Worm Reducer RV Series

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Detailed Worm Reducer RV Series Description:

High quality aluminum alloy, elegant appearance, efficient radiator, high carrying ability. Installed in multiple surfaces, hollow output shaft, various input and output type, conjoins other transmission machinery easily. 1) Small size, compact, lightweight, and saves space for mounting. 2) Runs steadily with low noise. 3) High reliability and high efficiency. 4) Specification: 25-185 eleven type totally (25-90 are aluminum alloy housing, others are casting iron housing). 5) Input power: 0.04-22kW (four-stage motor). 6) Output torque: 10-2320Nm. 7) Transmission ratio: 7.5-100 (specification 25 without 80, 100 transmission ratio, specification 30 without 100 transmission ratio). 8) By motor direct connection and shaft input, shaft and hollow shaft output form, by feet, shaft installation and flange mounting forms

Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of Worm Reducer RV Series in china.

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