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List extensive product information of Thermostatic & Thermostats (include Boiler Thermostat, Fan Thermostat, Air Conditioner Thermostat, Heating Thermostat), provided by Thermostatic & Thermostat manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

1) The thermostats that used in refrigerator house-hold conditioner, car-conditioner, cold-storage, water dispenser, electricity heating device, washing machine. 2) The rigid producing and checking rules and the technologically mature procedures ensure the reliability and performance of thermostats
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Liquid Expansion Contact/Immersion Thermostat
Rating at:16A/250V. Operating range:0-80°C. On off differential:5°C. Application:controls surface. Temperature of piping and boiler (manual reset).

LCD Thermostat
1. Large LCD display with backlight; 2. LCD disply shows both set point and room temperatures simultaneously. 3. Auto fan speed with adjustable 3 fan speeds. 4. Sleep mode. voltage: 220v-50 / 60hz. dimensions: 86 x 86 x 15mm

Applicable to electric water heater, water boiler, electric oven, warm air heater, washing machine, frier, kitchen equipment, etc. Designed temperature:-30~350. On-off temperature difference:2~12. Service temperature control range:0~40 30~85 30~90 30~110 50~300 50~320. Rated voltage and current:AC250V 16A. The centres of installing hole:28mm with M4 screw
Company: Beijing Gaupu Automation Control Co., Ltd.    China

Thermostat Guards
Our thermostat guards provide a low cost alternative to popular models available. These thermostat guards are available in clear heavy duty plastic and a multitude of sizes. Two popular metal guards are also available. All units are supplied with keys.

Thermal Thermostat
1) Mainly applied in electric water heaters, water boilers, electronic ovens, warm air heaters, washing machines, freezers, kitchen equipment. 2) Italian technology. 3) Service temperature control range: 0 - 40°C, 30 - 85°C, 30 - 90°C, 30 - 110°C, 50 - 300°C, 50-320°C. 4) Many models available: T-100, T-150, T-300

Digital Floating Thermostat
1) Digital floating control: microprocessor-based PI control action provides accurate, stable room temperature control. 2) Large LCD display: display working status such as room temperature, set point, and end devise status, making reading and operating easy and accurate. 3) Application: room temperature control with fan coil units and damper actuators. 4) Control output: floating output to valve or floating actuator; provide single or 3-speed fan control. 5) Motor timing selectable: ...

Specifications: 1) Temperature range: -30 - +30oC. 2) Breaking capacity 16A / 250V. 3) Capillary length: 1.5m. 4) Can be used to control occasional heating cables for frost protection of pipes in industries, properties and houses. 5) Mounted in direct connection to box tin where heating cable is connected. When used as floor thermostat, the sensor is installed in a 22,5mm pipe.

Water Radiant Boiler Thermostat
It is a programmable thermostat designed for water boiler and electric furnace application. This thermostat can be used for hot water radiant heating and electric cable heating system. Specifications: Power source: 2 AA size 1.5V alkaline battery. Maximum resistive load: 230V AC 5A. Maximum inductive load: 230V AC 2A. Relay contact: 230V AC 8A. Room temperature setting range: 5°C to 35°C (41°F to 95°F). Accuracy: ±1°F or ±0.5°C. Dimensions: 115mm 90mm x 16mm. Color: white

Digital Room Thermostat
Digital thermostat are designed to on/off control fan coil, valve, dampers or electric heaters in Air-Conditioners and Heating applications. Models are available for 2-pipe fan and valve control, 4-pipe fan and valves control with Auto-Changeover, auto fan speeds control, modulating and damper control. The fan speed can be manually or automatically controlled by the fan speed pushbutton. There is a choice of running the fan continuously or cycling it with the thermostat. It operates 3 speeds ...

C Style Thermostat for Heating Equipment
Suitable for temperature control of boilers and other similar equipment with safety function manual reset. Rating at 16A/380V. Operating range and adjustment range:-30~85~320°C. On off differential: 2~10°C

Digital Thermostat for Multistage AC System
1) System configurations: multi-stage heat pump systems, one or two-stage heat, one or two-stage cool, heat pump, single-speed fan or 3-speed fan. 2) Two stages difference can be set and controlled. 3) Automatic compressor short-cycle protection. 4) Low temperature protection. 5) Two temperature degrees are selectable, Celsius or Fahrenheit. 6) Optional functions: a) Programmable function can set 2 - 5 days programming ; b) Infrared remote control ; c) Blue backlight ; d) External sensor

3 Poles Disc Thermostat
1) Rating 16A 250 / 400V. Surface mounting bracket. 2) 6,35 QC terminals. 3) Temperature range from 50 to 180°C. 4) Factory set temperature, not file adjustable

Fan Coil Thermostat
Large LCD display with backlight. Temperature adjustment is simple with the large arrow buttons. Display shows set points and room temperature simultaneously. Maintains the temperature within the range of 1°C to the set point. Automatic fan with adjustable 3-fan speed. Manual change over. Never lose user setting in the event of power-off, no battery is required. Optional remote control. Display temperature recalibrates. Specifications: Electrical rating: 240V AC. Terminal load: 3.0A per ...

