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List extensive product information of Pumps (include Water Pump, Air Pump, Oil Pump, Fuel Pump, Gasoline Pump, Pneumatic Pump, Centrifugal Pump), provided by Pump manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Heat Pump for Swimming Pool
Heat Pump for Swimming Pool are widely installed in hotels, industries, resident area, villas, saloon, feet massage center, hospital, schools. Features: 1) 304 stainless steel casing and construction / or steel coating casing 2) Titanium heat exchanger 3) Integrated electronic control 4) Micro computer operated defrosting 5) Auto heat/cool selection 6) Corrosion protections to coils 7) High COPS Specifications: 1) Rated output: 13.6kW 2) Rated input: 3.48kW 3) Rated ...
Product Group: Heat Pump
Company: Shenzhen Sunrise Industrial Co., Ltd.    China

Water pump
Engine model: 1E40F-6. Engine drive: Air-cooling, two-stroke, single cylinder gasoline. Displacement: 40.2CC. Flow: 15 m3/h. Suction length: 8 m/h. Lift: 35m. Water outlet diameter: 40mm. Weight: 10.5kg. Packing size: 400*390*330mm.
Product Group: Water Pump
Company: Zhejiang Hengjia Industry and Trade Co., Ltd    China

Pond Pump
1) Power consumption: 45W 2) Max delivery volume Q: 2,000L/h 3) Max delivery head H: 3.0m 4) Outlet connection: 1/2", 1", 3/4" 5) Dimensions (L x W x H): 150 x 75 x 102mm 6) Operation voltage: 120/220-240/24V, 50/60Hz

Vacuum Pumps
DN=300mm. Ultimate Vacuum = 7 X 10-5Pa. Pumping Speed = 3300L/s. Heating Power = 2.5KW. Pump Oil Capacity = 1.2~1.4L. Overall Dimension = 590 X 380 X 780mm. Material: Mild Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel. Option: Polycold Trap.

Diesel Water Pump
1) Powered by air-cooled, 4.7HP direct injection 4-stroke diesel engine. 2) 50mm suction with 36m³/h at max. capacity. 3) Large volume water discharge. 4) Aluminum alloy high-pressure casting. 5) 2.5L fuel tank capacity. 6) High quality, mechanically sealed equipment. Suction (mm): 50 (2 in). Max. capacity (m3/h): 36. Discharge port dia. (mm): 50. Self-priming time (s/4m): 70. Max. head (m): 26. Max. suction head (m): 8. Type air-cooled; 4-stroke; OHV gasoline engine. Displacement (cc): ...
Company: Yangzhou Suhua Pump Factory    China

Garden Submersible Pump
1) Operating Limits: Fluid temperature up to +35°C; Maximum ambient temperature +40°C. 2) Pump Shell: stainless steel. 3) A float switch. 4) Insulation: Class B

High-Pressure Gasoline Pump
1) Pump: a) Inlet/outlet diameter: 40mm. b) Max. head: 42m/55m. c) Max. suction head: 8m. d) Max. flow: 5m3/h. 2) Engine: a) Model: XY001. b) Displacement: 163mL. c) Max. output: 5.5hp. d) Fuel tank capacity: 3.6L. e) Oil capacity: 0.6L. f) Engine speed: 3,600rpm

Centrifugal Oil Pump
1) Applications: Our self-priming centrifugal oil pump is suitable for petrol or gasoline transfer, diesel oil transfer and kerosene delivering, and the temperature of medium is 20oC - 80oC. It's excellent fuel oil loading and unloading pump. 2) This type pump has eximious performance on ship, land oil depot and tank truck's fuel oil transferring. 3) Also can pump the seawater, and freshwater. 4) If pumping chemical liquid, it should be assembled with corrosive-proof mechanical ...
Company: Yangzhou Suhua Pump Factory    China

Melt Pump
Plastic melt measuring gear pump. Various gear pumps are extensively employed in the measuring or pressurization of high and low viscosity melts. Applicable materials: PC, PMMA, ABS, PET, PVB, PS, PP, and PE. The housing is made of chromium-nickel alloy or nickel-base alloy, titanium alloy The gear is made of quench chromium steel; other metal materials are also applicable.Bearing is made of graphite, NIAG, zirconium oxide or quench tool steel

Air Pump
1) Double volume. 2) Double action. 3) Pumps air on both up and down strokes. 4) Accordion sytle hose with 3 different nozzles sizes to fit most valves. 5) Durable, light-weight plastic body. 6) Specially designed to inflate / deflate air beds, toys, and other inflatable structures up to full working pressure.

