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List extensive product information of Printing Machinery (include Label Printing, Gravure Printing, Pad Printer, Solvent Printer, Hot Code Printer), provided by Printing Machinery manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Label Printing and Diecutting Machine
1) Color: three front one back, four front. 2) Max. printing width: 95mm. 3) Max. printing length: 90 - 180mm. 4) Max. material width: 100mm. 5) Speed: 1500 - 5000p/h. 6) Diecutting area: 85 x 85mm
Company: Rugao Zhong Luo Print Machinery Co., Ltd.    China

Rotogravure Printing Press
This machine is suitable for printing roll plastic film, non-woven fabric, thin leather, paper, aluminum foil, fabric and soft packaging materials. With excellent performance, models in this series are ideal for printing wine boxes, shoe bags, milk film and T-shirt bags

Oil Spray and Silkscreen Machine
1) Quality sourcing service for oil spray and silkscreen component with large scale of production capability and flexible production schedule. 2) Total 6 oil spray line ( 3 auto lines and 3 manual ones with 16 working sites), following up with 3 silkscreen line. 3) Average 30,000 components/day and 5,000,000 - 7,500,000pcs/month. 4) 280 experienced workers to ensure speedy quality requirement from inner and external market. 5) Flexible production and prompt delivery (≤ 7 days). 6) Service ...

Heat Transfer Machine
It can heat transfer and pyrograph the color pattern and writing of printing ink in cotton, hemp and chemical fiber. It also can be used to hot deal with flocking pyrograph and bled pyrograph printing craft, which is economy and practical. We also supply printing machines which with dimensions of 38cm x 38cm and 82cm x 32cm.

Four-Color Unit-Type Offset Press
1) High pile non-stop delivery. 2) Photo-electric detector for double sheet, overshoot sheet and front alignment sheet control. 3) Water-circulated dampening system. 4) Computer-calculated inking unit. 5) Controlled by touch screen, man-machine conversation. 6) Movement controlled by pneumatic components or motor
Company: Rugao Zhong Luo Print Machinery Co., Ltd.    China

Cup Printer
1) Min./max. cup height: 35-180mm. 2) Min./max. rim diameter: 60-160mm. 3) Max. printing width: 145mm. 4) Min./max. taper: 2-13°. 5) Max. printing speed: 10,000pcs/h. 6) Power: 12kW. 7) Weight of main machine: 6,500kg. 8) Overall dimensions: 660 x 300 x 270cm

Pad Printing Machine
Features: 1) Great performance. 2) A kind of machine special for printing on the surface of lid, which has been electronically treated. 3) Procedures from lid sorting, delivering, path separating, lid feeding, surface printing to lid dropping are completed automatically, shown in the figure is a 4-color automatic pad printing machine with tank chain type convey belt. Specifications: 1) Min. cap diameter: 25mm ; 2) Max. cap diameter: 40mm ; 3) Min. cap height: 15mm ; 4) Max. cap height: 25mm ...

Solvent Printer
Adopt 16 AAR128 print head of England. Print speed reaches 48sqm/h Real model 370dpix370dpi, the picture of lingt inside is equally gorgeous Adopt auto medium-feeding sys tem, equipped with infrared ray level inductor can avoid material fold. Ensure operation smooth and accurate and protect print head in effect. Adopt auto take-up system can avoid air drying , Improve working efficiency totally. Use print-head's auto sucking and cleaning devices can avoid the block at nozzle. The latest ...

Six-Color Gravure Printing Machine
This machine is used for Cellophane, BOPP, PET, PVC, PE, aluminium foil and rolling paper etc. with good printing performance of rolling material for multi-color continuous printing. 1. The whole machine is fixed by permutation combination, according to the customers' requirment, the printing color unit can be increased or decreased and the cover printing mechanism can be added as well. 2. The main body with frequency conversion and the whole machine with four-segment eternal tension to ...

Tow-Color Printing Machine
This machine is used for the printing and glazing of various wood grain and decorative patterns on the surfaces of PVC boards, wooden floors, foaming boards and wall-skirting boards. The whole process of printing (including double-color, double-pattern and random patterns-coupling both in vertical and horizontal directions), cleaning, glazing, UV drying can be finished one time.
Company: Rugao Zhong Luo Print Machinery Co., Ltd.    China

Plastic Color Printing Machine
1-8 color gravure combined type plastic color printing machine Features: 1) Suitable for continuously printing such packaging products as plastic film, currency, cloth and thin leather 2) Single or double-sided printing finished in one pass 3) Printing of one side or two sides can be finished through once operation 4) Register sets of 360° rotation makes the printing color registration adjustable 5) Equipped with far infrared tube drying unit can dry bags up to 50m/min 6) Prints clear and ...

Automatic Screen Printing Machine
1) Combined with offset point and screen printers, this machine can partially apply glazed printing with certain materials: 120 - 250gsm golden and silver paper, printer paper, newsprint, and other materials. 2) Transducer and computer program controller to control machine systems. 3) Overprint precision is less than 0.15mm. 4) Imported electrical components for advanced performance. a) PLC: Mitsubishi (Japan) FX1N-60MR. b) Inverter: Mitsubishi (Japan) FR-E540-3.7K. c) Contactors (8): ...