Room Thermostat
Detailed product description: It can be used for indoor temperature controlling in hotels with the features of novel outline, simple structure, reliable design and easy installation. Features: 1) Contact capacity: 10A, 220V, 50Hz. 2) Operating range: 10 - 30°C. 3) Temperature sense component: air-charged film case. 4) Appendix: air speed gear, gear shifting on temperature alternation
Company: Beijing Gaupu Automation Control Co., Ltd.    China

This thermostat would be suited to various products such as heaters, refrigerators, car seat heating systems, CCTV, photocopiers, coffee makers, electric kettles, microwave ovens, water pots, dryers, an overheat protector in air conditioners

Programmable Thermostat
1) Programmable thermostat with large LCD display. 2) Backlit available. 3) Heat / cool. 4) 3-speed fan control. 5) Auto / manual.

1) Thermostat with timer. 2) Min. setting 1min. 3) 8 on/off programs per day. 4) Refrigerating/heating/fan 3 modes. 5) Temperature show range: 2 degree to 71 degree. 6) Temperature range can be set: 5 degree to 35 degree. 7) This item have DC, AC, remote control types

Thermostat for Central Air Conditioner
1.Suitable for controlling temperature of indoor center air conditioner and other heating facilities. 2.Control temperature range: 10~30°C. 3.Work voltage: 220v 50HZ. 4.Load current:16A(registive). 5.Sense component: air film case.

L Style Thermostat
Suitable for controlling temperature of refrigerator, freeze, boilers and other similar equipment. Rating at 16A/220V/380V. Operating range and adjustment range:-35~+35~+320°C. On off differential: 2~10°C

Mechanical Thermostat
Room thermostat is used in industrial, commercial and residential environments and is especially designed for cooling/heating equipment to maintain the room temperature. SAS806 series room thermostat allows users to choose from 3 speeds in order to control the outlet air speed. Specifications: Set point range: 10~30°C. Sensor type: dual diaphragm element. Temp accuracy: +/- 1°C. Voltage: AC 220V +/-10% 50Hz / 60Hz. Rated current: <3A. Dimensions: 85mm x 40mm x 130mm. Fixing screw width: ...

Digital Thermostat for Floor Heating or Electric Diffusers
1) Non-programmable or programmable. 2) LCD display. 3) Low temperature protection. 4) Particular double revising for measure temperature expels from the influence of entrails heating and makes temperature measuring and controlling more accurate. 5) Two temperature degrees selectable Celsius or Fahrenheit. 6) Optional: programmable; infrared remote control; blue backlight; humidity detection; external sensor. 7) Rated switching current: 16A 220 / 110V AC. 8) Temperature control range: 5 - ...

Digital Thermostat for Air Conditioners
Specifications: 1) Power supply: a) 24V AC +/- 20%, 50 - 60Hz ; b) 220V AC +/- 10%, 50 - 60Hz. 2) Temperature control range: 5 - 35oC. 3) External temperature sensor: 5 - 90oC. 4) Accuracy: +/- 0.5oC. 5) System configurations: multi-stage heat pump systems, one or two stage heat, one or two stage cool. 6) Terminations: R, G, Y (Y1, Y2), W2, O, B, C. 7) 1st stage differential: -0.5 - 0.5, adjustable. 8) 2nd stage differential: 1 - 3, adjustable. 9) Dimensions: 120 x 90 x 24mm. 10) Designed ...

Floor Heating Thermostat
1) thermostat is mainly used in the control of electric heaters or electric diffusers. 2) It has an on/off switch and is suitable to use indoors. 3) It has also a power indicator and a heater output indicator. 4) It can be installed directly on a flush box. 5) It is used to control room temperature by way of turning on or off of the electric heater or diffuser. 6) It is widely used in home, offices, schools and shops

Thermostatic Temperature Control Valve
Thermostatic Valve Series: 1. Thermostatic Mixing Valve. Main Parameters: Pressure: 0. 1~ 0. 5 Mpa. Cold Water Temperature: 8~20 degree. Hot Water Temperature: 50~85 degree. Cold and Hot Mixing Rate in Temperature: 5: 1. Temperature Control Range: 26~65 degree. Cold and Hot Water Intake: 16mm, 20mm, 32mm. Water Outlet: 16mm, 20mm, 32mm, 40mm. 2. Thermostatic Radiator Valve. Main Parameters: Nominal Pressure: 1. 0 Mpa. Regulatory Scale: 0~5. Temperature Control Range: 8~28 degree. ...

Thermostat Valve, Brass Thermostat Valve
The character of Thermostat Valve: Thermostat valve is an important adjusting equipment for flow regulating of heating system.If the heating system without thermostat valve,it couldn't call calorie gathering and calculating system.The ratio (G/Gmax)of flow at settled temperature or highest of thermostat valve called ralative flow rate.The ratio1 of route at settled temperature or highest of thermostat valve called relative route rate. The relation between relative flow rate and ...
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