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Detailed Mechanical Thermostat Description:

Room thermostat is used in industrial, commercial and residential environments and is especially designed for cooling/heating equipment to maintain the room temperature. SAS806 series room thermostat allows users to choose from 3 speeds in order to control the outlet air speed. Specifications: Set point range: 10~30°C. Sensor type: dual diaphragm element. Temp accuracy: +/- 1°C. Voltage: AC 220V +/-10% 50Hz / 60Hz. Rated current: <3A. Dimensions: 85mm x 40mm x 130mm. Fixing screw width: 60 mm (standard). Wiring diameter: 0.5~2.5mm. Operation: On / off: push switch to heat position as heating mode; switch to cool position as cooling mode; push to off position as off mode. Set point: adjust the temperature knob to desire temperature. Fan peed: switch fan switch to control the fan speed.

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