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Detailed Plastic ultrasonic welding machine Description:

HK KEEPLEADER LTD is specialized in high frequency welding machine, ultrasonic welding machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine and various packing machine
Ultrasonic welding machine directs high-frequency vibrations at two components, which are clamped together, this creates a rapid build up of heat that produces a weld, or bond, in only a few seconds without significant melting of the base materials, for bonding synthetic textiles or filter media, the fabric passes under a horn, which directs the ultrasonic vibrations through the layers, the materials are heated up and fused together, making a finished seam or sealed edge, CD/DVD sleeve making machine is a good example
Ultrasonic welding machine has good features, no adhesives or consumables-such as solder or thread are needed, the weld or bond is produced quickly, usually in two to four seconds, without heating the surrounding area, ultrasonic welding is environmentally friendly, produces no waste and it economical to use
Ultrasonic welding is often used in industry field, apparel, appliance, automotive, electronics, filtration, home furnishing, medical, and packing are just some of the industries that can utilize ultrasonic welding, ultrasonic welding machine also can comply into production line, for example, ultrasonic geogrid welding machine, which have many welding heads, of course, ultrasonic welding machine can be stand-along units, just need to connect with your air compressor (1HP or 2HP)
Ultrasonic welding machine has its main components: power box/ultrasonic generator, which convert line power to the high frequency and high voltage needed by the transducer; ultrasonic transducer, containing piezoelectric crystals, which changes the incoming high frequency electrical signal to the mechanical vibration; ultrasonic booster, which transmits the vibration energy and increases its amplitude; ultrasonic horn, which delivers the vibration energy to the welding area; ultrasonic anvil or nest, which supports the welding parts to be welded
The studies prove ultrasonic welding to be safe and reliable, in a few cases, there may be a problem with excessive noise caused by ultrasonic vibration. In situations where noise level exceed OSHA limits, the problem can be remedied by installing an enclosure and/or by using personal hearing protection
HK KEEPLEADER is made-to-order manufacturer, the engineers can work with customer to produce the best version of an ultrasonic machine or customer tooling for required specifications, ultrasonic welding machine only can disturb very sensitive computerized device installed nearby, but very rarely, it may be necessary to suppress EMI emissions
HK KEEPLEADER encourages customers to send in parts for the material, by which to provide welding samples and recommend the best unit in need, actually speaking, ultrasonic welding machine has many sides of factors in need of consideration in advance, for example, the wall thickness of welding parts, ultrasonic welding line, the design of welding line, the welding material
Ultrasonic plastic welding machine (ultrasonic welder), weldable thermoplastic resins can be categorized as amorphous or crystalline, weldable amorphous resins include: Polycarbonate, Polyphenylene oxide, polystyrene, ABS, polyetherimide, acrylic, and polysulfone. Weldable CRYSTALLINE materials include: thermoplastic polyester, nylon, acetal, polyethylene, polyphenylene sulfide, and polypropylene. There are limited number of dissimilar, amorphous thermoplastics can be welded together (e.g., ABS and polycarbonate). Melt temperature difference for dissimilar materials can’t be greater than 50° F. Flame retardants can affect the weld by reducing the strength of the bond. In such cases, “overwelding” can sometimes be the solution. This involves utilizing a higher amplitude machine or a slightly longer weld time to create a sufficiently strong bond.
An acceptable amount of glass contact for ultrasonic welding

Plastic ultrasonic welding machine
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