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List extensive product information of Gear, Speed Reducer (include Worm Gear Reducer, Spiral Gearbox, Helical Gear), provided by Gear, Speed Reducer manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Worm Gear Reducer
1) Aluminum alloy die-casted gearbox. 2) Compact structure saves. mounting space. 3) Highly accurate. 4) Runs forward and backward. 5) High overload capacity. 6) Stable transmission with reduced vibration and noise
Company: Anhui Tofive Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd.    China

1) Materials: grey iron, stainless steel, rubber. 2) Weight: 0.1 - 100kg. 3) Process: precision casting, investment casting, die casting, permanent mould casting, forging, hobbing.
Company: Anhui Tofive Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd.    China

Speed-Increasing Gear
1. Power: 3kW~1,500kW. 2. Speed ratio: 5-50. 3. Fast axis speed: less than 1,800rpm. 4. Transmission efficiency: >95%. 5. Temperature: -10°C~+45°C. 6. Condition: continuous

Seamless Carbon Steel Reducer
1) Carbon steel fitting and stainless steel fitting. 2) Standard: ASME, ANSI, JIS, DIN. 3) Material: carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel. 4) Size: 1/2"-48". 5) Surface treatment: transparent oil, rust-proof oil, hot galvanizing

Two Speed Parallel Shaft Drop Box
1) Aluminum alloy die casting and sand casting gearbox. 2) Reducer type. 3) Torque and transmission are differentiated by digression. 4) Power saving. 5) Adopts comprehensive modular design from boxes to gears. 6) High quality material: high purity quotient alloy steel 20CrMnTi. 7) Heat treatments: carbonization and hardening. 8) Tooth flank rigidity: up to 60±2HRC. 9) Tooth flank grinding precision: up to 7 levels. 10) Greatly reduces noise and improves carrying capacity

Gear Reducer
1) Worm gear reducer: a) Cast iron case worm gear boxes ; b) Aluminum case worm gears ; c) Arc gear cylindrical worm reducers ; d) Plane enveloping toroidal worm reducers ; e) Gearboxes in inch dimensions ; f) Gearboxes for special usage. 2) In-line helical geared motor: a) FR helical geared motors ; b) FS shaft mounted helical geared motors ; c) FF shaft mounted helical worm geared motors ; d) SMR shaft mounted helical geared units
Company: Anhui Tofive Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd.    China

Gearbox Part
1) Material: gray cast iron, ductile cast iron, carbon iron, tin bronze, aluminum alloy. 2) Standard: ASTM, European standard. 3) Process: sand casting, investment casting, die casting, permanent mold casting. 4) Machining: CNC turning, CNC milling, CNC drilling

Plastic Gear
1) Molds and accessories: ramming level grinding tool, hard alloy magnetism links grinding tool and correlation spare parts; the highest precision is 0.001mm and the roughness of surface reaches Ra0.02μm. 2) Precision components: machine parts, communication base depot part, hard alloy tools, various professions of measuring instruments. 3) Pressure gauges: 100 kinds of specifications; the annual output quantity is 5,000,000pcs; cycloid tooth profile transmission. 4) Timer: miniature motor ...

1) Aluminum alloy housing. 2) High quality bearings prevent leakage, for flexibility in mounting and reducer life prolonging. 3) NEMA and IEC motors in. 4) Double-lip oil seal. 5) O-ring used to prevent leakage. 6) Standard hollow output bore and optional plug-in shafts provide greater flexibility. 7) Automated manufacturing process complying.

Cycloidal Pin Wheel Reducer
1) Large transmission ratio: a) For single transmission: 9-87 ; b) For double transmission: 99-7569. 2) High transmission efficiency and the single transmission efficiency is over 90%. 3) Well-knitted structure, small volume, light weight, and high speed axle and low speed axle remain in the same axle, which makes it convenient for installing and disassembling. 4) Low noise when operating and overloading, heavy breaking sustainment

Central-Driving Mill-Reducer
The Main Reduction Gears is a cylindrical gear-driving device with its parallel shaft being involutes. Since a layout of power shunting and synchronous transmission gear system, which can adjust the load of each gear, is adopted, it possesses the features of compact structure, small size and lightweight. The High-grade alloy case-hardened steel is used for manufacturing all driving gears of the reducer. The surface of each gear has been cemented, hardened and ground, so it has high precision ...

Worm Reducer RV Series
High quality aluminum alloy, elegant appearance, efficient radiator, high carrying ability. Installed in multiple surfaces, hollow output shaft, various input and output type, conjoins other transmission machinery easily. 1) Small size, compact, lightweight, and saves space for mounting. 2) Runs steadily with low noise. 3) High reliability and high efficiency. 4) Specification: 25-185 eleven type totally (25-90 are aluminum alloy housing, others are casting iron housing). 5) Input power: ...

