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Detailed Battery cell energy storage spot welder Description:

HK KEEPLEADER LTD is a professional factory, specialized in ultrasonic welding machine, ultrasonic welding machine, high frequency welding machine, spot welding machine, energy storage spot welder and various packing machine

Spot welder has many popular name: spot welding machine, precision spot welder, energy storage spot welder, AC pulse spot welder, ultrasonic metal spot welder, high frequency spot welding machine, inverter spot welder, micro spot welder, DC spot welder, thermocouple spot welder, pneumatic spot welder, portable spot welding, precision welder, hand-held spot welding machine and others, according to the material and thickness of welding parts, spot welder is divided into: high-power spot welding, precision spot welding, microelectronics spot welding, the voltage of high-power spot welder is often 380v, others are 220v, from the principle point of view is generally divided into energy storage spot welder, AC pulse pot welder, transistor spot welder, invert DC spot welding and, pure DC spot welding machine

Energy storage spot welder is in the group of sop welding machine, which is widely used in electronic components welding, connecting sheets spot welding for battery combination, cell phone battery sot welder, CRT devices, sensors, resistors, fuses, semiconductor components spot welding, and other small metal sheets spot welding

Energy storage spot welder adopts over-current welding principle for double sheets by double electrodes, the contact resistance is formed between welding sheets under pressure, the welding current flows from one electrode to another electrode, then contact resistance at two point generates instant thermo welding, because of two electrodes form a electric loop, energy storage sop welder no hurt by welding piece of internal structure, energy storage spot welder don’t need heating and consumables, only increase the temperature of welding point about 20 up to 30 degree, after spot welding, the tensile strength can reach 5kgs up to 6kgs
Energy storage spot welder has good features: energy storage spot welder adopts transistor unit to control procedure, SCR discharge switches are used instead of bulky AC contactor and ignition tube, as a non-contact high current silicon switch is small, no noise, easy to use and etc, especially, its voltage drop is 1/10 rate of ignition tube, so the power can be effectively used, with the development of electrolytic capacitor for energy storage, energy storage spot welder can has huge energy storage with small size, charging voltage is controlled by precision electronic switch, and is also adjustable and monitored, the circuit has over voltage production system to avoid breakdown of energy storage capacitor, the charging current of energy spot welder is much less than discharging current, therefore, the impact of its power grid is very small, the power requirements of power is not high, in addition, because of its very short discharge time, in case of power supply having voltage fluctuations, the energy storage capacitor can guarantee the stability of welding performance, energy storage spot welder has no any cooling interval, which the AC current arises when current is reversed, so energy storage spot welder is more suitable for soldering light metal with good conductive an thermal conductive, Such as low carbon steel, Kovar alloy, stainless steel, nickel chromium wire and other electrical conductivity, good thermal conductivity of metal
Energy storage spot welder of HK KEEPLED LTD adopts advanced resistance welding, original imported components, the welding has not any burrs, welding joint is not yellow, has small welding indentation, has little welding sparkle, has not false welding, the spot welder has two pulse welding, pulse 1 can clean the welding surface, pulse 2 do real welding, so the welding is very nice looking, and strong, many famous Battery factories adopt energy storage spot welder, for example: Motorola, Nokia and Varta

Battery cell energy storage spot welder
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Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of Battery cell energy storage spot welder in China.


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Address: Rongxing Buidling,Bantian, longgang District, Shenzhen city, China
Region: shenzhen, China
Contact Person: Ms Helen Wang
Telephone: 0086-13590415784

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