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List extensive product information of Pulverizer Machine (include Crushing Machine), provided by Pulverizers manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Impact Pulverizer
Number of roller: 5. Diameter of roller: 410mm. Height of roller: 210mm. Inside diameter of ring: 1280mm. Height of ring: 210mm. Max. Feeding size: 30mm. Fineness of product: 0.95-0.044mm. Capacity: 5-8 t. Total power: 137.5kw. Dimension: 9200*7250*9700mm
Company: Shuanglong Group Co., Ltd.    China

Pulverizer, Grinds Brittle Materials
Used in pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Used to grind brittle materials. Cannot be used for soft materials with a high viscosity. Takes advantage of high-speed relative motion between movable fluted disc and fixed fluted disc. Materials enter into crushing chamber to be pulverized. The pulverized material is ejected through a net screen and enters the powder-collecting bag. The net screens are available in different densities to control the grain size.

High Efficiency Pulverizer Machine
1. It adopts Japanese high accuracy of bearings which is heavy tocarry it. 2. It adopts motor of no class to adjust, to send material, also it can send material directly by key machine synchronization. 3. Powder un-treated pulp wearable bits are adopted so as to feed. 4. It has a good results and length of fiber. 5. The biggest breadth of the crashed material is between 450mms to 520roms.

Pendulum Pulverizer
The Pulverizer can be used to pulverize marble, calcite, lime stone, feldspar, barite, fluorite, gypsu, titanium ore, phosphorus ore, manganese ore, ceram, clay, bentonite etc. And various kinds of non-explosive minerals with Mohs' hardness up to 7 and the moisture is less than 6%. The final particle size is adjustable as required in the range of 0. 125mm-0. 04mm (80-325mesh).

Universal pulverizer
1) By means of relative motion between movable and fixed discs. 2) Material is crushed through impact and friction of the teeth and impact among the material. 3) Designed according to GMP standard and wholly made of stainless steel, meeting the hygienic requirement. 4) With simple structure, high output and easy cleaning. 5) It is the most ideal crushing equipment present. 6) Main application: pharmaceutical, chemical and foodstuff industries

Air Separation Pulverizer Mill
When material is evenly fed into a crushing chamber, the main shaft rotates in high speed. The material will be comminuted with the aid of impact of main shaft cutter blade and casing interior lining panel and the shorn of high pressure airflow, after that, the material comminuted will via a chamber enter into a separator for re-grading treatment, the coarse material will return to the crushing chamber via a return nozzle for re-pulverization, while the finished material will enter into a ...

Mini Pulverizer
The machine is composed of main motorauxiliary motor and electrical control cabinet. It with the capabilities of winnowing, nonsieve or meshcompact design and reasonable structure. Due to the negative pressure sends heat out continuously in operation. The pulverizer is widely applied in industries such as chemical foodstuff, pharmacy, cosmetic, tincture resin. Raw material is delivered to the grinding chamber via hopper by spiralfeeder, and is cut and sheared by the high-speed cutters. The ...
Company: Shuanglong Group Co., Ltd.    China

Pulverizer Systems
pulverizer is the most advanced processing equipment of powder. It is widely used in chemical industry, plastic industry, rubber industry, changing raw material. It is the best way for the manufacture to low down the cost, save the expense, and recycle waste material. Compact design and structure, small size. Low consuming, high output. Easy operation. The space between the rotary cutter and fixing cutter can be adjusted by hand. It's very convenient for adjusting the power size. The ...
Company: Shuanglong Group Co., Ltd.    China

Plastic Crushers & Pulverizers
plastics crushers are primarily used to break up every kind of thermoplastic and rubber, such as plastics profile material, tube, stick, silk thread, film, discard old rubber product. The granule provide the extrusion and injection directly. The plastic crusher is an ideal equipment which can recover big blocks of profile and tube material, it characterized by big crushing ability, high yield and stable work function. Automatic absorber increases the automation degree of this machine. The ...

Grain Pulverizer and Desiccator
This equipment is used to produce dry grains in Chinese Medicine and Chemical Industry. This machine has many functions including spraying, pulverizing, desiccating and coating. Extracted substances are boiled and desiccated before being ground. Made of stainless steel

Stone Crusher
1) Reduces operating costs. 2) Reliable and flexible. 3) Large feed opening and force-feeding action from the inward and downward eccentric movement of the swing jaw increases capacity. 4) With a smaller discharge setting, allowing a higher degree of flexibility with relative equipment. 5) Positive setting adjustment is easy. 6) Simple, easy to access and with low maintenance

Jaw Crusher
1) Feed opening: 150 x 750mm. 2) Max. feed size: 120mm. 3) Discharge opening range: 18-48mm. 4) Production capacity: 5-16cbm/h. 5) Eccentric shaft speed: 320rpm. 6) Motor power: 15kW. 7) Weight: 3.5MT

Mill Grinding Pulverizer
Material to be treated is fed into a grinding chamber of main machine. Owing to the centrifugal force generated from rotation of main shaft, grinding roller oscillates outward in such a way to press down grinding ring, then a perching knife scoop up the material to the space between the grinding roller and grinding ring, as a result, the grinding and comminution purpose is achieved due to the rolling of the grinding roller. After grinded, the grinded powder, under the action of recirculated ...

