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List extensive product information of Welding & Solders (include Welding Machine, Welding Electrode, Welded Pipe, Welding Hose), provided by Welding & Solder manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in china and around the world.

Gasoline Welder
Specifications: 1) Engine model: DJ; 2) Diameter of welding rod: 2-4mm; 3) Max. welding currency: 200A; 4) Rated output power (KVA): 3; 5) Rated voltage (V): 220; 6) Rated frequency (Hz): 50; 7) Start: electric; 8) Net weight (kg): 104.
Product Group: Gasoline Welder
Company: Chongqing Dajiang Power Equipment Co., Ltd.    China

Phos-Copper Brazing Alloys
1) Good fluency. 2) Low cost. 3) Perfect performance. 4) For resistance brazing, gas flame brazing, high frequency inductionbrazing and furnace brazing. 5) Joint strength high and conductivity good. 6) Flux is necessary when brazing copper or copper alloys phos-copper-silver. 7) Brazing alloys with low melting points have good 'wettabilty,' high strength and toughness. 8) Ramp rate should be as quick as possible while brazing. 9) Joints become bright gray, returning to original ...

Welding Machine
1) For welding PPR pipes and fittings 2) Socket fusion complete welding 3) Used for PPR pipes and fittings of 110 - 160mm in outside diameter 4) Movable, with wheels on the bottom of the machine.

1) Generating and welding can be operated simultaneously, and welding operation won't impact an influence on the waveform and voltage of the generating operation. 2) The unit can achieve perfect waveform of the welding voltage by utilizing IGBT and PWM technology. Non-fluctuating welding current realizes high quality welding operation
Company: Hangzhou Apollo Welding Consumables Co., Ltd.    China

Welding Electrode
Specifications: 1) Type: plain, stainless, alloy, cast iron. 2) Dimensions: 2.5 x 300mm, 2.5 x 350mm, 3.2 x 350mm, 4 x 400mm, 5 x 400mm. 3) YSE4313 (J421) equal to anvse6013
Product Group: Welding Electrode
Company: Hangzhou Apollo Welding Consumables Co., Ltd.    China

Welded Ring
I.D. (inside diameter) rings: 1) Specified when the brazing ring is to pre-placed on the outside of a tube 2) Little or no gap is preferred to allow the ring to expand and fit tightly on the tube without a substantial absence of filler metal in any area. O.D. (outside diameter) rings: 1) Specified when the brazing ring is to be pre-placed on the inside of a tube or fitting 2) A gap is required to allow the ring to contract and fit tightly inside the coupling without overlapping. Helix on ...

Welding Helmet
1) Auto darkening helmet. 2) Model: ZTG-4. 3) Adapt to CHINT ADF FS-B2; FS-B4; FS-B4a. 4) Material: PP. 5) Fire resistance: no. 6) Dimensions: 340 x 230 x 200mm
Product Group: Welding Helmet
Company: Hangzhou Apollo Welding Consumables Co., Ltd.    China

DC Inverter TIG Welding Machine
1) Advanced inverter technology. 2) Protected against overheating and over-current. 3) Practical design: makes the power source easy to carry, which enables use at almost any worksite. 4) Slope-down and post-gas: provide a better result. at the end of the weld, can avoid cracks and oxidation

Stainless Steel Welded Pipe
General pipe (straight): 1) Outside diameter: 3mm-114mm. 2) Wall thickness: 0.2mm-4mm.3) Length unlimited. Pipe for heat exchanger and vapour condenser: 1) Straight pipe: a) outside diameter : 16mm-32mm ; b) Wall thickness: 0.5mm-1.2mm ; c) Length: 3m-40m. 2) U pipe: a) Outside diameter: 16mm-32mm. b) Wall thickness: over 0.5mm. c) Length of pipe feet: 40mm max. d) The ruing radius flex: 45mm-650mm.

H-Beam Welding Line
Specifications: 1) Suitable length of H-profile steel: 2,000 - 15,000mm. 2) Weld of H-profile steel: (thickness x width): (3 - 8) x (300 - 1,200)mm. 3) Wing of H-profile steel: (thickness x width): (5 - 16) x (150 - 500)mm. 4) Inclination of H-profile steel: 8 (unilateral). 5) Welding speed: 0.5 - 2m/min. 6) Conveyer speed: 15m/min (max.). 7) Control system: Mitsubishi PLC. Features and usage: This fully automatic line consists of a welding machine, position-fixing machine and a conveyor. ...