Helical Gear Motor
Specifications: 1) Output speed: 4.6~1,095r/min. 2) Output torque: up to 23,200N.m. 3) Motor power: 0.12~160kW. 4) Mounted form: foot-mounted and flange-mounted mounting

Various kinds of high-quality forgings are for such trades as tractors, automobiles, construction machinery, aviation, ships, coal machines, railways, petroleum, etc. Also supply: 1) Spur gears, spiral bevel gears, helical gears, racks, splines. 2) Material: steel, stainless steel, metallurgy power, plastic. 3) Your inquiry with drawing is accepted.

1. HL gearbox feature compact, rugged construction and precision-forged, straight-tooth bevel gears, making them ideal for industrial applications where low-speed/high-torque drives are required. 2. Straight-tooth bevel gears have teeth that are made form precision-forged alloy steel for maximum strength, as well as case hardened for increased durability. 3. Input and output shafts are constructed form ground and polished heat-treated alloy steel to further enhance the overall toughness of ...

Spiral Gear
1) Suitable for various light vehicle transmission. 2) Adopts optimal design and treatment to decrease noise and increase loading capacity. 3) Processing: precision hot and cold forging, precision machining and roll forming. 4) Heat treatment: annealing, normalizing, carbonitriding, carburizing, and tempering. 5) Precision shot peen gear faces and roots to increase loading capacity

Available gearboxes and motors: 1) Worm gearboxes. 2) Cyclical gearboxes. 3) Helical gearboxes. 4) Bevel gearboxes. 5) Variators. 6) Motors. 7) Planetary gearboxes. 8) Screw jacks. 9) Screw actuators. 10) Speed reducers. Features: 1) Worm gear reducer with iron or aluminum case, in metric or imperial sizes for both European and American markets (Motovario & Bonfilio copy). 2) Helical gearbox: in-line helical gearbox (SEW, Hansen and Fenner copies). 3) Shaft mounted helical geared motors. ...

Planetary Cone-Disk Stepless Speed Variator
1) High precision speed regulation: up to 0.5-1 round. 2) Large speed-changing range: the speed ratio ranges from 1:4 to 1:7 freely. 3) High intensity and long service life. 4) Convenient operation. 5) Continuously workable, bidirectional working direction, smooth running, stable, and quiet. 6) Fully sealed and suitable to any environment. 7) Compact structure, small size. 8) High quality aluminum alloy die-cast, elegant shape, light weight and non-rusting. 9) Good adaptability: can be ...

Cast Iron Bevel & Spiral Bevel Gearbox
1) Rugged cast iron housings, line bored for precise gear and bearing alignment. 2) Commercially available tapered roller and ball bearings provide maximum catalog load capacity. 3) Carburized alloy steel straight or spiral gears manufactured to AGMA standard for long life and quiet operation. 4) Double lip contact oil seals ride on hardened plunge ground shafts for leak free operation

Wpea Worm Gear Reducer
1) precision cast iron 2) face of gear has been quenched and its profile has high accuracy 3) compact structure and small volume saves mounting space 4) high overload capacity 5) forward and backward running with frequent starting.

Gear Reducer
1) Case: the gear case is made of gray iron FC-25, FCD-45 or steel plate welding of high quality and is processed by Swiss precision and prevent it from getting hot. 2) Gear: as employing advanced technology, latest machine tool of gears hobbing and gear grinder, material of high quality steel, precise gear testing equipment and head treating keep the products with more precision testing and durability, together with the experience or manufacturing in this field for all these years, we ...
Product Group: Gear Reducer

1) Ductile iron and grey iron sand casting gearbox. 2) Reducer type. 3) Torque and transmission are differentiated by digression. 4) Adopts comprehensive modular design from boxes to gears. 5) High quality material: high purity quotient alloy steel 20CrMnTi. 6) Heat treatments: carbonization and hardening. 7) Greatly reduces noise and improves carrying capacity. 8) Software for specification drawings: Pro/E, auto CAD, solid work

Engineering Gear
Product range: 1) Ring gear ; 2) Flywheel assemblies ; 3) Gear wheel families ; 4) Engineering gear. It is widely used in such fields as vehicles, mining machinery, engineering machinery, petroleum chemical industry and textile machinery. 1, Materials: a) Grey iron ; b) Ductile iron ; c) Steel casting. 2, Specifications: a) Spur gears, bevel gears, helical gears, worm gears, face gears, gear levels ; b) Outer dimensions: 50-800mm ; c) Weight: 0.1-100kg. 3, Processing methods available: ...

