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List extensive product information of Plastic Forming Machinery (include Vacuum Forming Machine, Thermoforming Machine, Vacuum Block Molding Machine, EPS/PP/PS/PVC Forming Machinery), provided by Plastic Forming Machinery manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Multifunctional Thermoforming Machine
The thermoforming line can produce various kind of disposable plastic containers of cooling drinks,yogurt,ice-cream,fast food,or instant noodle,as well as different kinds of merchandise packages of medicine,toy,tourist. textile and light industry,etc
Product Group: Thermoforming Machine
Company: Heilongjiang Xinyuanda International Trade co,Ltd    China

Automatic Air pressured Thermoforming Machine
Automatic Air pressured Thermoforming Machinee is a high-efficiency, auto baric heating and forming equipment, which we adopted the latest international technics to develop. The machine can send-sheet, heating, molding,incise side. The cycle is 3-5 seconds. The machine is used for BOPS, PVC, HIPS, PET and other plastic sheets. We designed it by engine, electricity and gas. Microcomputer controls it. It has manpower, half-auto, auto three function. The equipment's gas and electricity ...
Product Group: Thermoforming Machine
Company: Heilongjiang Xinyuanda International Trade co,Ltd    China

D51-250 Ring Rolling Machine
D51-250 Ring Rolling Machine Max Out Diameter of Ring can be produced: 80-250mm Max Hight of Ring: 60mm Max Rolling Force: 100KN Rolling Speed: 2.3m/s Slide Stroke: 100mm Main Motor Power: 37kw Machine Outside Size: 2300 x 1630 x 2310mm Machine Weight: 7.5T.
Product Group: Ring Rolling Machine
Company: Anyang Forging Press Machinery Industry Co.,Ltd    China

Super Plastic Forming
Used for shaping or sizing material which is impossible to form cold Consists of Hot forming titanium or Aluminium superplastic alloys Using inert gas pressure, this takes advantage of the metals strong elongation capabilities The process can be associated with diffusion bonding (SPF/DB) to obtain complex parts Parts and tools are uploaded by a shuttle.
Product Group: Plastic Forming, Hydraulic Press
Company: Dalian Tianneng Machinery Co.,Ltd    China

Y35 electric motor press mounting machine
Widely used for pressing of the large-and middle type motor, rotor and stator and placing and forming of the stator silicon steel sheet and the pressing, pressed drawing out extension and forming of the large pieces. Features: extension with the dydraulic cylinder on work-table, flexible load .unload, correct placing and stable and reliable pressing.
Product Group: Press Mounting Machine
Company: Dalian Tianneng Machinery Co.,Ltd    China

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