Garden Pumps
1) Pump body: stainless steel. 2) Impeller: PPO. 3) Motor housing: stainless steel. 4) Mechanical seal: stainless steel. 5) Shaft: 45# steel. 6) Insulation class: B. 7) Protection IPX8. 8) Single phase: 230V/50Hz, 110V - 127V/60Hz
Company: Yangzhou Suhua Pump Factory    China

Automobile Water Pump
1) Materials: gray iron, ductile iron, brass, aluminum, carbon steel. 2) Applied software for specification drawings: Pro-E, Auto CAD 2000, Solid work 2001, UG, CATIA. 3) Main equipment: machine molding, hunter line medium frequency induction furnace melting, horizontal parting shoot squeeze moulding line. 4) Applications: engine, vehicle spare parts, machine casting parts, motor case

Water Pump
Water loop heat pump is a benchmark for installations requiring low noise levels, easy installations and compactness. It adopts method of making cold or heat independently like appliance air conditioner system. Cold and heat can be selected by purpose, which will reduce running costs greatly. It is commonly applied to office buildings, hotels, health care facilities, banks, schools, condominium and apartments

Gasoline High Pressure Pump
Pump: 1) Inlet diameter: 40mm (1.5"); outlet diameter: 1" x 2, 1.5" x 1. 2) 2" high pressure pumps also available. 3) Inlet / outlet thread-BSP or metric standard. 4) Max. capacity: 300L/min. 5) Impeller number: 2 . 6) Max. total head: 110m. 7) Self-priming time: 30s/4m. 8) Max. suction head: 6m. Engine: 1) Type: air-cooled, 4-stroke, OHV, gasoline engine. 2) Max. output: 6.5HP/3,600. 3) Displacement: 196cc. 4) Fuel tank capacity: 3.6L

Vacuum Pump
1) High utmost vacuum rate, it can be less than 0.5Mbar. 2) High deflating speed. 3) Low noise while working. 4) Reliable structure to prevent oil back. 5) Strong capacity in deflating the vapor. 6) It can still work normally when the air pressure input keeps 1.33 x 103Pa. 7) Saving energy; protecting environment; an oil fog clearer is set in the vacuum, and no oil fog in the exhaust air. 8) Tight structure, scientific and reasonable design, and it is easy to install in the industry system

Centrifugal Pump
This type of centrifugal pump is the most commonly used pump in the dairy industry. The pump can be used for pumping all kinds of liquids of relative low viscosity which do not require particularly gentle treatment. They can also be used for liquids containing relatively large particles, provided that the particle size does not exceed the dimensions of the impeller channel. The main material of the pump is 304 or 316L stainless steel.

Automatic Fire Pump Set
Specifications: 1) Pump flux: 15 - 1,440cbm. 2) Pump lift: 20 - 292m. 3) Engine: Deutz, Perkins, Steyr, Commins series diesel engine, water-cooled, in line four-stoke, Humit cylinder liner, direct injection. 4) Control system: ATS and AMF, this set adopts advanced PLC control system with programmable control. The set regards the electricity or the pipeline pressure as signal. It has many functions in rising speed and lowering speed automatically, shutting and parking automatically, and ...

Glass Reinforced Plastic Submerged Pump
The components in contact with medium are high temperature molded phenolic glass reinforced plastic with PVB modified phenolic glass fiber. The connecting tube and outlet tube are phenolic glass reinforced plastic processed by semi-dried rollup technology. The underwater components are all glued by phenolic cement, and those underwater will be no metal in contact with medium for absolutely dependable corrosion resistance. The submerged depth can be 800mm~5,000mm. Application: This type of ...

Double Diaphragm Pump
1) Pressure rate: 1:1. 2) Painting tank volume: 4 - 200L. 3) Transmitting capacity: 5L/min, 7.5 L/min, 10.5 L/min. 4) Used air pressure: 1 - 5kg/cm2. 5) Max. painting pressure: 5kg/cm2. 6) Max. pump speed: 160times/min. 7) Min. pump speed: 80times/min

Trailer Concrete Pump
1) Powerful machine adopts caterpillar diesel engine (made in China). 2) Import generator is optional. 3) The high quality hydraulic components and valves use Germen REXPOTH products. 4) The valve for change-over from high pressure to lower pressure is designed to be easily controlled, which can adjust the condition of the pump easily in accordance with the requirement of job site; dismantle the tube is not necessary so that it can avoid the pollution. 5) Advanced hydraulic system which ...