PPR Pipe Welding Device
Hot welding machine uses electric melting connection with welding dies. Put pending pipe and fitting on to the dies to heat for an appropriate time, then take them off the dies and insert the pipe to the fitting without circumvolving quickly. Hot welding machine working power and diameters: 1) 600W, 20-32mm ; 2) 800W, 20-63mm ; 3) 1,500W, 75-110mm

Inverter Arc Mini-Machine
Input power voltage(V): AC 220 (single phase)1±15%. Frequency: 50/60Hz. Rate input power capacity (kVA): 4.5. No-load voltage (V): 43. Rated output voltage(V):18. Output current range (A): 10-200. Starting arc mode:HF. Duty cycle:60%. Efficiency:85%. Weight of machine: 8kg. Overall dimension (mm):371x155x295

Hot Air Welder
This product also can be called welder, hot air seaming machine, welding machine, hand welder and heat welder. Features: 1) Power: 220V, 50Hz. 2) Application: suitable for weld the advertisement printer vinyl, tent fabric and PVC coated film of the product. 3) The power voltage must be match with extra voltage of the welder and close underground. 4) Forbid to use it in the water and under wet construction place, avoid wetting. 5) Can be easy to use, please read the specific instruction from ...

PVC Twin Welding Hose
1) High working pressure. 2) Corrosion, aging and bending resistance. 3) Light, wearable, easy to split, and convenient to use. 4) It is the ideal special pipe for oxygen and ethane welding equipment and devices

Tungsten Electrode
Tungsten electrode for TIG. Types: 1) Pure tungsten: HW11 ; 2) Thoriated tungsten: HWTh20 ; 3) Cerium tungsten: HECe. Specification: 1) Diameter: 0.9-8.0mm ; 2) Length: 150mm or 175mm

Single Wall Welded Steel Tube
Specifications: 1. Main use: widely used in condenser, evaporators, refrigeration, chiller, heaters, automobile brake system and automobile pipe laying; 2. Features: high intensity, good plasticity, and small resistance; 3. Standard: ASTMA254-94; 4. Materials: materials can be altered according to customers' requirements; 5. Outer diameter: Φ4.00mm-Φ10.00mm; 6. Wall thickness: 0.5mm-1.00mm; 7. Packing: seaworthy packing

Zirconiated tungsten
Zirconiated tungsten has good performance in AC welding. It balls up well in AC welding and has a more stable arc than pure tungsten. Especially with excellent performance in high load AC welding, it is not replaceable by any other electrodes. It also resists contamination well in AC welding. Zirconiated tungsten is most commonly used for AC welding of aluminum and magnesium alloys.

Welding Inverter
1) Light and compact, high quality. 2) Advance arc force and arc-starting function, sound-proof. 3) Stable arc and less splash. 4) High welding quality function. 5) Automatic protection of over-voltage and over-current. 6) Be able to work continuously, it can balance automatic when voltage is waving. 7) Adopt to all kinds of basic and acid electrode. 8) Be able to long-distance welding all kinds of material, stainless steel, steel, tungsten, titanium, nickel and other alloy material. 9) ...

AC Arc Welding Machine
Specifications: 1) High flux leakage special transformer 2) Used for cutting and welding low alloy steel 3) Simple structure, lightweight, small volume 4) Easy to maintain 5) Stable arc 6) Durable, low cost 7) Welding consumables: low-carbon, high-strength, medium-carbon, and low alloy steel
Product Group: Welding Machine

Welding Electrodes
1) Main products: a) Electric welding rods. b) M.S welding electrodes: AWSE6013/7018. c) Stainless steel welding electrodes: AWSE 308-16. d) Cast iron machinable welding rods: CHC308. 2) High quality ensured by 30 years of experience. 1) Work pressure: 1.7MPa. 2) Prevent blast pattern. 3) Released pressure: 2.2±10%MPa. 4) Linking bond: PZ28-1.814. 5) Outlet bond: W0.885-1.814 left. 6) Diameter: φ7. 7) Weight:476g. 8) Material:HPb59-1
Product Group: Welding Electrode

We manufacture solder wire, bars, flux and miscellaneous products. We have advanced automatic machines, and complete chemical and physical testing instruments, in compliance with environmentally friendly standards. We make series of lead-free solder products, which meet all the requirements of RoHS.

Welder's Glove
1) Welder's gloves. 2) Material: cow split leather, canvas. 3) Full lined, without line. 4) Full palm/two pieces palm. 5) Full back/two pieces back. 6) Size: 10", 12", 14", 16"

Outer Conductor Argon-Arc Welding
This production line is mainly used for manufacturing the feeding line connecting, the communication transmitting equipment and transmitting antenna, jumper and corrugated outer conductor of all kinds of RF cables to be used in mobile telephone networks. In addition, the line is capable of manufacturing aluminum outer conductors of CATV coaxial cables. Features: 1) Welding current automatically follows the pull-off speed. 2) Corrugating head speed automatically follows the pull-off speed. 3) ...

