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Detailed Gear Boxes/ speed reducers Description:

Z Hard gearbox speed reduceris an outer meshed involute helical tooth cylindrical gear speed reducer.
1. The type has ZDY single-stage cylindrical gear speed reducer, ZLY double-stage cylindrical gear speed reducer, ZSY three-stage cylindrical gear speed reducer
2.Specification has: Single stage80,100,125,160,200,250,280,315,355,400,450,500,560
Two-stage112,125,140,160,180,200,224,250,280,315,355,400,450 ,500,560,630,710
Three-level160,180,200,224,250,280,315,355,400,450,500,560,630 ,710
single-stage: 1.25~6.3
double-stage: 6.3~20
three-stage: 22.47~100

Gear Boxes/ speed reducers
  • Model: ZDY ZLY ZSY ZFY
  • Packing: wooden case
  • Terms of Payment: LC, CASH, DP
  • Products ID: 36854
  • Product Category: Gear, Speed Reducer
  • Product Group: Gearbox
  • Post date: Aug 4, 2010
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Manufacturer/supplier's information

Company: Zibo Wanxin Speed Reducer Co., Ltd
Address: South of Xiwaihuan Rd, Boshan Dist
Region: Zibo, China
Contact Person: Mr. wang
Telephone: 0086-13792190498