies from 50mm to 200mm, and its production ...
Company: Qingdao Fushun Plastic Machinery Co.Ltd    China

Communicating pipeline PVC pipe extruder plastic machinery
It is mainly used to produce PVC high strength communicating perforated pipe. It has reasonable body, easy to operate, high degree of automatization, stable and reliable when it successively produces, can rapidly produce. The main material of PVC high strength communicating perforated pipe is high density PVC. Three plastic extruders together extrude molded pipes, which are mainly used as cover of cable and optical cable in freeway network communication project. Features of communicating ...
Product Group: Plastic Extruder Machinery
Company: Qingdao Fushun Plastic Machinery Co.Ltd    China

Conical Double-Screw Plastic Extruder
Application: Conical Double-Screw Plastic Extruder, with relevant screw and auxiliary machine, can directly extrude all kinds of thermoplasticity plastic especially the hard PVC powder into pipes, plate, sheet, film, profiles and so on, can also finish process of reshaping of all kinds of plastics and pelleting of the powder. Screw diameter Disparate(mm) output: 95, 150, 250, 450(Kg/h) size: 3500×1020×2410 3620×1050×2157 4235×1520×2450 ,4750×1550×2460(mm) SJSZ Series ...
Product Group: Plastic Extruder Machinery
Company: Qingdao Fushun Plastic Machinery Co.Ltd    China

EPE foaming plastic machinery
The foaming machine is mainly used in producing the EPE tubing, the process is like this: first melt the LDPE tree ester, then mix it with the butane gas, the talcum powder, anti-contraction medicinal preparation and other medicinal preparation, squeeze out the mixture through the extruding machine, after it becomes spongy in the die head part, finalize the design. The low density polyethylene foaming product includes foaming net, foaming stick, foaming tube and foaming diaphragm and so on. ...
Company: Qingdao Fushun Plastic Machinery Co.Ltd    China

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