Chinese Medicine Pulverizer
1. It is small and exquisite, so it can be put on the table to use. 2. It has the low noise and needn't the assistant equipment, so it is very suitable for the drugstores to process on the spot. 3. The fineness of medicinal materials grinding can be over 100 meshes for the super-high speed motor. And the machine can grind pearl, tulip, and hippocampus, reptile phrynsoma and large abdominal rib. 4. It takes only 5 minutes to quickly grind 300g Chinese medicines, which are hardest to ...

Strong Pulverizer
1) Can pulverize waste material and inferior goods made of polystyrene, polypropylene, nylon, engineering plastic PVC and head of injector. 2) If screen board is changed and the blade is adjusted, it can even pulverize plastic waste material like forming films, thin sheets and boards. 3) Uses imported high quality steel especially for making knives. 4) The blades installation method can be adjusted. 5) The blades can be grinded for many times and can be used repeatedly. 6) Different blades ...

Plastic Pulverizer
The specification of this kind of Plastic Pulverizer: 1. Wide applicability, enable to crush & recycle all kinds of Materials & shape of plastic products; 2. Mature craft work, entirely process the important parts that Include Machine structure & Cutter frame etc, it is to Prevent imprecision combination; 3. Reasonable structure, convenient for operation, durable & Save electric, practical & economical; 4. Set up many security protector to ensure operation safety; 5. ...

Vertical Shaft Sieve-Free Fine Pulverizer
non-riddle wind separation vertical shaft fine pulverizer. Its wearing parts are made of high quality hard alloy and have high abrasion resistance, thus this pulverizer overcomes the defect that the wearing parts are easy to be worn out and need to be replaced frequently. When the materials are conveyed to the inner compartment of the grading cylinder, they are fiercely impacted against the milling disc accompanied with the high speed rotation of rotors and crushed. The crushed materials are ...

Ultra Powder Multifunction Pulverizer
There is no high tech and ultra powder pulverizer at home currently. To meet the need of market, the machine was developed successfully, which is low-consuming, short craft process, small cover area, no dust pollution, small calories, thin granule, wide scope of the smashing, no limitation to the materials of water containing and the size of granule etc. It is widely used in medium and low rigidity materials, such as chemical industry, fuel, assistant dose, food, seafood, fibre, medicine, ...

Double-Roller Crusher
The product can be classified into double roller crusher and four roller crusher according to the roller quality. It bears the features of stable operation, easy maintenance, low cost, output size adjustable. The products are widely used in grinding cement, metallurgy, chemical, power generation, coal and other fragile stuffs.

High-Speed Air Stream Pulverizer
This equipment adopts high-speed impact pulverization. The six moving spikes in high-speed circulation will impact the material after it is put into the pulverizing chamber. Then the material and the gear ring will strike each other and the material will be pulverized. The pulverized material will go into plastic bags through the sieve under the suction of the suction fan without leaving any remnant material. Application scope: This machine is widely used for producing powder, liquid, ...

Hammer Crusher, Crushing Machine
Hammer crusher is widely used in cement, chemical, metallurgic industry and so on for crushing medium-hard stuffs, such as limestone, slag, pet coke, coal, etc. The final product can be adjusted according to customers demand through equipping different gratings.

Superfine Pulverizer
superfine pulverizer (self-circulating inner-classifying superfine pulverizer). The equipment which has the dual function of pulverization and classifying is a new equipment that has the features of novel design, compact structure, convenient overhaul, low energy consumption, steep fineness distribution and convenient operation. The equipment has the separable structure of grading and pulverization which are easy to be overhauled and cleaned. In the situation of no working, the range of ...

