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Detailed Brass Ball Valve, Brass Couple Ball Valve Description:

Brass ball valve was come out in 1949. During the half a century, brass ball valve has been developed to a major kind valve. Brass ball valve mainly use to truncate or connect medium,it can also use to adjust and control the fluid. V ball valve can make much accurate fluid adjust and control, but the tee brass ball valve is use to distribute the medium and change the flow direction. Compared with other valve, brass ball valve has these advantages:
a. Has light resistance of fluid. The brass ball valve has the lightest resistance of fluid among the valve,even the hole shringkage brass ball valve,the resistance of fluid is quite small.
b. It is easy to on-off. As long as spindle turns 90 degree,the ball valve finishes the action of open or close quickly.
c. Wonderful sealing performance. The gasket ring of valve seat usually use elastic material like poly to produce, easy for seal.And the sealing force of brass ball valve are enlarge along with the increase of medium pressure.
d.The reliable seal valve spindle. When the ball valve open and close, thespindle just rotation,so the sealing of spindle won't easy to distroy,and the back seal sealing force of spindle will enlarge along with the increase of medium pressure.
e. The open and close of brass ball valve just do 90degree rotation, so it is easy to realize automatical control and long-distance control.The ball valve can configure Pneumatics,Electric actuator,Hydraulic acruator and so on.
f. The passage of brass ball valve is smooth,not easy to deposit medium, can made pipeline ball pass.

Brass Ball Valve, Brass Couple Ball Valve
  • Model: SS-810244
  • Packing: carton, pallet
  • Terms of Payment: T/T, L/C
  • Delivery Time: 25 days
  • Products ID: 33412
  • Product Category: Valves
  • Product Group: Ball Valve
  • Post date: Apr 6, 2010
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