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List extensive product information of Rubber Machinery (include Rubber Injection Machine, Rubber Press, Rubber Extruder, Rubber Calender Machine, Rubber Mixing), provided by Rubber Machinery manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Auto-Push Molding Press
This machine is the main forming equipment for various modular and non-modular rubber products. It is also suitable for the compression forming of thermoset plastics, foam, resin, bakelite, thin metal and construction materials.

Rubber Injection Machine
Our machines possess the European characteristics in high precision, being sophisticated, high stability and durability. Main components and even complete machines are designed in Germany, and all manufacturing processes and material sourcing are strictly controlled under the German procedures and quality standards. Our main products are rubber injection machines, extrusion lines and blow molding machines. Rubber injection machines are widely used in vehicle, power transmission, medical and ...
Product Group: Rubber Injection Machine

Dual Two-Roller Calender
Dual two-roller calenders can be used for the calendering of rubber thin film and sheets by rubber products companies and tires companies, as well as rubber application process on single side or both sides on fabric or metal curtain. 1. As per various processing process requirements, we can provide three-roller, four-roller and dual two-roller calenders and accessories in different sizes 2. This system can produce the calendering sheet in the minimum calendering thickness of 0.10mm with the ...
Company: Qingdao Yadong Rubber Machinery Co., Ltd.    China

Bale Cutter
This bale cutter is mainly used to cut the natural rubber, synthetic rubber, and other plastics materials, especially it is suitable to be installed near the rubber mixer to cut small piece of rubber. This bale cutter mainly consists of rubber knife, frame, cylinder, base, auxiliary table, hydraulic system, and electric system. The lead is casted on the base under the rubber knife for protecting the edge of the rubber knife. When cuttingthe raw rubber, put the raw rubber under the rubber ...

Application: embossing the pattern on the surface of PVC, PU leather and hard / soft rubberized fabric. Features and specifications: 1) Expansion controllable, temperature adjustable, heat source automatic control after presetting, double working position winding, finish the product process in one time with the help of the selvage cutting off device. 2) Technical data: a) Production speed: 0 - 20m/min. b) Width of the working rolls: 1,700mm. c) Width of products: 1,520mm. d) Heat source: ...

Refining Mill
Application: It is mainly used to make further breaking of 10 - 20 meshes rubber materials from the intermediate crusher, obtaining 40 - 80 meshes fine powder. The rubber materials entered into the fine crusher must be free of wires.
Company: Qingdao Yadong Rubber Machinery Co., Ltd.    China

Rubber Dispersion Kneader
Rubber Dispersion Kneader Main Specification: 1) Total volume of mixing chamber: 125L. 2) Working volume of mixing chamber: 55L. 3) Driving motor power: 75kW. 4) Tilting motor power: 2.2kW. 5) Tilting angle: 140 degrees. 6) Rotational speed of the rotor (front/rear): 30/24.5. 7) Pressure of compressed air: 0.6 - 0.8MPa. 8) Consumed capacity of compressed air: >1.0 m3/min. 9) Pressure of cooling water: 0.3 - 0.4MPa. 10) Overall dimensions: 3,280 x 1,950 x 3,020mm. 1) Weight: 7,800kg. We ...
Company: Qingdao Yadong Rubber Machinery Co., Ltd.    China

Rubber Vacuum Press
consult safety of employees and conveni. most suitable design in heating plate and fixed parts through structure analysis. minimize changes caused by damage and heat through application of gcd50 to materials of the body part. safety device for workers and facility protection. possible to select between ejection equipment and two- layer mold. selection between 2 unit x 1 set and 4 unit x 1 set. maintenance of complete vacuum condition by opening two-layer mold that is insufficient to ...

Rubber Belts Platen Press Vulcanizing Machine
Conveyer belt platen press production line. Main technical parameter of principle press. A. Nominal mould clamping force: 16---27.93mn. B. Platen specification:1400 x 5700 x 80 (mm). C. Unit area pressure of platen:3.0-3.5mpa. D. Daylight single layer:200mm. E. The max working temperature of platen:170 centigrade degrees. F. The max working hydraulic pressure:17.8mpa. G. Ram diameter:500mm. H. Ram stroke:400mm. I. Quantity of hydraulic cylinder:8---12. J. Layers of hot platens:2 layers. K. ...

Rubber And Plastic Machinery
We is an important enterprise with long history in the line of China Rubber Machinery which main products include: Bale Cutter, Banbury Intensive Kneader, Two-roll Mixing Mill, Plate Vulcanizer machine, Hydraulic press for tyre, conveyor belts press, v-belt press and Inner Tube Press

Tyre Cutter
The unit Is consist of frame, rotate mechanism, porp mechanism and knife mechanism. Its principle is that select the tire bead as a prop point and place it on porp mechanism, then adjust it to tightly. Start the machine in low speed by slow down transmission part; knife is set on the machinery panel and it can be forward and back at ones ease. Meanwhile the tire rotating in low speed, the knife cut into the tire to cut open it successfully. In order to cut the tire even smoothly and cool the ...