Impact crusher
1)This series of products can process the material with side length of 100 to 500mm. The compression strength can reach 350MPA. The advantages of the products are big reduction ratio and cubic shape of the crushed materials. 2)Characteristics: Special structure, connected without key, high chrome hammer, unique impact liner, deal with hard material, easy maintenance.
Product Group: Impact Crusher
Company: Henan Yulong Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd.    China

Sand Making Machine
Sand Making Machine (namely PCL Vertical shaft impact crusher) is of high-power and low-consumption, which is designed depending on several years hard work and study of mechanical mining equipment. Sand Maker absorbed the advanced technology of the same products of Barmac Company of America. Now is of the international level. Sand Making Machine plays an important role in crushing minerals into pieces. PCL Vertical shaft impact crusher is widely used in all kinds of mineral, cemeral, cement, ...
Product Group: Sand Making Machine
Company: Henan Yulong Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd.    China

Stainless steel dust collecting pulverizer
Stainless steel dust collecting pulverizer Main Application: This set is used for dry, brittle materials in medicinal, chemical and food-processing industries, being a new type integrating pulverization and dust collection. Principle of Operation: Materials in grinding chamber gets pulverized between the fixed and rotating cog discs. After screening, the end-product enters collecting case from pulverizing chamber, while the mill dust goes through dust box and filtration in the cloth ...
Company: Lilong Industrial Company Limited    China

High pressure suspension grinding mill/Grinder Mill
High Pressure grinding mill is used to grind barite, limestone, ceramics, etc, such non-inflammable and non-explosive stuff, which the hardness is below 9.3 Mohs and moisture is less than 6% in the trades of mining, metallurgy, chemical engineering and construction material. The fineness size is adjustable in the range of 60-1250 mesh (It can even reach to 2500 mesh).It is possible to produce 10-60 mesh powder through assembling special device in the machine. It features in: 1. Compared ...
Product Group: Grinder Mill, Mill Grinder
Company: Shanghai Jianye Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd    China

vipeak impact crusher/stone crusher/rock crusher for sale
Impact Crusher is used in both primary and secondary crushing applications of aggregate, and in recycle crushing of reinforced concrete, asphalt and other construction and debris. VIPEAK is a reliable supplier of Impact Crusher with new design. Impact Crusher is composed of rotor, impact rack, frame, ratchet cover device, Transmission Device and other parts. Working Principle of Impact Crusher: When the Impact Crusher works, the motor drives the rotor rotate of the Impact Crusher with ...
Product Group: Stone Crusher,Rock Crusher
Company: China Vipeak Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd    China

Great Wall Barite Crusher with high crushing ratio and low price
Baryte, or barite, is a mineral consisting of barium sulfate. The baryte group consists of baryte, celestine, anglesite and anhydrite. Baryte itself is generally white or colorless, and is the main source of barium. Baryte and celestine form a solid solution (Ba,Sr)SO4. Great Wall can supply you baryre crusher or barite crusher in barite mining industry. Jaw barite crusher is used for coarse, medium and fine crushing towards different stones and ores with compression strength between ...
Company: Zhengzhou Great Wall Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd.    China

We are first in whole world in this type of pulverizer .In this pulverizering equipment we gives wide grinding chember, maximum output in lower power consuption, 100% jaeketed cooling, auto feeding, long life bitters and liners, no material burning, cold out put mterial, no weight loss, meximum finess, maintain original test and colour of out put material, dusting less, easy to clean, multi pourpose use. We were surveied about this product and we find that there are thousands of compnies ...
Company: Henan Kefan Mining Machinery Co.,Ltd    China

We are first in whole world in this type of pulverizer .In this pulverizering equipment we gives wide grinding chember, maximum output in lower power consuption, 100% jaeketed cooling, auto feeding, long life bitters and liners, no material burning, cold out put mterial, no weight loss, meximum finess, maintain original test and colour of out put material, dusting less, easy to clean, multi pourpose use. We were surveied about this product and we find that there are thousands of compnies ...
Company: Henan Kefan Mining Machinery Co.,Ltd    China

We are first in whole world in this type of pulverizer .In this pulverizering equipment we gives wide grinding chember, maximum output in lower power consuption, 100% jaeketed cooling, auto feeding, long life bitters and liners, no material burning, cold out put mterial, no weight loss, meximum finess, maintain original test and colour of out put material, dusting less, easy to clean, multi pourpose use. We were surveied about this product and we find that there are thousands of ...
Company: Henan Kefan Mining Machinery Co.,Ltd    China

forage pulverizer
Kefan specializies in the production of various types of pulverizer , such as forage pulverizer, straw pulverizer etc. Products have quality assurance to meet customer a variety of requirements, at the same time we alert users to use of pulverizer safely. 1.The pulverizer should be fixed on a concrete foundation.If the workplace frequently changes,the pulverizer and the motor should be mounted on the machine base made of angle iron. 2. Pulverizer after installation should be checked the ...
Company: Henan Kefan Mining Machinery Co.,Ltd    China

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