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Detailed Worm Gear Screw Jack,Worm Gear Jack Screws Description:

* Configuration: Worm Gear, Worm Shaft, Taper Roll Bearings, Seals, Housing, Self-locking Trapezoidal Screw,etc.

* Model: RN-0.5ton, RN-1 ton, RN-2 ton, RN-3 ton, RN-5 ton, RN-10 ton, RN-15 ton, RN-20 ton, RN-30 ton, RN-40 ton, RN-50 ton, RN-100 ton.

* Safely self locking, Positioning Precision, Heavy Duty, Uniform Lifting Speed, Low Efficiency, Use Infrequently, Easy Installation, Low Noise.

* Linear Motions: Elevating,Lowering,Pulling,Pressing,Pushing,Rolling.

* Manual Operation and Electrical Operation are available.

* Multiple Screw Jack Systems are availbale and fully synchronized.

* Absolutely irreversible, they can support their applied loads without needing any brakes or other locking systems.

* Three reduction ratio are available for each model. Fast ratio,1 turn shaft,1 mm stroke; Medium ratio,1 turn shaft,0.5 mm stroke;Low ratio,1 turn shaft,0.25 mm stroke.

* Electric Motor Horsepower Range 0.03 ~ 21.5 HP.

* Trapezoidal Screw Diameters Range 20 ~100 mm;Screw Pitch Range 5 ~ 16 mm.

* Max Linear Speed 3600 mm/min

* Accessories: Bevel Gearbox,Hand Wheel,Electric Motor,Motor Flange,Frequency Inverter,Safety Nut,Steel Cover,Rubber Belllows,Limit Switches,Couplings,Flexible Linking Shaft,Trunnion Base,etc.

* Application Industries: Machinery,Metallurgy,Construction, Irrigation,Chemical industry,Health Care,Culture,Health,etc

Worm Gear Screw Jack,Worm Gear Jack Screws
  • Model: RN-0.5TON~100TON
  • Packing: PLYWOOD BOX
  • Terms of Payment: T/T
  • Delivery Time: DEPENDS
  • Products ID: 37127
  • Product Category: Gear, Speed Reducer
  • Product Group: WORM GEAR SCREW JACK
  • Post date: Aug 12, 2010
Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of Worm Gear Screw Jack,Worm Gear Jack Screws in China.


Manufacturer/supplier's information

Address: Building F,Xinhaoyuan Industrial Park,Xitou Village,Houjie Town
Region: Dongguan, China
Contact Person: Jack Kuang
Telephone: 86-769-85644651

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