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Detailed Lace ultrasonic sewing machine Description:

HK KEEPLEADER LTD, one of machine manufacturer for high frequency welding machine, ultrasonic welding machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine and packing machine, which is designed under customer’s various applications
High frequency welding machine and ultrasonic welding machine is adopted in apparel manufacturing
Body armor and Bulletproof Vest manufacturer relies on KEEPLEADER ultrasonic lace sewing machine
Many renowned Ballistic vests manufacturers announced that therecontinues to be increase demand for its ultrasonic bonding technology in the production, especially for water-proof and moisture-proof process
Ultrasonic bonding machine is ideal for Ballistic vest application
There are two units that are ideal for use in manufacturing ballistic vests, they are ultrasonic lace sewing machine and high frequency welding machine, which can help companies construct body armor that reduces the risk that the bullet-proof materials contained in the best, the Body armor will lost their life-saving effectiveness because of exposure to moisture, ultrasonic bonding can made a good water-proof and moisture proof, they don’t need thread and glue or any other auxiliary material to bond and seal the fabrics of board armor, it is likely that military and law enforcement personnel will have a great measure of protection, ultrasonic bonding and high frequency welding technology has marvelous sealing result
Ultrasonic bonding can increase productivity
Ultrasonic rollers is stepped with the Fabric, and easy to do curve and straight sealing alternately
With the feedback of Ballistic vest manufacturer, the Fabric is improved by approximately 25%
Ultrasonic lace sewing machine, high profile ultrasonic bonder
Ultrasonic lace sewing machine is especially suited for sealing the outer shell that protects the Ballistic-resistant material inside vests, the unit’s rotary system seals, sews, and trims nonwoven and synthetic fabrics in one quick, reliable step; it does this without thread, glue, or other consumables. Although similar an appearance to traditional sewing machines, the ultrasonic lace sewing machine has a higher, clearance between the wheel and horn, so it works well for hand-guided application with tight tolerances and for working around curves, the unit is also up to four times faster than traditional sewing machines and is available as a modular unit for integration into assembly lines
KEEPLEADER’S ultrasonic plastic welder
Another popular unit for Body armor manufacturers is the KEEPLEADER’S ultrasonic plastic welder, this machine is frequently used to attach Velcro and elastic belt to the outer shell of Ballistic Vest, ultrasonic plastic welder is well suited for bonding large plastic parts or hard-to-weld material, it can be easily equipped to insert metal fasteners and seal synthetic fabrics, the system consists of a rugged welding press and heavy duty power supply of 800 to 4200 watts
Advantages of ultrasonic technology
Ultrasonic lace sewing machines and ultrasonic plastic welding machines use ultrasonic energy to seam synthetic material in just one pass, this is accomplished without using consumables such as glue or thread, there is no need for stitching, heat-sealing or adhesives, instead, synthetic materials are placed between the ultrasonic unit’s horn and anvil, the vibrations are directed into the fabric to create a rapid heat buildup, the heat causes the material’s synthetic fibers to melt an fuse. Creating a strong molecular bond that is impervious to moisture and that has not stitch holes or glue gaps
KEEPLEADER: A professional in ultrasonic and high frequency technology
KEEPLEADER is a Chinese manufacturer in the application of ultrasonic welding and bonding technology, only four years, KEEPLEADER has earned an outstanding reputation for its pioneering work and quality-engineered products, KEEPLEADER’S engineer and sales representatives work closely with customers to find the o

Lace ultrasonic sewing machine
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Our company is specialized exporter, manufacturer and supplier of Lace ultrasonic sewing machine in China.


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Address: Rongxing Buidling,Bantian, longgang District, Shenzhen city, China
Region: shenzhen, China
Contact Person: Ms Helen Wang
Telephone: 0086-13590415784

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