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List extensive product information of Pneumatic Components (include Solenoid Valve, Pneumatic Valve, Exhaust Valve, Pneumatic Cylinder, Pneumatic Fitting), provided by Pneumatic Component manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Pneumatic Cylinder
Our pneuamtics started designing and manufacturing pneumatic cylinder at the very beginning, and now we have a wide range of pneumatic cylinders from standard cylinders to nonstandard cylinders, and from small bore size of 6mm to 600mm. We have tie-rod air cylinder for Asia market and ISO6431/VDMA24562 standard pneumatic cylinder (both tie-rod and mickey mouse cylinder) for international market, also we have square cylinder according to DIN24335 standard, compact cylinder and ISO6432 ...
Product Group: Pneumatic Cylinder
Company: Ningbo Jiuding Machinery Co., Ltd.    China

Fast Exhaust Valve
1) 1-way directional control element normally installed between air cylinder and changing valve, making the air in cylinder escape directly through this valve rather than changing valve. 2) Applied for valves where quick movement of air cylinder is required

High Temperature Solenoid Valve
1) GDF series high temperature solenoid valve is widely applied in such industries as scientific research, national defense, metallurgy, mechanism, chemical industry, light textile, power plant, petroleum, boat, and food. 2) Every part is made of high-temperature-resisting materials. 3) Can adjust automatically and remote control the working medium in the pipe system such as water, gas and oil with acid and alkali performance below 180°C

Pneumatic Valves
4V: 5/2 or 5/3 solenoid valves. 4A: 5/2 or 5/3 pneumatic control valves. 3V: 3/2 solenoid valves. 3A: 3/2 pneumatic control valves. With ports 1/8" to 1/2". Namur type can be made. With single coil or double coils. Working medium: filtered air. Working pressure: 0.15-0.8MPa. Working temp.: 5-50c. Coil: class F. Coil power: 5.5VA or 4.8W. Coil with flying leads or DIN connector
Product Group: Pneumatic Valves
Company: Zhejiang Sazn Pneumatic Co., Ltd.    China

Diaphragm Solenoid Valve
Explanation: removing the coil before brazing the valve body and protect valve body with wet cloth and the body temperature should be under Installation: coil up-side, valve body upright. Working condition: Orifice: Φ7mm. Power: AC 220V, AC 110V, DC 24V, DC 12V. Voltage range: 85%-110%. Frequency: 50/60Hz. Rating power: 10W. Suitable medium: R22, R134a. Medium temperature: -30º C~+130º C. Environmental temperature: -20º C~+50º C. Interior leak: P=0. 5Mpa, Q≤10ml/min. Max. working ...
Product Group: Solenoid Valve
Company: Zhejiang Sazn Pneumatic Co., Ltd.    China

QT actuator is used for control butterfly valves or balls. It is very popular for its beautiful appearance, small size, lightweight structure and good quality. The material of body is die casting aluminum. The output torque range is from 40N.m to 2000N.m.

Stainless Steel Cylinder
1) Motion pattern: double actions. 2) Working medium: air. 3) Operating voltage range: 0.1-0.9MPa. 4) Operating temperature range: -5~70°C. 5) Operating speed range: 50-500mm/s. 6) Oil: lubricated and not lubricated. 7) Joint pipe bore: M5 x 0.8, G1/8
Company: Zhejiang Sazn Pneumatic Co., Ltd.    China

Electronic Drain Valve
Specifications (timer): 1) Interval time: 0.5 - 45min. 2) Discharging time: 0.5-10s. 3) Manual test button: available. 4) Voltage: 24 - 240V, ±10%, 50 / 60Hz. 5) Safety grade: IP65, NEMA4. 6) Indicator light: yellow, indicates valve open/close. Specifications (solenoid valve): 1) Type: 2/2 direct-acting valve. 2) Inlet/outlet connection: 1/2" or 1/4" internal screw. 3) Max. working pressure: 16 Bar (for high pressure, 40/80/250/350/400 Bar available). 4) Ambient temperature: 2 / ...

Air Filter
Air Filter: It is mainly used for cleaning and effectively eliminates various impurities in the compressed air from compressors with automatic discharge structure, higher safety. There are multiple specifications for your choice. Technical Parameter: 1)Applicable Medium: Air. 2)Filtration:5μm. 3)Max Pressure:1.0MPa. 4)Applicable Temperature:0-60oC. 5)Gauge Port Size:G1/4.

