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Detailed gearbox Description:

Thousands of MERVE gearboxes are used in a great number of industrial sectors from the giant factories to the smallest workshops.

Merve gearboxes are manufactured in three series, namely, M, E and R. And we also manufacture special type gearboxes and other various types of gears.

M-Series gearboxes: It is used in the communications systems in the applications which
require diversion by 90o with a variable conversion range. They are used in the industrial sectors of maritime, packaging machinery, printing machinery, food machinery, wood machinery, textile machinery, agriculture machinery and other related ones.

E- Series gearboxes: they are manufactured as cutting sizing reducers of marble, granite, mosaic
and other natural stone products.

R- Series gearboxes: in general they are manufactured of diversion and transmission on the
marble processing machines; they are also required in other related fields.

Mass-produced, the reducers have ample spare parts and the reducer with no stock availability are manufactured in short time and delivered to the customer.

Our first principle is to improve quality of our products under the most favorable conditions to demands from the customers, responding to their expectations by manufacturing products on nofault, no-delay and cost-effective basis and thus ensuring them to develop and grow together with the supply. While our company meets national market requirements, its foreign sales also show an ever-increasing trend.

A transmission or gearbox provides speed and torque conversions from a rotating power source to another device using gear ratios. The most common use is in motor vehicles, where the transmission adapts the output of the internal combustion engine to the drive wheels. Such engines need to operate at a relatively high rotational speed, which is inappropriate for starting, stopping, and slower travel.

The transmission gearboxes the higher engine speed to the slower wheel speed, increasing torque in the process. Transmissions are also used on pedal bicycles, fixed machines, and anywhere else rotational speed and torque needs to be adapted.

Often, a gearboxes will have multiple gear ratios (or simply "gears"), with the ability to switch between them as speed varies. This switching may be done manually (by the operator), or automatically.

Directional (forward and reverse) control may also be provided. Single-ratio transmissions also exist, which simply change the speed and torque (and sometimes direction) of motor output.
Gearboxes have found use in a wide variety of different—often stationary—applications, such as wind turbines.

Gearboxes are also used in agricultural, industrial, construction, mining and automotive equipment. In addition to ordinary transmission equipped with gears, such equipment makes extensive use of the hydrostatic drive and electrical adjustable-speed drives.

  • Model: M-E-R Series gearboxes
  • Packing: chest
  • Terms of Payment: L/C. T/T
  • Delivery Time: 1-3 WEEKS
  • Products ID: 33568
  • Product Category: Gear, Speed Reducer
  • Post date: Apr 10, 2010
Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of gearbox in Turkey.


Manufacturer/supplier's information

Address: Rami Kısla Cad. İncirlik Sok. Gundogar 2 is Merkezi No:15 34055 Tolcular / Eyup
Region: istanbul, Turkey
Contact Person: Rustem Azman
Telephone: +902125768892

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