Board Printing Machine
This machine is used for printing and glazing various wood stripes, designs and patterns on PVC buckle boards, doors, wall skirting boards and wooden boards. This machine can finish transmitting, cleaning, printing, glazing, flattening and UV drying at one time. The printing speed can be changed freely and the operation is easy.

Continuous Ink Jet Printer
Specifications: 1) Letterform lattice: 7 x 6, 7 x 8, 8 x 12, 12 x 12, 16 x 16, 24 x 24, 5 x 5 printing, two lines Chinese characters (12 x 12). 2) Printing lines: 1-3 lines (adjustable). 3) Height of letter: 1.2-15mm. 4) Speed of printing: 2m/s (single-line 7 x 6). 5) Direction: omnidirectional adjustment. 6) Form widen: can reach 9 times max. 7) Printing content: Chinese, English, Arabia numeral, chart and mark. 8) Printing format: batch number of products, serial number, counting, Chinese ...

Auto Capsule Printing Machine
This machine is used for outside surface printing of capsule medicines. It uses photocell controller to govern the direction of printing. Production capacity: for hollow capsule 80,000pcs/hour , for filled capsule 55,000-60,000pcs/hour. Motor:220v, 50Hz, 370w. Compressed air: 54cub.m./min 11.76Kpa x 2

Redsail Desktop Cutting Plotter
Specifications: 1) LCD display. 2) Maximum paper feed width: 360mm (14"). 3) Real cutting range: 260mm (10.2" x limitless length). 4) Cutting speed: 10 ~ 600mm/s. 5) Cutter pressure: 25 ~ 500g. 6) Resolution: 0.0254mm. 7) Interface type: RS232. 8) Bracket: optional. 9) Input voltage: 90 ~ 240V

Inkjet Printer
1) XL series enhanced high resolution model printers with the latest print heads technology of Xaar and optimized program control of LIYU on the basis of LIYU classical mechanical platform. 2) Combo of outdoor solvent printer and indoor printer. 3) New Xaar XJ128/360PLUS print heads are adopted with 40PL drop volume and 8.33kHz firing frequency to make the perfect balance between speed and resolution. 4) Cooperated with the circular and linear encoder strip system, LIYU's advanced ...

Hot Code Printer
1) Adopts thermal printing ribbon to avoid oil contamination. 2) Print notes on plastic and paper bags. 3) Words printed are clear and endurable against wear. 4) Voltage: 220V 50Hz. 5) Power: 120W. 6) Printing speed: 20 - 70times/min. 7) Temperature: 0 - 200oC. 8) Printing area: five lines max 12 x 5 words. 9) Weight: 9.5kg. 10) Dimensions: 270 x 260 x 360mm

Colored-Tape Printer
1) Adopt hot stamp ribbon, has the features of clear printing, easy dry, non sticky, not easy to wipes off. 2) Can print codes on thin paper cardboard, paper sheet, leather, plastic film, aluminum foil, especially fit for coding on paper box of shoes, clothing. 3) Constant temperature control, temperature adjustable fit for different printed materials and ribbons. 4) All make up of aluminum alloy with beautiful, exquisite and sanitary

Printing Machinery
This machine is suitable for printing such packing materials as polyethylene, polypropylene plastic bag, glass paper and roll paper. And it is a kind of ideal printing equipment for producing paper packing bag for food, supermarket handbag, vest bag, clothes bag. Max. width of substrate: 600mm. Max. printing width: 560mm. Range of printing length: 191-914mm. Max. diameter of wed: 450mm. Printing speed: 5-50m/min. Total power machine: 13kW. Weight: 3,500kg

Reel Label (Logo) Screen Printing Machine
1) Used for PVC, OPP, Dacron, anti-counterfeit trade mark, dry adhesive tape. 2) Reel material does continuity printing, dries, rewound web. 3) Adopt newest computer numerical control walk into motor transport to give material. 4) The main drive part has adopted the pneumatic device, have photo electricity that is followed and controlled all around to print the position. 5) Make machine have chromatography to be accuracy high steady to give material. 6) Count and alarm automatically. 7) ...

Industrial Ink Jet Printer
Industrial ink jet printer adopts built-in septum pump four pumps one organ design. The nozzle is ternary anti-block technique. The unique ink viscosity control mode and ink channel system's complete innovation make the printer obtain world-famous results in the core technique of high stable high credible and low cost, greatly meets customers' anticipation. The flexible man-machine operation interface, strong multifunction software technique, durable nozzle design make sure the SOP ...

Flexo Printing Machine
1. Adopts ceramic cylinder to convey ink. 2. Magnetic powder brake and slutch control the feeding and rolling or discharging. It can be equipped with automatic color register controller. 3. Each printing unit adopts 360-degree registering adjuster. 4. Each printing unit is equipped with an assemble of auto infrared drying installation. 5. The inking roller can depart from the machine and rotate at low speed in order to keep the ink from drying when its stops. 6. The main motor adopts ...