Pneumatic Axial Valve
1. Size: 3/8" ~ 2" (DN10 ~ DN50). 2. Working medium: Corrosive, inert gases and liquid media. Max. pressure: 10 bar. Max. temperature: -10°C ~ +150°C. 3. Control medium: Inert gases Permanent pressure: 3 bar ~ 8 bar. Max. temperature: 120°C. 4. Control type: single acting, double acting. 5. Material: Body: CF8M. Seal: EPDM. 6. Connection type: BSP, NPT screwed. 7. Advantages: Perfect sealing, can work in vacuum 740mmHg (relative vacuum) Small shape, large flux
Product Group: Pneumatic Valve

Quick Exhaust Valve
Specifications: 1) Working medium: air. 2) Joint pipe bore: G1/8" - G3/4". 3) Working- pressure range: 0 - 1.0MPa. 4) Operating temperature range: 0 - 60°C

Solenoid Valves
1) Adopts integral slot throttle structure. 2) Structure type: guiding valve type. 3) Material: aluminum, stainless steel, nitric rubber. 4) Temperature: 0 - 80oC. 5) Working pressure: 0 - 1MPa. 6) Voltage: DC 24V, AC 24V / 110V / 220V (50 / 60Hz). 7) Level of protection: IP54. 8) Valve hole is processed with special high precision finishing technique. 9) Widely applied to pneumatic systems

Gas Emergency Shut Off Solenoid Valve
1) Nominal diameter: 15 - 50mm (thread), 65 - 400mm (flange). 2) Medium: coal gas, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas. 3) Ambient temperature: -20 - 60°C. 4) Working pressure: 0 - 4 bars or 0 - 500m bar. 5) Sealing: NBR. 6) Valve body: casting steel, or casting aluminum. 7) Protection class: IP65. 8) Optional Explosion proof grade: ExmIIT4, ExdI/IIBT3/T4. 9) Response time: less than 3s. 10) Normally open and pulse type, the coil haven't electrify during working, does not consume ...

Pulse Jet Valve
electromagnetic pulse valves are the right-angle valves same as series "Z", which are suitable for the installation connection between the gas dome and the bag house blow tube. There are fixed nuts at both ends which make it easy to install and use.

Pneumatic Cylinder
Providing full range of pneumatic components, incorporating air preparation, air cylinder (ISO 6431, ISO 6432) , mini cylinder, aluminum cylinder, solenoid valves, mechanical valves, pneumatic valves, air tube, fittings, etc.
Product Group: Pneumatic Cylinder

Thin Type Cylinders
1) Directing installation type. 2) The compact design with a short overall length makes the cylinder easy to install in confined spaces. 3) Using the mounting hole through design, no extra accessories are required for fixing. 4) Maintenance: the cylinders' design is easy to be disassembled for reducing the maintenance cost. 5) A choice of stroke length, and a variety of catalogue options. 6) High-temperature type: high-temperature type cylinder is optional; the special seals are ...

Solenoid Valve
1) Body material: brass. 2) Operating type: normally closed. 3) Mode of action: 2/2-way, semi-direct lift type. 4) Sealing material: PTEF or Viton; NBR is standard. 5) Coil grade: class H, IP54 / IP65. 6) Suitable for applications with temperature below 120°C. 7) Reliable action under consistent pressure. 8) Connection pipe size: PT 1/2" - 2", flange 3/4" - 2"
Product Group: Solenoid Valve

TC Linear Cylinder
Fluid: Filtered air with or without lubrication. Action: Double Acting. Proof press:1.5MPa(15kgf/cm2). Max. press:1.0MPa(10kgf/cm2). Min. press:0.05MPa(1kgf/c2). Cushion: Air Cushion. Amb. temp.:10-60°C. Piston speed:50-500mm/s

USA Style Pneumatic Fitting
Tube:5/32'' * active thread 1/4''. Tube: 1/8'' * active thread 1/8''. Tube: 5/32" * active thread 1/8''. Tube:1/4'' * active thread 1/8''. Tube:3/8'' * active thread 1/4''. Tube: 3/8'' * active thread 3/8''. Tube: 1/2'' * active thread 3/8''. Tube: 1/4'' *active thread 3/8''. Tube: 3/8" * active thread 1/8''. Tube: ...

Pneumatic Products
The major products of the company are pneumatic components including air source processing units, solenoid valves, air cylinders and accessories. The products have complete specifications and attractive appearance and are popular among clients.

Compact Guide Cylinder
Small volume, Compact. High side load resistance. Strong resistance to torque force. High non-rock-over precision. Choose the sliding bearing or ball guide bearing for the bearing of guide rod. Easy for installation and use. The position of two-surface connecting pipes is available for selection

Pneumatic Actuators
Reliability, high performance, long cycle life, large adjustment, highest levels of corrosion protection, wide selection of model with easy and economy. specifications: Direct mounting Namur solenoid valve capability ; Internal porting eliminating external tubing (when NAMUR mounted solenoid is used) ; Adjustable mechanical travel stops ; Blow out proof pinion gear ; Optional Viton seal kit ; Visual indication ; works equally well on lubricated or non-lubricated air
Product Group: Pneumatic Actuator

Mechanical Valve
1) Working medium:40 micron filtered air. 2) Joint pipe bore: G1/8"- G1/4". 3) Working-pressure range: 0 - 0.8MPa. 4) Operating temperature range: 0 - 60°C. 5) Position and way number: two-position five-way, two-position three-way

