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List extensive product information of Plastic Injection Machinery (include Injection Moulding Machine, Injection Molding Machine, Tube Injection), provided by Plastic Injection Machinery manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Servomotor Energy Saving Injection Molding Machine
This series is characterized with energy efficiency and enviroment protection. The machine range will raise your molding operation to the next level of efficiency and precision.Its unique design provides energy and water saving function for standard injection molding machines. This series close the gap between fully hydraulic and fully electrical machine. Characteristics: New servo drive concept Complete closed-loop control 20%-80%less energy consumption compared to conventional ...
Product Group: Injection Molding Machine
Company: Heilongjiang Xinyuanda International Trade co,Ltd    China

Full Motor-driven Injection Machine special for packing
This applies in particular for the zero-defect standard electric and electronic industry,high quality requirements of the optical industry,the cleanroom application,thin wall and micro moding. Characteristic: Economize:20%-70% less energy consumption compared to hydraulic machines Robust:Stable machine design and high quality components for a long life time. Sophisticated:Latest control technology from Austria. Modular:Different injection units and screw size. ...
Company: Heilongjiang Xinyuanda International Trade co,Ltd    China

Hybrid High Speed Thin Wall moulding Machine
Exc series is specially designed for the thin-wall Ec220, Ec369 and fast cycle injection molding products. It has already launch four model of this machine series the new Ec100 and Ec 160 model, Ec 100 can produce one (500cc/650cc) rectangular lunch box with 0.45mm thickness per machine cycle, Ec 160 can produce either one (700cc/750cc/1000cc)per machine cycle or two (650cc)with 0.45mm thickness rectangular lunch boxes per machine cycle. Main feature: 1.The new EC series is equipped with ...
Product Group: Injection Moulding Machine
Company: Heilongjiang Xinyuanda International Trade co,Ltd    China

horizontal stator hydropress
PD015 series of horizontal stator hydropress is the press equipment specially used in pressing of motor stator into motor housing. This machine uses horizontal structure and has solved the problem that the motor stator horizontal pressing is unstable. This machine tool is fully controlled by digital control appliance and can precisely control the distance of the pressing distance of stator into the motor housing. So it can minimize the quantity of fixture and saves the cost.
Product Group: Stator Hydropress
Company: Dalian Tianneng Machinery Co.,Ltd    China

plastic injection machine
Ningbo jinde Plastic Machinery (include Rolling Machine, Injection Machine, Blowing Machine, Extrusion Machine, Molding,high speed machine, PET preform machine, cap machine, servo power machine, pvc fitting machine, ppr pipe machine, crusher, hopper dryer, chiller,injection mould, blow mould, extrusion mould, ), provided by Plastic Machinery manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.
Product Group: Plastic Injection Machine
Company: Ningbo deya plastic machinery co.,ltd    china

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