Rubber Calender Machine
We are Rubber Machinery which is a ken enterprise manufactruing rubber and plastic machinery. Now we have a new two-roll mixing mill, the machine is equipped with stock blender. The advantage as follows, the machine, matched with folding back device, takes place of manpower to fold back and pack to reduce labor intensity. Adopting korea technology, it has reached domestic advanced level. Besides, with hydraulic-controlling roll guide, it can freely adjust the axial separation of roll guide. ...
Product Group: Rubber Calender Machine

Rubber Refiner
The rolls are made of chilled alloy cast iron with wear-resistant hard surfaces. The two rolls are smooth ones with bored cavities and can be cooled homogeneously. The protective device is provided to protect the main parts from damage due to overload. The reverse current plugging system is provided above the rolls. In case of emergency, the safety rod is pulled down and the rolls will be stopped immediately. The roll gap can be adjusted conveniently by turning the hand-wheel. The bed plate ...

Dispersion Mixer, Kneader For Rubber And Plastic
The main products as Following: 1. Hydraulic press. 2. Hot press. 3. Platen vulcanizing press. 4. Oil hydraulic molding machine. 5. Open-type rubber & plastic mixing mill. 6. Rubber cutting machine. 7. Rubber extruding machine. 8. Rubber crushing machine. 9. Tire molding machine. 10. Jaw type platen vulcanizing press. 11. Internal mixer & dispersion mixer. 12. Rubber calender and auxilary device. 13. Whole sets of machinery producing cord v-belt. 14. Whole sets of machienry producing ...

Rubber Sheets Plant
Plant for manufacturing EVA, SBR, NR sheets. Size: 1. 100x1. 100 mm. Presses for shoe soles. Oil heater 400. 000 kcal. Guix bambury 50 liters. Guix cilynder. 700 and 1000 MT hydraully presess. Finishing machines for sheets. Presess for Moulding soles. Barwell premoulding machine. Hydraulic Injection machine for small rubber goods.

Rubber Mixing Mill
Specifications: 1) Working diameter of rolls:560mm. 2) Working length of rolls:1,530mm (60"). 3) Working linear speed of front roll:27.7m/min. 4) Friction ratio of front and rear roll:1:1.12. 5) Max. Gap:15mm. 6) Capacity per batch:50 - 65kg. 7) Driving motor power:95kW. 8) Overall dimensions:6,120 x 2,282 x 2,000mm. 9) Weight:22MT

Rubber Recycling Equipment
1) Mainly utilized to crush the whole tyres, including steel wire meridian tyres and common diagonal rubber tyres. 2) Quantity of blades: 22pcs. 3) Rotation speed of blades: 31r/min. 4) Power of main motor: 155kW. 5) Rotation speed of rotary sifting device: 8.5 ~ 42.5/min. 6) Hole diameter of rotary sifting device: 60mm. 7) Power of motor of rotary sifting device: 5.5kW. 8) Total weight of the completed machine: 14.5MT. 9) Size of feed-in materials: worn-out tyres with diameter less than ...

Glove Machine
1) Automatic design completely according to the chemical capability of raw material and glove molding craftwork, compact facility flow. 2) According to the theory of hot air moving up, the oven adopts tunnel drying way to reclaim the hot wind by circulating mixture that gets the best effect at the minimum power. 3) Utilize the effective heating space and the hot-wind circulation theory to reduce the cost; multi PID intelligent controlled temperature systems make the error cannot exceed, even ...

Rubber Injection Machine
1. Dual-cylinder ba lancing injection device makes the dismantling easier when replacing the material. 2. The injection and plasticizing system utilize the advanced and optimized design to guarantee the precise injection volume. 3. The injection device utilizes the vertical movement structure with shorter injection runner. 4. Three-step clamping structure, with large clamping stroke, lower workbench and lower overall machine height. 5.Shoulderless tie bars ensure easy parallelism adjustment ...
Product Group: Rubber Injection Machine

Rubber Machines For Tyres
Machines for rubber processing, like moulding and cutting presses for tyres and bands, complete lay outs and turn key plants. Complete plants for producing belt conveyors.

Rubber Extruder
For profiling of extrudand, rubber covering of filter cable of rubber compound, rubber covering of press plate tinsel, etc. The machine is hot-feed and single screw extruder. The rotation speed could be changed. With the headpiece changing, we can give different filtering and rubber covering of press plate of semi-product for contant outline, so the machine has many uses.

Precision Preformer
Precision preformer is a kind of high-efficiency and high-precision device for manufacturing rubber blank. It can be used in combination with a wide range of rubber material in extruding rubber blank of mid to high hardness and of intricate shapes such as circle and solid figures. Owing to its high precision volume and low air content, it is capable of producing products ranging from rubber sundries, sealing members, inflating valves, tennis balls and shoe soles.

