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List extensive product information of Valves (include Ball Valve, Gas Valve, Butterfly Valve, Globe Valve, Gate Valve), provided by Valve manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Top Multi-Port Valve
1) Durable lever action handle, wear resistant rotor. 2) Equipped with glass and pressure gauge. 3) Constructed of molded ABS material. 4) Large, one-piece handle for trouble free operation. 5) Six-position. 6) Threaded ports. 7) Sight glass included

Butterfly Valve
1) Size range: DN40 (1.5") to DN1, 200 (48"). 2) Type: wafer/lug/double stem. 3) Materials of construction:. a) Body: grey iron, ductile iron, carbon steel, stainless steel. b) Disc: ductile iron nickel plated (or nylon coated), aluminum bronze, stainless steel. c) Stem: stainless steel, carbon steel with zinc plated. d) Seat: EPDM/Buna-N/PTFE/neoprene/Viton.
Product Group: Butterfly Valve
Company: Zhejiang Wanli Valve Manufacture Co., Ltd.    China

PVC Ball Valve
Features: 1) Product sizes: 1/2" - 4". 2) Joint end: threaded (PT, NPT, BSPT). 3) Socket (ANSI, CNS, DIN, JIS, BS). 4) Working pressure: 200 PSI. 5) With gray, white, blue color
Company: Zhejiang Wanli Valve Manufacture Co., Ltd.    China

Check Valve
1) Sizes: DN50 - DN900. 2) Nominal diameter: 1.6MPa. 3) Suitable medium: fresh water, sewage, air, vapors, acids, salts. 4) Working temperature: -15 ~ +150°C. 5) Materials:. a) Body: cast iron, ductile iron, bronze, SS304, SS306. b) Disc: cast iron, ductile iron, bronze, SS304, SS306. c) Seat: EPDM, PTFE, NBR, VITON. d) Stem: carbon steel, SS410, SS416
Company: Zhejiang Wanli Valve Manufacture Co., Ltd.    China

Automatic Ball Valve
1. Waterproof and dustproof. 2. Actuator insulated well to valve body and the ambient. 3. Quick and easy replacement of moving actuator. 4. Actuator can be installed after plumbing work has been completed, for more efficient on-site installation. 5. Valve may be mounted to wall for actuator's off-center configuration. Specifications: 1. Media: chilled or hot water, 60% glycol. 2. Size: 1/2" to 3/4". 3. Flow: 2-way or 3-way. 4. Operating range: 3-point control (24V AC) or ...

Angle Seat Valve
Specifications: 1) Working pressure: 0.19 - 1.6MPa. 2) Temperature: -20 ~ 180oC. 3) Connection type: inner thread. 4) Without a pilot solenoid valve. 5) Simple frame, reliable action, easy maintenance. 6) Valve body: 316 stainless steel. 7) Anti-corrosive. 8) Through flow, low fluid resistance. 9) Light weight, low volume. 10) Piston type air-operated valve. 11) Open / close air source pipeline to control main valve

Pneumatic Actuator
Hard anodized aluminum housing (internal and external). Standard ISO 5211 valve mounting interface. Top mounting for positioner and limit switch box in accordance with VDI/VDE 3845 Namur specifications. Direct mounting Namur solenoid valve capability. Internal porting eliminating external tubing (when NAMUR mounted solenoid is used). Adjustable mechanical travel stops. Blow out proof pinion gear. Optional Vitonseal kit. Visual indication. Works equally well on lubricated or non-lubricated ...
Product Group: Pneumatic Actuator

Hydraulic Cartridge Valve
We can provide professional hydraulic Screw-in Cartridge valves and we can design manifold blocks according to your requirement. Right now, we have: Pressure control valve: 1.Relief valve ; 2. Counterbalance valve ; 3.Sequence valve ; 4.Pressure reducing valve. Direction control valve: 1.Check valve ; 2.Hydraulic operated directional valve ; 3.Solenoid operated directional valve ; 4.Shuttle valve; 5.Manual (mobile) operated. Flow control valve: 1.Restriction valve ; 2.Regulator ...

Metal Valves
The control of water movement is a key requirement in any water system. Our valves are suitable for irrigation and water distribution lines. The valves are fast to operate, compact and may be used for throttling as well as on/off control. The valves function across a wide range of optional pressures. Specifications: 1) Brass angle valve: dn15mm (1/2"), 20mm (3/4"). 2) Brass gate valve: dn15mm (1/2"), 20mm (3/4"), 25mm (1"), 32mm (1-1/4"), 40mm (1-1/2"), ...