Welding Rods
1) Rods of three main alloys: cobalt-base alloy, nickel-base alloy, and iron-base alloy and stellite alloy. 2) Wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, high temperature-resistant and shock-resistant. 3) Process: OXY, TIG, plasma welding. 4) Diameters: 3.2, 4.0, 4.8, 6.4, 8.0mm. 5) Special requirement: no length limited

Two-Tone Combined Welding Hose
Oxygen and acetylene hose Features: 1) Application: gas welding with oxygen, argon and belium. 2) Structure: a) Inside bond layer + outside bond layer ; b) Reinforcing layer is braid fiber with high retractility ; c) Outside bond layer is stripes, oxygen hose is red and acetylene hose is either black or green. 3) Temperature: -25 ~ -70 (-13°F +176°F). 4) Safety member: 3:1 (1MPa=10 bars=10kgf =143PSI). Two-tone combined welding hose Features: 1) Application: gas welding with oxygen, ...

Banner Welding Machine
Application: it can bond up disjoint flat painting surface made of heat-melted material, such as PVC cloth, PE fabric canvas, outdoor poster banner, plastic surface and sailcloth. Specification parameter: 1) Alternant electric voltage: 220V/50Hz. 2) Upper limit power: 2,000W. 3) Adjustable work temperature: 50-600oC. 4) Adjustable self-move speed: 0.8-15m/minute. 5) Whole weight: 10kg. 6) Dimensions: 400 x 300 x 280mm

Welding Accessories
1) Filer size (mm): 110 x 90 x 9. 2) Viewing area: 98 x 40mm or 90 x 40mm. 3) Light state: shade DIN3. 4) Darken state: from DIN9-Din13. 5) Switching time: 1/20,000s. 6) Delay time: 0.6s. 7) Power on/off: fully automatic. 8) Power supply: solar-li, no battery change required. 9) Rate of UV: 313nm<0.00006%, 365nm<0.00006%. 10) Rate of IR: 780-1300nm <0.003%, 1300-2000nm<0.009%. 11) Eye protection: EN379 1/2/1. 12) Weight: 400g. 13) MIG, TIG welding torch, Plasma torch and the ...

Non-copper Gas-Shielded Welding Wire
New discoveries that result in our welding wire with less spattering and easy slag removal. Wires with excellent arc stability and smooth wettability that produce a beautiful bead, spool after spool. Our products are confirmed by BV, NK, CCS, GL, ABS, DNV, LR. We can also supply different kinds of Gas-Shielded Welding Wires, Submerged Arc Welding Wires, Flux-Cored Welding Wires, Etc.

Welding Torch Part
1) High quality. 2) Suitable for many types of torches. 3) Parts for MAG/MIG and TIG torches are available. 4) Various parts of welding torches: nozzles, insulators, contact tips, gas diffusers, swan necks

Cold Heat Soldering Tool
1) Heats and cools almost instantly-reaches 800°F in about 1 second. 2) Very safe-tip hot only during active soldering cools almost instantly. 3) The cold heat soldering tool will perform with regular, lead free or silver-based solder 18 AWG to 24 AWG. 4) With best performance between 18 AWG and 20 AWG. 5) Cordless / battery operated. 6) Uses 4 replaceable alkaline AA batteries. 7) Create over 700 solder joints per battery pack. 8) Tip heat indicator (red light). 9) Independent lighting ...

Solder Paste
Specifications: 1) We produces Lead-free solder wire and bar including Sn/Cu, Sn/Ag,Sn/Sb, Sn/Ag/Cu, Sn/Ag/Bi alloys. 2) We supplied various specifications of solder tin wire, different tin content and wire diameter from 0.3mm to 9.0mm. 3) Solder tin paste is the most important joint material for modern printing wring board and surface makeup technique (SMT).It is determinative factor for ideal and steady soldering effect that chooses appropriate tin paste. Its alloy composition and content ...

Spot welder
Type DN-40 DN-25 DN-16E DN-6 Input voltage (V) 380±10 380±10 380±10 380±10 Input capacity(kVA) 40 25 16 6 Rated load cycle (%) 12 14 20 20 Welding thickness (mm) 1.5+1.5 1+1 Max.pressure of electrode (N) 393 2510 1700 Electrode journey (mm) 60 60 20 30 3 Weight(kg) 225 195 115 40 Dimension(mm) 1200*750*1000
Product Group: Spot Welder
Company: Sino Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.    China

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