Helical Gear Reducer
1 Features: Small off-center output and compact structure, maxi mum utilization of housing space, integral casting housing with a good rigidity to enhance the shaft strength and service life of bearing. 2 Types of installation and output: Base type, big or small flange type installation, and output through solid shaft. 3 Input types: Couple-type motor, input through shaft and input through coupling flange.

Stainless Steel Butt-Weld Reducer
Stainless steel butt-weld reducer Con-red ecc-red ecc-red Specification standards ansi b16.9, ansi b16.28; jis b2311; din 2605, 2615, 2616, 2617 Material 304/304l , 316/316l Thickness sch10s , sch 40s Size concentric reducer 3/4"x1/2"~12"x8" Eccentric reducer 3/4"x1/2"~12"x8"
Company: SKO Co.,ltd

Worm Gear Screw Jack
1.Static loading: 0.5 Tons ~ 100 Tons 2.Dynamic loading: 0.1 Tons ~ 26 Tons 3.Feature: Positioning precision,safely self-locking,heavy duty and uniform speed 4.Power Source: Manual or Electrical
Product Group: Screw Jack

Right Angle Spiral Bevel Gearbox
1. Model: RN-2M, 4M, 6M, 7M, 8M, 10M, 12M, 16M, 20M, 25M 2. Configuration: Spiral bevel gears, bearing, housing, drive shaft 3. Material: Alloy steel spiral bevel gears is case-hardened, and it is of high Rigidity and wear resistance. Housing is made of cast iron. 4. Speed ratio: 1: 1, 1: 2, Special transmission ratios, we can make it follows Customers need, gear transmission efficiency up to 95% 5. Features: Right angle or 90 degree to change the transmission ...

NMRV Series Gear Reducer
High quality die casting aluminum alloy housing, suitable for universal mounting. Heat sink design for cooling provides great surface area and higher thermal capacity than the casting iron housings. 11 sizes from 025 to 130, with power scope rom 7.5 to 60 kw. Larger speed ratio range. Each single frame size has 12 ratios from 5:1 to 100:1. Hardened worm with fine grinding has the features of higher efficiency and big output torque. Low noise and stably running, can adapt long term work ...
Company: Hebei Jianfeng Reducer Co.,Ltd    China

Thousands of MERVE gearboxes are used in a great number of industrial sectors from the giant factories to the smallest workshops. Merve gearboxes are manufactured in three series, namely, M, E and R. And we also manufacture special type gearboxes and other various types of gears. M-Series gearboxes: It is used in the communications systems in the applications which require diversion by 90o with a variable conversion range. They are used in the industrial sectors of maritime, ...
Company: MERVE MAKINA SAN. VE TIC. LTD. STI.    Turkey

speed reducer
Today thousands of MERVE gearboxes are used in a great number of industrial sectors from the giant factories to the smallest workshops. Merve gearboxes are manufactured in three series, namely, M, E and R. And we also manufacture special type gearboxes and other various types of gears. M-Series bevel gearboxes: Bevel gearboxes used in the communications systems in the applications which require diversion by 90o with a variable conversion range. They are used in the industrial ...
Product Group: Speed Reducer
Company: MERVE MAKINA SAN. VE TIC. LTD. STI.    Turkey

Helical gear
Helical gears offer a refinement over spur gears. The leading edges of the teeth are not parallel to the axis of rotation, but are set at an angle. Since the gear is curved, this angling causes the tooth shape to be a segment of a helix. Helical gears can be meshed in a parallel or crossed orientations. The former refers to when the shafts are parallel to each other; this is the most common orientation. In the latter, the shafts are non-parallel. The angled teeth engage more gradually ...
Product Group: Helical Gear
Company: MERVE MAKINA SAN. VE TIC. LTD. STI.    Turkey

Gear Boxes/ speed reducers
Z Hard gearbox speed reduceris an outer meshed involute helical tooth cylindrical gear speed reducer. 1. The type has ZDY single-stage cylindrical gear speed reducer, ZLY double-stage cylindrical gear speed reducer, ZSY three-stage cylindrical gear speed reducer 2.Specification has: Single stage80,100,125,160,200,250,280,315,355,400,450,500,560 Two-stage112,125,140,160,180,200,224,250,280,315,355,400,450 ,500,560,630,710 Three-level160,180,200,224,250,280,315,355,400,450,500,560,630 ...
Product Group: Gearbox
Company: Zibo Wanxin Speed Reducer Co., Ltd    China

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