Plastic and Rubber Injection Parts
1) Materials: different kinds of rubber & plastic, such as PP, PA. PVC, PE, EPDM, EPT. 2) Applied software for specification drawings: Pro-E, Auto CAD 2000, solid work 2001, UG, CATIA. 3) Main equipment: maximum capacity of injection moulding equipment 3000T, injection molding machine, compression molding machine, transfer molding machine, extrusion machine, plastic injection machine, plastic blowing machine, plastic extrusion machine. 4) Applications: rubber / metal parts, medical ...

Hot Feed Rubber Extruder
Make hot feed rubber extruder machines is most suitable to produce various rubber sections or shapes, out of warm rubber or rubber compounds, the machine is used in manufacturing of rubber tubes, strip sheets, tyre tread, rubber hoses, angles, channels, etc. Screw dia: 40 mm upto 200 mm. Capacity: 20 upto 250 KG. Per hrs. Range of heads: Tread head: For tyre treads. Strainer head: For filtering the compounds. Straight head: For rubber tubes, strip sheets, rods, angles, etc. Cross head: For ...

Rubber Tyre Crushing Machine
This rubber tyre crushing production line can produce rubber fine powder with a capacity. It includes radical tyre cutter, radical tyre rough crusher, , secondary crusher, tyre cutter, rubber layer cutter, auto rubber shredder, rubber pulverizer, fiber separator, etc. It can process rubber into mesh# 5-10, -15, 20, 3-40, 40-60, 60-120 as you require.

At the back of the tire cutter in the production line, this machine is mainly used to break down different sizes of tires for riding and load-carrying use (The tire beads should be removed out firstly). Those tires with outer diameter less than 600mm or 1,100mm can enter directly into this machine.

Rubber Calender Machine
With decades of expertise in design and production of rubber processing machinery gives precise calenders designed to handle a variety of products. Like sheeting for lining, hospital bed sheets, films, frictioning of tire fabrics for bicycle / motor cycle / auto tires, hoses beltings, profiling, cushion gum, single coating, laminating doubling etc. Special calenders for profiles & inner liner can be offered. Calenders are made in a wide range of sizes, from small laboratory unit upto the ...
Product Group: Rubber Calender Machine

TechAdhesion hot melt machine(Admiral ASU)
Admiral 250 Hopper Capacity 25 kg ; Melt Rate 18~25 kg/hr. Admiral 500 Hopper Capacity 50 kg ; Melt Rate 35~50 kg/hr. Main features: Melt-On-Demand Teflon coated tank to reduce char buildup Easy access to key system components with meet international design and safety standard PID temperature control with PT100 sensor accuracy to minimize adhesive degradation and reduce maintenance PLC Control systems from TechAdhesion, Keyence and Rockwell are available Up to 4 single or dual ...
Product Group: Hot Melt Machine
Company: TechAdhesion Systems Ltd.    China

Air-cooled plastic mixing-pelletizing line
Purpose It is used for the plastic modification and coloring and the palletizing of functional masterbatch, highly-filled resin or the rubber & plastic blend. rubber Mixing Machine of china 1. The operations of mixing, feeding, extruding, air-cooled hot pelletizing and air-blowing cooling are integrated in one machine with continuous automated operation at high efficiency. 2. The technologies of electric heating, steam heating and hot-oil circulation heating with the temperature ...
Product Group: Rubber Mixing Machine
Company: Dalian AoQian General Rubber&Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd    China

Rubber (plastic) dispersion mixer
Rubber (plastic) dispersion mixer of china Features 1. Rubber or plastic stock can be plasticized or mixed in a closed and pressurized space with the temperature controlled so that the productivity is high and the quality is good and stable. 2. Optimization of the parameters such as the helical angle of rotor wings and the wing overlap length brings about even distribution of the stock. 3. All the parts in contact with stock are ground, plated with hard chrome and polished. The rotor ...
Product Group: Rubber Mixing Machine
Company: Dalian AoQian General Rubber&Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd    China

Double conical-screw extruder sheeters
Double screw extruder of china Size XJPS-75×350 /XJPS-160×400 Purpose Designed to forcibly extrude and sheet compounded rubber, plastic, synthetic resin or nonmetallic material in continuous production, it has high efficiency and is ideal for working with mixers or dispersion mixers. 1. This machine is comprised of the two main parts, i. e. the double conical-screw extruder and the two-roll sheeter. The design is compact and rational, and makes the maintenance convenient. 2. The ...
Product Group: Screw Extruder
Company: Dalian AoQian General Rubber&Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd    China

Rubber (plastic) internal mixer
Features Rubber (plastic) internal mixer in china 1. The mixing chamber is forged of the jacket type providing good cooling or heating effect. Its working face is built up by welding with sintered carbide to resist abrasion and corrosion. 2. The rotor shaft is bored and welded with the Banbury rotor, forming the integrated construction. Water or steam can be led through the cavity to cool or heat it. The rotor wings are built up by welding with sintered carbide on the top and two side ...
Product Group: Internal Mixer, Screw Extruder
Company: Dalian AoQian General Rubber&Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd    China

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