Solvent Printer
1) Technology: drop-on-demand Piezo electric. 2) Printing head: 4pcs. 3) Printing width: 1.6m. 4) Resolution: max. 1440dpi. 5) Speed: a) 2-pass 36 ; b) 3-pass 28 ; c) 4-pass 22 ; d) 6-pass 16. 6) Color: CMYK. 7) Media width: 1.6m. 8) Media handling: roll to roll. 9) Media types: paper, flex banner, PVC, mesh, Vinyl sheet, carpet. 10) Ink characteristics: solvent-base pigments, two-year outdoor life.11) File format: TIFF, RGB and others

All-in-one scratch card making machine
All-in-one scratch card making machine is a simple, practical, effective and reliable equipment for making cards It is mainly used for printing, detecting and labeling all kinds of PVC and paper cards (scratch Cards). Functions: Card feeding → Overlapped card detecting → Printing detecting and disqualified card rejecting → Labeling → Card collecting Specifications: Card Size ;50-120mm(L) x 50-90mm(W) x 0.2-2mm(T) Card material :PVC, Paper etc. Productivity ...
Product Group: Scratch Card Machine
Company: Guangzhou Santuo Identification Tech Co.,Ltd    China

Modular card personalization system (scratch card machine)
Modular card personalization system is an integrated modular equipment combined with the worldwide advanced technologies. Featured with high speed, high precision, high safety and high price performance ratio, it is an ideal machine for manufacturing Mobile and Telecom scratch cards. Functions: Card feeding → Overlapped card detecting → Ink jet printing→Printing detecting → Labeling or hotstamping → Disqualified card rejecting → Cards collecting Specifications: Card ...
Product Group: Scratch Card Machine
Company: Guangzhou Santuo Identification Tech Co.,Ltd    China

Automatic syringes silk printing machine
Sell pharmaceutical printing machinery for QYS102 Type automatic syringes silk printing machine Features: 1.Shock type supply bucket. 2.Controlled system adopts all computer on slice. 3.The mist injection regulator silicide. Main technical parameters: Production SPEC 1ml 2-10ml 20ml 30-50ml Production speed 90/min 90/min 90/min 70/min Contour size 4500X1200X1600mm 4500x1200x1600mm 4500x1200x1600mm 4500x1200x1600mm Weight 500kg 500kg 500kg 500kg Power source & power ...
Company: Liaoning Bright Shine Machinery & Equipment Co.,Ltd    China

Pharmaceutical printing machinery for Multi-functional ampoule ink-printer
Main Usage: ** The most advanced technology has an important breakthrough in ampoule printing. this printer this printer applies to various ampoules(1ml, 2ml,5ml,10ml,20ml). Non-defilling automatizing-filling system ensures best printing effects. special loading-unloading device puts printed ampoules in order and makes them easy for packing. makeup matrix make the printed marks with incomparable cleaness. Main technical parameters: Ampoule specifications: 1ml, 2ml ,5ml ,10ml ...
Company: Liaoning Bright Shine Machinery & Equipment Co.,Ltd    China

Top and bottom plane labeling machine
Be suitable for automatic labeling rectangular cartons and boxes in pharmaceutical, electronics, daily chemical, food and beverage industries. Can be used for labeling different size of goods via some adjustments. Can be used for applying top and bottom corner label by adding the air driven label supporting device. Breakable label can be applied for checking whether the boxes are opened or not. Technical Specification: Model: SL-322 Boxes sizes: 50-340mm, height 10-280mm Speed: ...
Product Group: Automatic Labeling Machine
Company: Guangzhou Santuo Identification Tech Co.,Ltd    China

Multi-Color two sides flexo printing machine for woven bags
One-step two sides printing Sensor control the anilox roller and press roller separate when non-bag feeding Bags position auto correction Ink auto circulation system with infrared dryer Auto counting, stacking type&conveyor delivery PLC control, Human-Machine-Interface with data display/record/adjust SPEC: Printing Speed 60pcs/min Max.Size of Bags 1200x800mm Max.Printing Area 1000x800mm Printing Color Available Max 16 colors (8+8) customize available
Company: Shantou Yangan Plastic Industrial Co.,Ltd.    China

Six-Colour Flexographic Printing Machine
Six-Colour Flexographic Printing Machine Use: This machine is suitable for printing such packing materials as polyethylene, polyethylene plastic bag glass paper and roll paper etc. And it is a kind of ideal printing equipment for producing paper packing bag for food, supermarket handbag, vest bag and clothes bag, etc. Characteristics: 1. Easy operation, flexible starting accurate color register. 2. The meter counter can set printing quantity according to the requirement. Stop the ...
Company: Heilongjiang Xinyuanda International Trade co,Ltd    China

Automatic Rolled Self-adhesive Label Flexographic Printing Machine
1. The main motor adopts imported converter to govern to govern in a staples way. 2. Feeding and discharging are controlled through magnetic powder brake and clutch (Japanese auto tension controller). 3. Unwind system is controlled by auto-rectify sensor. 4. Adopt ceramic mesh roller spread ink, which is characterized by durability, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance. The doctors can be used, which is more efficient for reducing the times for changing in order to increase the ...
Company: Heilongjiang Xinyuanda International Trade co,Ltd    China

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