Air Filter Combination
1) Ensured Pressure Resistance: 1.5MPa. 2)Highest Working Pressure:1.0MPa. 3)Ambient and Fluid Tempareture: 5-60°C. 4)Filtering Precision: 25μm. 5)Recommended Oil Use: Turbine No.1 Oil SOVG32. 6)Container Material: Polycarbonate. 7)Pressure Regulating Range:0.05-0.85MPa. 8)Valve Type: With Overflow. 9)Port Size: G1/4". 10)Pressure Gauge Size: G1/8". 11) Weight: 0.74kg. 12) Material: a) Body: aluminum die cast forming ; b) Container cup: PE

Pneumatic Butterfly Valve
1. Size: 2" ~ 6" (DN50 ~ DN150). 2. Working medium: Corrosive, inert gases and liquid media. Max. pressure: 16 bar. Max. temperature: -10°C ~ +130°C. 3. Control medium: Inert gases. Permanent pressure: 3 bar ~ 8 bar. Max. temperature: 80°C. 4. Control type: double acting. 5. Material: Disc: CF8M. Valve body: QT400. Seal: EPDM. 6. Max. ambient temperature: 60°C. 7. Advantages: Low power loss, high efficiency: no cranks or gearing, no backlash.

Solenoid Valves and Pneumatic Control Valves
1) Working pressure: 0.15 - 0.8MPa. 2) Operating temperature: 5 ~ 50°C. 3) Voltage range: ±10%. 4) Power consumption: AC4.5V DC3W. 5) Insulation and protection class: F Class, IP65

Coupling, Regulator, Valve Pneumatic Components
1. Light weight, compact design. 2. Quick operation-1 / 4 turn on-off control of fluids utilized in process and instrumentation applications. 3. Choice of replaceable end connections Provides added system versatility. 4. Sizes: 1 / 4" through 3 / 4", 6mm through 12mm. 5. 100% factory tested. Manufacture and OEM of hardware and tool accessories, tube fittings, pipe fittings, various pneumatic, hydraulic quick couplings, sus 304. 316 high / middle pressure fittings. Offer to sell ...

Pneumatic Parts
1) Cylinder: mini cylinder, compact cylinder. 2) Stainless steel cylinder, heavy duty cylinder. 3) Solenoid valve: 4V directional valve, 2-way valve, 3-way valve, mechanical valve, angle valve. 4) Air filter: full metal air filter, SMC replacement air filter. 5) Fittings: pneumatic fittings, plastic fittings, brass fittings, quick coupler

Dual Flow Valve (solenoid valve)
1) Modern structure, beautiful configuration and zero leakage 2) Double - flow - volume setup (big and small), high discharge accuracy 3) Four connection modes available: flange, outer - thread, flange - outer - thread and inner - thread 4) Anti - explosion function for computerized dispensers. 5) Metric parameter: 20mm 6) Metric pressure: 0.35MPa 7) Flow rate: 0 - 60L/min 8) Rated voltage: VAC 220V

Airless paint sprayer, coating machine
Application: Series NK-WJ is air-driven type airless paint sprayer adopting air-direction-change. Applied to shipbuilding, steel structure, wall painting, bridges maintenance, oil pipline of thick-film high-viscosity paints, anti-corrosion paints. The paints include: PVC paints,Thick-Paste Epoxy paints, Super-Epoxy paints, Epoxy-Zinc-Rich Paints, Inorganic Zinc Paints. Features: 1. Equips the latest air-motor, large output, small pulsation, long lifetime. 2. Special Seals imported from ...
Product Group: Paint Sprayer
Company: NOKE Paint Sprayer Company    China

Pneumatic paint sprayer, airless sprayer, spray gun
NKWJ32 Pneumatic paint sprayer Pressure Ratio: 32 : 1 No-loading Delivery: 56 L/Min Air Inlet Pressure: 0.3 MPa ~ 0.6 MPa (3 Bar ~ 6 Bar) Max Output Pressure: 23 MPa (230 Bar) Max Tip Size: 0.035 Inches Air Consumption: 300 ~ 1500 L/Min Packing Size: 550mm×650mm×960mm Weight: 80 kgs Applications: Series NKWJ32 is air-driven airless paint sprayer working by the power of air compressor. This machine, adopts complete air-direction-change device, works stablely and safely. The ...
Product Group: Paint Sprayer
Company: NAKIN Paint Sprayer    China

Quantification Dispenser
this kind of Dispenser is using controlled air pressure and microprocessor-based timers – instead of operator guesswork – to regulate the amount of material applied to each part,TH-2004k provides a simple and economic solution to fluid dispensing. The unit can either be controlled with a foot pedal or a finger switch for hand-held dispensing applications.
Company: cixi tian hao electric technic co.,ltd    china

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