Pump Control Switch
1) Intelligent control, make the pump on or off according to the need of the users. 2) Long life, useful life is five times more than the other mechanical switch. 3) Instead of water container and the water tower, it can give fresh water and make your family more health. 4) Protects pump when without water, it can prevent the pump from burning down. 5) Safe, beautiful without any noise. Typical application: Supply water for a five-floor building. What we need to do is only install a pump ...

Micro Submersible Pump
Made from epoxy, used for moving air-conditioners, water dispensers, ice-making machines, small volume, compact configuration, convenient, safe, volume and pump head can be designed in accordance with customers' requirements. We can supply various machinery & electric appliances

Handle Grease Pump
1) High pressure. 2) Hose length: 2.2m. 3) Bucket content: 12L. 4) Weight: 10kg. 5) Different sizes, volumes and colors of buckets available. 6) Different lengths of hose available. 7) Low / high pressure gun matching. 8) Handle or pneumatic air operated pump

Hand-Press Pump
This kind of pump has good functions and is applied to many circumstances. It can draw water about 10 meters depth and spray about 25-30 meters. The rate of flow is about 4-5 metric tons per hour. When the water level is below the ground by about 10-20 meters, please add the length of shaft. It is good for farming and living. It can solve many problems, such as, drinking water and washing. It can be installed on family well or the bank side of river, lake and ditch. When it sprays no more ...

Industrial Water Pumps
We can supply industrial water pumps suitable for use in oil fields, the chemical industry, power plants, water supply and irrigation applications, etc.

Pneumatic Pumps
1) Pneumatic oil pump 1:1, 3:1 and 5:1. 2) Stainless steel or aluminum pneumatic oil pump 3:1. 3) Pneumatic grease pump 50:1 (standard or small type), 60:1 (standard or small type)

Gasoline Engine Self-Priming Water Pump
1) Intel/outlet: 100mm (4"). 2) Total lift: 25m. 3) Max. suction: 8m. 4) Max. capacity: 1,600L/min. 5) Model: DU270. 6) Type: air cooled, 4-stroke, OHV25 degrees inclined single cylinder. 7) Bore x stoke: 77 x 58mm. 8) Displacement: 270cc. 9) Compression ratio: 8:2:1. 10) Max. output: 9.0PS/3,600rpm. 11) Recommended power output: 8.0PS/3,600rpm. 12) Max. torque: 19.1N.m/2,500rpm. 13) Ignition system: non-contact transistorized ignition (TCI). 14) Starting system: recoil and ...

Fuel Pump
Features: 1) Size: 150 x 55 x 55. 2) Flux: min. 90L/H. 3) Electric current: max. 5.5A. 4) Pressure: 3 Bar. 5) Work voltage: 12V. 6) Used on Toyota automobiles

Circulating Pump
1) Suitable fluid. 2) Heating water to VDI2035. 3) Water/glycol mixtures max. mixing ratio 1 : 1. 4) Fluid temperature range: -10 - +110°C. 5) Max. working pressure: 10 bar. 6) Ambient temperature: permissible up to 40°C. 7) Power: 1 - 230V, 50Hz. 8) Degree of protection: IP44. 9) Insulation class: F. 10) Construction material: a) Pump body: cast iron ; b) Impeller: PPO, stainless steel on request ; c) Shaft: porcelain ; d) Bearing: graphite or ceramic. 11) Mounting position: pump shaft in ...

Rotary vane vacuum pump
Rotary vane vacuum pump is an essential equipment to obtain vacuum by evacuating air in a sealing vessel, which can be either operated individually or as a pre-stage pump incorporated with a booster pump with appointed lubricating oil and sealing components. It is extensively used for vacuum coating, evacuating of thermos flasks, lamp bulbs and electronic tubes, etc, in medicine, chemistry, science & technology fields.
Company: China Guangdong PVD Metallizer Co.    China

Pump Impeller Casting
Pump part casting,impeller. method: investment casting, lost wax casting material: stainless steel casting weight: max to 30kgs Our products range: 1. Valve fittings( valve body, wheel, disc, bonnet and others) 2. Pump Parts(Body, impeller and others) 3. Fastener ( Bolt, nut, stud and gasket) 4. Auto parts ( drum, …) 5. Pipe Fittings( malleable iron fittings, threaded stainless steel fittings, ductile iron fittings and others) We mainly cast gray iron, ductile iron, carbon ...
Product Group: Pump Casting
Company: Qingdao Casting Quality Industrial Co., Ltd    China

Split Case Pump
Manufacturer and exporter of industrial pumps, include Split Case Pump, Split Pumps, Suction Pump, Centrifugal Pumps, Water Pump from china.
Company: Shanghai Shenbao Industrial Pump Co.,Ltd    China

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