Fully-Automatic Hollow Blow-Moulding Machine

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Detailed Fully-Automatic Hollow Blow-Moulding Machine Description:

1) Applications: a) Usage: production of packaging utensils, asymmetric articles, stationery facilities and aviation seats. b) Fields: medicine, chemical, foodstuff, automobile, motorcycle, and shoe making industries. c) Products: bottles, tanks and buckets. d) Size: 50 - 160L. 2) Characteristics: a) Advanced Mitsubishi electrical control system, including the PLC control system and human-machine interface control system. b) All technological operations managed on a tactile screen. c) Open-close die position fixing structure: four synclinal-axes, single oil-tank, and bead-like linear track. d) Double-ring design in the die-head. e) Transducer system adopted in extruding system enables infinite adjustment. f) Energy saving device: de-celerator. g) Various models: single-translation, double-translation, single die-head, double die-head, single-layer, double-layer, double-color, visible transparent line, etc. h) Suitable raw materials: PE, PP, PA, PVC, PETG, etc.

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