One-Piece Stainless Steel Ball Valve
1) One-piece stainless steel ball valve. 2) Thread end: BSPT, NPT, DIN 259, DIN2999. 3) Material: ASTM A351-CF8M stainless steel. 4) 1/4" - 2" reduce bore. 5) For chemical and industrial applications. 6) Pressure temperature rating: 1,000PSI. 7) Blow-out proof stem S/S 316. 8) 100% tested air-under water at 100PSI (6 bars) open and close position

Hand-Control Directional Valve
This valve is a directional valve to control the direction change of guiding valve manually. It is used for hydraulic pressure system. By controlling the flow, cutoff and direction of the oil, it can change its position in the system. With various guiding valves of different mechanisms, including O, H, Y, M, K, P, J, X, C, N and Z, it can meet different requirements for oil circuit system.

Ball Valve
1) Healthy and non-toxic, free of stain and scale 2) High temperature resistance (maximum water temperature up to 90°C) and high pressure resistance (over 5MPa) 3) Hot welding connection adopted, making pipes and fittings into a whole, leakage effectively prevented 4) Excellent heat insulation property from minimum thermal conductivity (only one hundredth of that of metal pipes) 5) Lightweight (approximately one eighth of that of metal pipes), easy to handle and transport 6) Smooth inner ...

Cast Steel Gate Valve
1) DN50-1200. 2) Fluorine lined gate valve, specially designed for corrosive mediums. 3) Suitable for vitriol, muriatic acid, hydrofluoric acid, all kinds of organic acid, and oxidants of any strength at 50 - 150oC. 4) Also suitable for organic alkali solvent and other corrosive gases and fluids. 5) Widely used in water works, power generating plants, chemical industries, food, paper making and pharmaceutical fields

Solenoid Valves
1) Body material: stainless steel. 2) Operating type: normally closed/ normally open. 3) Mode of action: 2/2 way; pilot operated type. 4) Sealing material: NBR or Vion; NBR is standard. 5) Coil grade: Class B; IP 65. 6) Suitable temperature: below 130 degrees
Product Group: Solenoid Valve

Pump Control Valve
Specifications: 1) Diaphragm type: 2" - 14". 2) Piston type: 16" - 36". 3) Class: 150lbs - 600lbs. Technical standards: 1) Design and manufacture: API 6D. 2) Face-to-face: ANSI B16.10. 3) Flange end: ANSI B16.5. 4) Inspection and test: API 598. Main materials: 1) Body and bonnet: cast iron, ductile cast iron, WCB, WCA, WCC, A351, 304, 340L, 316, 316L17-4PH. 2) Disc: brass, stainless steel, carbon steel. 3) Stem: stainless steel

Electromagnetic Valve
It is mainly applied to electromagnetic switch, in accordance with different tensions; different types are applied. It has the advantage of convenient application, practicality, and reliability. It is widely applied to dynamic control

Butterfly Valve
The products are widely used in water source projects, urban water supply and drainage, sewage treatment, electric power, petroleum, petrochemical , heat supply, shipbuilding, medicine and metallurgy industries. Equipment are used for regulating or cutting off media in pipelines. Suitable media include water, sewage, sea water, air, foodstuff and oil. Suitable for handles (DN50~300), gear operators, electric and pneumatic control actuators.
Product Group: Butterfly Valve

Relief Valve
1) Inlet pressure: 0.1 - 0.2MPa 2) Outlet pressure: 0.7MPa 3) Sizes: 1/2" BSP 4) Blow-off pressure: <0.04MPa 5) Patented check valve that no need to seal up, reduce the maintenance cost.

Air Valves
1) Work pressure: 1.7MPa. 2) Prevent blast pattern. 3) Released pressure: 2.2±10%MPa. 4) Linking bond: PZ28-1.814. 5) Outlet bond: W0.885-1.814 left. 6) Diameter: φ7. 7) Weight:476g. 8) Material: HPb59-1

Wafer Type Butterfly Valve
1. Small in size and light in weight, easy instillation and maintenance. It can be mounted wherever needed. 2. Simple and compact construction, quick 90 degrees on-off operation. 3. Minimized operating torque, energy saving. 4. Flow curve teeing to straight line, excellent regulation performance. 5. Long service life, standing the test of tens of thousands opening/closing operations. 6. Bubbles-tight sealing with no leakage under the pressure test. 7. Wide selection of materials, applicable ...

Hydraulic Valve Assembly
Specifications: 1) Functions: heating / bathing. 2) Valve diameter: 20mm. 3) Reversing mode: motor driving. 4) Motor working voltage: AC 220V / 50Hz. 5) Flow sensor working voltage: DC 5V. 6) Heating water control pressure: 0.5 - 3.0kgf/cm2. 7) Bathing water max. working pressure: 7kgf/cm2. 8) Bathing water min. working pressure: 0.3kgf/cm2. 9) Bathing water min. flow: 2.5L/min. 10) Bathing water limited flow: 7.3 / 10L/min

Valve Electric Actuator
These actuators are suitable for use on butterfly valves, ball valves and plug valves, which are required to travel 90°. The case body is made of die casting aluminum. These actuators are featured by attractive appearance, small size, light weight, high efficiency, high reliability, high protection capability and low noise. Both local and remote control can be carried out. So they have been applied in petroleum and chemical industries, power stations, water treatment and paper-making ...

Ball Valve, Gate Valve, Check Valve, Globe Valve
Specialized in supply various industrial valves, high quality met even exceed and most competitive price in China! 1. Gate valve: Wedge, Parallel Slide Types. 2. Globe valve. 3. Check valve: Swing, Plug lifting, Wafer types. 4. Ball valve:1-PC,2-PC,3-PC, FB, RB, Floating& Trunnion mounted ball, Fire safe, Anti-Static. Size: NPS1/4 -48 DN 8mm-1200mm(1/4 -2 Forged,2-1/2 -48 Investment Casted). Pressure ratings: ANSI CL150-2500Lbs (PN10-PN420). Mat: Carbon steel, Stainless& Alloy steel. ...

Gate Valves
The gate valves supplied by SYI Foundry are mainly used for adjusting water, steam, oil, gas, and natural gas in chemical industries, acid, alkali and salt working pipelines. Size: 50-400mm/2"-16"

Knife Gate Valve
1) QS frictionless metal sealed knife gate valve. 2) Suitable fluids: paper pulp, syrup, powders. 3) Material: WCB, CF8, CF3M. 4) Driving modes: manual, pneumatic, electromotion, hydraulic. 5) Suitable pressure: 1.0MPa. 6) Working temperature: ≤250oC. 7) Specification: DN50-DN400. 8) Leakage: GB/T4213-921V

Pipes and Valves
Completely made of SUS304/316L stainless steel. Interior mirror polished, surface polished and blast sanding, smooth and level. Widely used for low pressure pipeline system of the industries, such as foodstuff, brewing, beverage, dairy, fine chemical industry, medicine and cosmetics

Butterfly Valve
The slim-disc butterfly valve is developed based on the wafer butterfly valve and advanced technology introduced from foreign countries. In addition to the feature of the wafer butterfly valve, it has strong corrosion resistance and no-pin. This product is suitable for adjusting flow, and can be installed in pipelines in the industries of petroleum processing, chemicals, food, medicine, textile, paper making, hydroelectricity engineering, ship building, water supply and sewage, metallurgy, ...
Product Group: Butterfly Valve

Ball Cock
1) Small in size and light in weight. Easy installment and maintenance, can be mounted wherever needed. 2) Simple and compact construction, quick 90 degrees on-off operation. Minimized torque, energy saving. 3) Long service life. Standing the test of tens of thousands opening / closing operations. 4) Flow curve tending to straight line. Excellent regulation performance. 5) Bubbles-tight sealing with no leakage under the pressure test. 6) Wide selection of materials, applicable for various medium

Multifuctional Pump Control Valve
The valve have the function of the followingvalve: motorized valve, non return valve and water-hammering eliminator and can improve the safety in the system. The valvehave solw -open, quick-close and slow -close function to prevent water -hamming when open or close pump. Only push the button for closing or opening pump and the valve can according to pump's operation procedure with large flow and little pressure loss. JD745X diaphragm type multifunctional pump control valve is for DN600 ...

Gas Control Valve
1) Max. working temperature: 150oC. 2) Max. working pressure: 65 mbar. 3) PN: 1/2PSI. 4) Input thread: 5/8-18UNF. 5) The distance of the center of the valve: 76mm. 6) Inlet connection: threaded. 7) Outlet connection: available with and without thread, with and without seat for tubing, with and without assembled injector, inclined

Lift type Check Valve
Cast steel Lift check valve Size: 2"-8" Pressures: ANSI 150LB-600LB Material:WCB.WCC.WC6.WC9.C5.C12.LCB.LCC.CF8.CF8M.CF3.CF3M.CF8C.CN7M End: RF, RTJ Features: Bolted Cover, Lift Type Disc, Renewable Seat Rings, Low Emission Full Bore Standards Compliance Basic Design to BS1868 Face to Face to ANSI B16.10 Flange Design to ANSI B16.5 (2"-8") Pressure-Temperature Rating to ASME B16.34
Company: Anhui Green Imp. & Exp. Co.,LTD.    China

Knife gate valve
Pressure: 0.6MPa,1.0MPa ,1.6MPa ,2.5MPa Temperature:≤80℃ shutable Medium:paper pulp,coal slurry,slurry ect. Boay material:C.I,D.I,WCB Trim: S.S. Type of operator:Handwheel,electric,pneumatic operator
Product Group: Gate Valve
Company: Anhui Green Imp. & Exp. Co.,LTD.    China

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